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I tend to stay away from posting late model STi’s because they get so much exposure already, but sometimes I just have to succumb to the greater forces and just post one.  We all know I have done it before.

This has to be one of the most perfect examples of this body style I have ever seen.  Seriously, my mind has been blown.  So clean and simple, yet so damn perfect!


Oh my…

So you know when you see something and just go “oh my, that’s . . . interesting” well that’s what I did when I first saw these ads from Subaru.  I was not sure what to think, outside of that.  I did know that I liked them, a little.

I tried to find the rest of the pics, once I found out there were more.  I took me quite a while to source all three of these pics but I sure am glad I found them.

Yeah, you pump that gas…


Work it!

I am not quite sure what the overall plan was for this ad campaign, but I sure do enjoy it.  I wonder if this model went on a diet for the role?  Interesting…



I’m back!  Miss me?  No??  Okay, just thought I’d ask.  Fine, I didn’t like you guys anyway.


I have nothing.  I am still tried as hell from my trip, (which was awesome btw) and don’t feel like writing.  So, enjoy the Saabaru a little more.  You know you want to!


Reader’s Rides: Paul’s Cube

Is it any secret that I love to see what you guys roll around in everyday?  No, it is not.  And if it is really a secret, it is a terribly guarded secret because everyone knows it.  I knew I should have opted for the deluxe package on my “secret security plan” dammit.

Well, I will have to contact my “secret” agent sometime this week.  (Baha, get it?  “Secret Agent?”  Bahaha.  Shut up.)  Until I get that all squared away, check out Paul’s ultra smooth Cube.  (Get that one?  “Squared away.”   “Ultra smooth.”  Get it?  It’s a Cube!  Shut up, I hate you guys.)

Paul approached me last week and asked me if I would like to feature his Cube (Krom edition I presume), seeing as I tend to enjoy the boxy and I don’t have many Cubes on here.  (Addressing the lack of Cube-age here, I just don’t find many Cubes worth posting.  Whether that be from lack of looking or those sweet pics just don’t find me.  If you have any shots, send them my way!)

Paul promised me riches beyond my wildest dreams if I posted his Cube.  If I posted Paul’s Cube he said he would give me seventeen and seven-tenths boxes of Sweet ‘N’ Low along with as many bags of packing peanuts as I could carry.  Now I do not like styrofoam and styrofoam products because of how detrimental they are to the environment, but I could fill up three, maybe four, kiddie pools with packing peanuts.  Can you say partay!?  Whoop-Whoop!

Now I accepted Paul’s offer purely on the basis of journalistic integrity.  What?  I like my tea sweetened high and low, all at the same time.  Journalistic integrity, or tea.  Same difference.

Paul’s Cube has a very long mod list.  Think, Rapunzel’s hair, before she got the bob haircut.  I’ll touch on a few things.

Paul is rolling on Arthur Exchange Salamander by Rays, 18×8″ and Tanabe Sustec Pro coilovers.  His suspension is basically built by Ultra Racing.  He seems to have their entire catalog, which is a good thing.

His interior is filled with a mix of OEM pieces and custom touches.  One that I really enjoy is his, “custom ghetto cargo organizer.”  His words, not mine.  Oh and I bet that ginger ale can is custom too.

The 1.5L engine found in Paul’s Cube has a little somethin’-somethin’ too.  A Stillen Hi-flow intake, Custom cat-back exhaust with dual center tips, and NST under drive pulley allow the little beast to breath and operate a little better.  I wonder how that sounds…

Cube surfing?  Is this some new fad I don’t know about?  Damn kids and their rock ‘n’ roll!

I really like Paul’s Cube, and not just because he is a reader of OMGP.  It is very clean and simple and I love that.  Everything flows and works well together.  I hope he keeps this thing safe and happy.

Thanks for being an avid reader Paul, much props!


Imma Gonna Be Back

So I thought I’d let you guys know that I am gone for the week.  Going camping all week and am away from pretty much every form of outside communication and mobile device.  It’s awesome, I know.   So I will be away from the compooters all week.  I have set up a couple posts to go live throughout the week in my absence, so don’t be skurrd!

To commemorate me going camping for the week, let us see some Subaru’s out in the wild.

Muddy and wet, just the way I like ’em.





See you guys in a week!


Transit SportVan

Ford released a new limited edition Transit SportVan in Colorado Red.  Not sure if any of you guys will like this, and frankly I don’t care.  I think this thing is sexay as hell.

LeMans-style hood stripes complete the front end.  Along with all the little skirt enhancements and LED strips.

This is a FWD beast that is based on the popular 260 model, which is a shorter wheel-base, powered by a 140-hp turbo-diesel engine, yummay!  That doesn’t sound like much, but it apparently does the trick.  Don’t forget the six-speed manual transmission that will be standard.  I can dig that, yes I can.

Some of the standard features on this model.

  • Colorado Red paintwork with white bonnet stripes
  • 18in graphite colour alloy wheels, twin exhaust pipes and spoilers
  • Powered by a 140PS TDCi Duratorq engine
  • First medium van with DAB radio as standard
  • A limited edition of 100
  • On sale end of October at £22,630
  • Apparently the Transit SportVan special editions sell out in like 37.48 seconds, not too shabby.  And in case anyone was wondering, like it is even a question, we here in the States will never see such a sexy beast on our shores.

    It looks good and hauls shit, I like where this is going.

    Hey, it’s a van.  The absurdly stark interior comes with the territory.

    Only 100 of the SprtVans will be built in this configuration and we will never see a single one.  Don’t you just love that.  I know I sure do!


    Pics and info: Autoblog


    Mini Countryman WRC Entry

    I have been following this since I heard that Mini was thinking of producing an entry into the WRC.  Now that it has been official for a little while and no one cares anymore, I think I’ll post it.  Haha, get it?  No one cares, so I post it.  Har-har.  Shut up?  Okay, moving on…

    Hubba-hubba.  Meanest freaking Countryman I have ever seen.

    Dat Ass!  Oh Dat Ass!

    That front end is going to eat your children.  Yeah, eat those little bastards whole.  Don’t think I’m telling the truth?  Then ask little Billy Hazzenfrazzenbakker’s parents.  Yeah, he dead.  He dead, dead.  Poor kid.  Damn you Mini!!!!!

    In case you are wondering what this monstrosity sounds like, well Mini has graced the interwebs with that too.

    This is what a child eating monster sounds like.  I dig.

    Holy balls, it sounded like a shark, killer whale, and a bear were fighting a t-rex and Ghengis Khan was the official for the match.  Yeah, fucking insanely mean.  I hope you turned up your volume.

    I don’t know wtf is going on in this last vid…

    …but holy hell, it sure does sound good.

    Crazy Brit, Kris Meeke will be the pilot of this monster next season.

    I suggest wearing loose pants or sweat pants to hide the boner you inevitably now have because of this post.

    You’re welcome.

    Pics and info: Autoblog

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