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Excuse Me

I am headed in for a small operation in an hours time so I am posting this on the fly.  There is a small chance of success and I will probably not make it.  In the event of my demise, you guys can all share my extensive thimble collection.  It’s pretty bangin’.

This post is for Tom, since I accidentally ignored two of his emails.  I have an issue where I read an email and then forget it exists unless I see it again or get reminded of it.  My bad holmie.

Thanks for the pic of the Saaburu Tom!

See you guys later.  Take care of my thimble collection!


One Shot

One Shot.

One shot is all I have.

One shot is all it takes.

One shot is all I could find.

Just the one.

Only one.

One shot.  And I am drooling.

I cannot get enough of this Corolla.

Pic: BeeOneOneOh


The White Stuff

The title: do you get it?  Do you?  It could be a prose about the cocaine issue in our world.  It is possibly about Vanilla Ice.  There is a always a chance this is a New Kids on the Block reference.  But you cannot also rule out the possibility of this being a post about snow.

Choose wisely.

Haha, it was about snow.  You guys are so silly!  As some of you may have seen on the TV, because I doubt anyone here knows how to read, even though you are on a blog that uses words.  Hmm.  You’re probably just looking at the pictures aren’t you?  Aren’t you!?  I can throw in a random falafel and penis and you wouldn’t even know.  I hate you guys.  So . . . yeah, snow: The North East got a good heaping of snow and I spent the better part of yesterday clearing out my parents’ place.  To commemorate the almost two feet of the fluffy stuff let’s enjoy this.



I think this pic says it all.

Be safe, be merry, be pancake-tastic!


Your local Brown Bear! ❤


Beautiful B5.5

I was strolling along on Flickr and found these very well done shots of a very well done Passat Variant.

I personally enjoy the pine tree air freshioner.  It adds a little, jenesequa.  Nice touch.

Wheels look to be off a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon.  I could be wrong.  Scratch that, I am probably wrong, so if you know, tell somebody.

I really like this B5.5 mainly because of it’s pure simplicity and great execution.  Clearly done to the owner’s taste and I can definitely dig it.  Props to the owner and photographer.

Pics: Flickr


Holy. Sh*t.

If you are thinking that that title requires zero imagination and probably just spilled from my mouth as useless drivel, well you’d be right.  I can’t deny that my words were poorly chosen. In my defense, I said that when I was sent a link to a thread with one wicked fast Forester.  When I clicked on the link the only thing my mind could utter was “Holy . Shit.”  I know, how educated of me.  You try looking at this and not saying something similarly moronic.

What made it even better was the body of the email said simply, “509 horsepower . . . just sayin . . .”  Best email I have received in a while.

Well?  Were you cool under pressure?  Liar.

If you’re unimpressed at the moment, wait for the next part of this post.

I’m not even going to try and summarize the laundry list of things done to this beast, so I’ll post verbatim what was in the thread.

2005 Subaru Forester XT
Owner: Dale (parts designer @ Moore Performance & Race Parts)
Tuner: Phil Grabow
Dyno Info: Dynjet 248
Peak HP at RPM: 509 whp @ approx 5,250
Peak Torque at RPM: 472 wtq @ approx 3,900
Baseline hp/tq for a stock on same dyno: ?
Target Boost: 23 PSI on this particular pull
Target AFR: 12:1
Fuel: E85

Element Tuning Competition 2.5L motor with custom Manley pistons for secret-spec compression ratio.
ACL race bearings.
Oversized Supertech exhaust valves Cosworth 280 cams
Element Tuning rods
Power Enterprises timing belt
Tomei timing belt guard
11mm STi oil pump
Kartboy crank pulley
Dual catch cans with high flow/high seal crankcase ventilation system *
Hydra 2.6 engine management system with wideband, stutter-box, and no-lift-to-shift options

Garage XTi-spec Borg Warner s200 series turbo with divided t3 turbine housing and custom 3″ v-band discharge *
4″ intake with 7″ Green air filter *
custom composite heat shielding with NASA gold reflective covering *
Tial blow-off valve
Garage XTi turbo blanket with NASA gold reflective covering *
Moore Performance 4/2 equal length modular header *
Moore Performance prototype up-pipe with single Tial 44mm wastegate *
Moore Performance prototype 3″ downpipe *
Moore Performance 3″ one-off exhaust *
Buddy Club muffler, modified for spring-retained slip fitment, Garage XTi “pan head” styling treatment *
legacy GT intake manifold, modified for rotated turbo fitment, NASA gold reflective covering *

APS top-feed rails, modified for flow and fitment *
Bosch 044 in-tank fuel pump
Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc injectors
Aeromotive A1000 regulator with custom plumbing *
Golan high flow fuel filter

Garage XTi oversized aluminum radiator *
Garage XTi air-to-water intercooler with -12 an lines, Johnson AB pump, custom ice resevoir and heat exchanger (4.75 gallons of coolant capacity) *
Custom aluminum intercooler piping utilizing o-ringed V-band and aluminum hose stays *
[Moore Cool coolant in both systems]
Custom air-to-air oil cooler setup with large matrix Mocal core, -10 Mocal lines/fittings, Garage XTi take-off plate, Mocal thermostat and filter mount, and K&N filter (5.0L Mustang part number) *

Braille lightweight racing battery in custom mount *
Garage XTi “Big 3” grounding kit *
Painless CirKit Boss weather proof fuse box for all ancillary accessories

KW Variant 3 coilovers — tuned valving/spring rates for VIR by Bob Semsey of 48 Motorsports. Custom powdercoated coils and black perch locks. *
STi aluminum control arms
Hotchkis WRX control arms modified for STi fitment *
STi trailing arms with Group N bushing set
Whiteline anti-lift kit
Cobb STi rear swaybar modified for Forester fitment *
Cobb swaybar mounts
PDE rally camber plates situated for maximum caster.
F/R Poltec adjustable swaybar mounts modified for stance *

wheel and tire
18×9.5 Gram Lights 57s custom powdercoated HD (Harley Davidson) black
275/40/18 Nitto NT05 – Street/auto-x/track
Custom GarageXTi center caps *

2004 STi steering rack
Whiteline drop endlinks
Super Pro steering rack bushings

2007 STi transmission
Group N Transmission mount
STi 5×114.3 hubs with Group N bushings/Whiteline drop ball joints
STi Torsen R180
Forester trailing arms with Group N bushings
Carbonetic Triple Carbon clutch with heavy pressure plate option
push-to-pull conversion with modified STi clutch master cylinder for smoother operation *
Subaru factory short shifter
Kartboy shifter bushing set
Spider DCCD controller
ACPT carbon fiber driveshaft
reinforced rear diff carrier (to resist flexing) with Turn In Concepts clunk kill (filled with Window Weld for custom durometer) *
2005 STi rear cross member
Turn In Concepts trans mount bushings
Kartboy rear differential mount bushings

Racing Brake 6 pot BBK with 14″ 2 Piece front rotors – GarageXTi-spec pads and livery *
STi Rear Brembos powdercoated fire engine red – GarageXTi-spec pads and livery – DBA 4000 slotted rotors. *
Goodridge stainless brake lines
modified pedal geometry for better initial bite and heel/toe action *
STi master cylinder
Cusco master cylinder brace powder coated black.
ATE Blue fluid

2005 WRX front seats
Alpine IVA-W203 double din head unit
Alpine PDX 4.100 digital amplifier mounted under driver seat
CDT CL6.25 separate set
Image Dynamics 10″ subwoofer mounted under passenger seat
Redline goods shift boot and armrest cover in black perferated leather
STi Duracon shift knob
Turbosmart E-Boost 2 custom mounted in glove box and LED shift light in pillar *
Garage XTi gauge pod with shallow-mount ProSport boost/water temp/oil pressure gauges *
reworked stock Forester console plastic, custom painted brushed satin black *
2005 STi steering wheel

Factory PSM paint with satin black two-tone accents.
35% Solar Gard Tint
Factory Forester bumper reworked for heat exchanger exposure. Stainless mesh powdercoated black *
Zerosports grille package with custom stainless steel mesh powdercoated black *
JDM Subaru Sports lip, modified for heat exchanger exposure and splitter fitment *
Custom front splitter/diffuser, CAD-programmed/aero tested by Vindler Motorsports *
Zerosports sideskirts, modified for rigidity *
JDM Subaru over-fenders, modified for wheel fitment/travel *
SYMS rear wing with shaved brake light
JDM Subaru mid-wing
Zero Sports rear spats
Modified stock Forester rear bumper for exhaust/diffuser fitment *
GarageXTi rear bumper garnish/diffuser mount/exhaust heat shield (cnc’d aluminum, hand-formed to fit bumper contour) *
06+ Forester lower body molding
06+ Forester XT turn-signal mirrors
06 Forester taillights with GarageXTi custom tint “candy” paint *
GarageXTi E55 AMG bi-xenon headlight conversion with custom shrouding and housing paint *
JDM fog light cover on left hand side–intake venturi on right hand side for cold air to filter *
GarageXTi “Zero Hour” and “XTi” badging. *

Did you get all of that?  Huh?  Good because neither did I the first fifteen times I read it.  I saw 509hp and Forester and my mind went to mush.

In case you didn’t catch what I meant.


Did I mention that this is pretty much a daily and is driven to and from every track day?  No?  Well that too then.

Did I also mention that the owner and shop are expecting to run 10’s next year?  No?  Well yeah, that one too.

Holy. Shit.

Thanks for the tip Boost!

Pics and Info:


Tight Tiguan

I am excite today because I have for you another tight little Tiguan.  Some of you may remember the Tiguan I posted a little while back, some of you might not, some of you might want to take a break from wacking it and pay attention, the other some of you might want to stop watch the former wackers.  Yeah, I noticed you noticing.

This one isn’t bagged like the last one, but I still really like it.  I wish I could find more pics and info on these but they appear to be quite elusive.  Anyone with a hookup, hit me up!

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