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Ice Cold Cube

DOHCResearch constantly showcases some of the best Japan and Hawaii have to offer and today’s post tells the same story.


Peep this gooooooooooorgeous little Nissan Cube that they posted up from their  Slammed Society coverage.


I do believe that she is nestled on a set of CCW wheels, that set her off quite nicely.  Yes, quite nicely.


The dropability (yes, I just made that word up, deal with it) is supplied by a setup from Bold World Air Suspensions.  It looks f**king proper.


Just enough of everything is drizzled over this beauty.


Dat Ass.

Pics and info: DOHCResearch


Stanced . . . Micra . . ?

Yes!  You read that correctly and you also have the ability to read!!  Huzzah!!  I was wondering about your abilities in literacy and I am now relieved to know you can in fact read.  You have no idea how many sleepless nights I have had worrying about you and wondering how is is you moved past the first grade.  Maybe you just had one of those adorable faces that teachers cannot  not help.  Maybe you payed off all your teachers since you were five.  If that is the case then bravo sir.

Hold on, what am I talking about?

Pennies.  Of course, pennies.

Copper colored Nissan Micra?  BOOM!  Segue!

This is the first Micra I have seen “stanced” and I must say, I enjoy it.  I do enjoy it.  Pissibly lose the rack, but I am okay with it.  What do you think?  Liked my whole penny thing up there?  Yeah you did.



Exciting Car Showdown

I was hoping to have some coverage of the Street Wars show that took place in South Jersey this past weekend, but I was unable to attend.  Meh.  So I shall share some major dopesauce from the likes of Nori Yaro!  These shots are from the Exciting Car Showdown that took place two weeks ago in Nagoya, Japan.

I want to start things off with this Miata.  Why?  Because it makes me drool!


Next we have ourselves an über sexy kp61 Starlet with the TRD flares that make it oh-so-gorgeous!

Oh my geezers, what is that under there?

That my friends is an 1100cc engine out of, how do you say this, . . . a motorcycle.  Splazzow!  I just blew your mind!  (Well Nori Yaro and this sexified KP technically blew your mind, but I was there to witness it all!)

R34 clipped Stageas make me happy.  🙂

Might I suggest a helmet for this next part because I am about to blow your minds again!  I also suggest goggles just in case your eyes blow out of their sockets from amazement!

A pink Nissan Pao, okay . . . go on . . .

Go on . . .

BOOMSHAKALAKAKA!!!  Mind = Assploded.

An SR motor shoehorned into a poor, unsuspecting little Pao.  Oh my, the huge-manatee!!!  The engineering involved in this transplant is likely amazing.  I love the Japanese and their insanity!  Love ’em!!!!

Pics and info: Nori Yaro and Nori Yaro


The World’s Fastest . . . Nissan Quest . . . What?

So Boost sends me this video and I must admit I was wary of it at first.  So I read the title of the video, which gave me no information about what I am about to watch.  At this point I am slightly intrigued but more so just wondering what the hell this is. I mean Boost is a weird guy. He constantly sends freaky things that not even my mind can comprehend. Just insane stuff.  Stop sending pictures of the Abominable Snowman’s wiener! I get it, he is all white and you can’t see it in the snow.  I get it!!  Geez you rapscallion.

What the hell was I talking about?  Oh yeah, a Nissan Quest.

So I watch this video and I thought it was pretty clever.  I actually dug it once I figured out what was going on.

What you just watched was a Nissan Quest becoming the fastest van to ever run the Texas Mile.  Well, the only van to ever run the Texas Mile.  If that didn’t satisfy you, then the abundance of acronyms had to give you a little jingle.  Just a little jingle.


Interesting Cube

Found this Cube in my folder and didn’t even realize I had saved it.  We all know that I love me some Cube action, there is no doubt about that, but I am on the fence about this one.  I don’t hate it, not by any means, I actually like it, but  feel it is missing something.  Not sure what though.

I don’t know, maybe I am high or something because it looks great but I feel like there is something missing.  It’s missing a certain je ne sais quois.

I do loves me some purple.


Still Stuck

So I am still in NYC because I cannot get a ride back to NJ due to the snow and ice and Godzilla attack.  So I’ll post up Kieran’s Cube that he posted up under Ballin’ Cube.

There is nothing special about his Cube, he is just doing his thing and I dig it.

Space Invaders STICKER!!!  So freaking awesome!  Hahaha.

Michael posted up his xB to the FBook page and I felt he deserved a shout too.

FBook killed the quality, but it still looks good.

Keep it up guys!


Email Savior

Happy February everyone!

What the hell does that mean?  I haven’t a clue but I hear people say stuff like that all the time and I thought it was fitting.  I am making an active effort to not be so out there and weird so I saw it fit for me to throw random gobbledygook into this post.  I think I just failed at my new endeavor, didn’t I?  I am probably the only person that says gobbledygook in normal conversations.  Probably.  Dammit.

Well, this is hogwash!  I guess I’ll just post what I came here to post.  I am currently stuck in NYC, while I search for a job, and have been away from my home computer for the better part of a week and didn’t have a darn thing to post today.  Luckily, I received an email this morning from a fine young lad praising my amazing hair and ability to form complete sentences.  Attached in the email were some awesome little cars that I might find interesting.  I suppose I found a couple of them interesting!  Har-har!

Jiggah wahaaa!  Two K11 posts within a week!?  Hot fiyah!!!

Another K11!!

I really enjoy these two because they are two different tuning styles.  The Yellow one is  set up for grip and even has a cage inside (Wats make me happy).  The Red one purely stylistic and just likes to look pretty.

Thanks for the tip Locky!

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