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Still pretty damn busy with school.  It is currently 6am and I am studying and doing laundry right now, haha.  Multitasking like a college student should.  I just wanted to post these pics from Fatlace’s One/One show.  Yeah, I am like eighteen weeks behind the curve, but that’s how I like to roll.  Post it when you guys have forgotten about it.  It’s how I stay so young and beautiful.  (Coco butter is my secret weapon, bitches)

HeyMikeyyyyy’s refreshed xB.

Man, this thing is even better than before.  And it was sexy as hell before.  Now every time I look at his xB I have to wear a helmet because it blows my mind!

Oh mah gawd.  I would possibly kill the entire Brady Bunch if I could get this Cressida Wagon.

Like, seriously, the entire Brady Bunch family.

Matty’s xB, always a fan of this sex machine.



Boso Train

Haha, I love this!  Some neat shots of a group of HiAces cruising down the boulevard.

I have to say that this is one of the coolest van processions I have ever seen.  Cruises here do not look this damn cool, I’ll tell you that.  Trust me, if cruises here were even half as cool as this, I would need a change of under-roo’s every ten minutes.  That Mazda Demio helps things out too.

Dopesauce doesn’t begin to describe these shots.


So FITting

I think I have a new favourite Fit.

The body work and fabrication here is amazing.  So smooth.  So sleek.  So.  Damn.  Sexaaaaay!

Yep, I have a new all holy Fit in my mind now.  Good lord man, this is one beautiful machine.


Pristine Previa

Still a busy bee with a shit-ton of schoolwork to finish before I leave this year.  Plus I just have a lot on my mind at the moment.  So I am only posting some quick stuff right now.

Found these great pics of this gorgeous Previa on my hard drive last night, figured I would post them today.

I can’t remember where they came from, so sorry for not citing, but this thing is so sexy.  I love the simplicity and class of this Previa.  Plus, it is on US soil, major plus!

Man, i wish I could find a pristine Previa to build someday.

A set of Kranze Bazreia wheels really just sets this babe magnet off.  Dopesauce?  I think so!


Ferrari Wagon, sounds right . . . WUT?!

Another reader submission today.  Ian sent me a few pics and info over on SL (ScionLife) about a Ferrari Wagon.  Oh yes, a Ferrari Wagon.  He said he hadn’t seen any exotics on OMGP and that I should check it out.  So I did.  Just when I was reading what he wrote I was flabbergasted to see the word “Ferrari” used in conjunction with the word “wagon.”  I then looked at the pics and was like, “Uh Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!”

Check this biscuit out!  I did a little research (Wikipedia, ha!) and found out there were only seven of these made by Pininfarina for Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei.  After they were built, the Prince only actually bought six of them.  That means there is one floating around somewhere?  I have no idea, but that’s a pretty neat story.  Some guy with oodles of money decides he wants to commission one of the most intense wagons ever and then decides he only wants six of the seven that were built.  What a boob.

I do know that this is called a Ferrari 456 GT Venice.  Also known as an Estate.

It’s freaky and sexy all at the same time.  I am so confused and intrigued.

Thanks for the tip Ian!


J’s Racing Fit

The J’s racing Fit/Jazz is known the world over for it’s awesome performance and stellar appearance.  I know that I drool every time I see pics of it on the track.  But these pics are different…

I don’t know why, but I really like this photo.  There’s something about this pic of the Fit up on stands and being worked on that makes me smile.  Maybe it’s because I know this thing is a real monster and the work they’re doing to it will likely make it even more sexified.

Dopesauce to the umpteenth degree!

Pics from FLickr


New to me

I am absurdly swamped with work, exams, projects, presentations, papers, and baby mama drama right now.  On top of all that, I am looking for internships and jobs right now.  I apologize for the distance at the moment but I have to finish this semester strong seeing as it is my last.  The life of a college student: awesome and insane. 

I was sent these pics last week by Dave, a loyal OMGP aficionado.  I was super surprised at what he sent me, not because they are crazy and creepy, but because I have never actually seen a Mazda 5 with any sort of modification other than children’s snot.

A matte black Mazda 5.  I never thought of this combo before, but it looks so good!  I think those are Drag DR13’s on there.  I am not 100% on that.  I actually wanted a set of those way back in the day.  Back when I first got my box.  I am so glad I stayed with 15’s.

I really have never seen a modified Mazda 5 before and I really like the look of this thing.  It’s simple, clean, and black.  That sounded weird…

After Dave sent this to me, I alerted him that I had never seen one done up.  His response was to send me another 5.  This one was also very well done and also very sexified. 

No offense to the owner’s here, but I like the style of this 5 much more.  The simplicity and sex appeal is what is drawing me to this one.

very nicely done I’d say.

Dat Ass!

I recall that someone had asked to see done up MPV’s when I first started this blog monster.  Well here you go guys!

Thanks to Dave for the tip!

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