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Carry Truck on Works

I seem to have the picture situation covered right now.  Hence the picture posted below.  Sorry for the inconvenience though, I believe it was my flash plug-in’s that were not working properly.  But I don’t know, I’m no computer wizard.

Today I bring you a sweet Suzuki Carry sitting on Work Equips.  You can never go wrong with that and I hope more people do this.

Working Carry

If you haven’t noticed, I really love these little carry trucks and kei vehicles.  Wish I could get my grubby hands on one someday.  But until then, I will have to admire them from afar.


wtf dude

Well, sorry to say this but for some reason WordPress or my computer is acting up and I am having trouble posting pics.  Trying my best to get  this resolved because I don’t want to keep you ladies away from you fix.

I’ll post up promptly once I figure out the problem.



I have arrived!

Okay, well most people didn’t know this but shortly after I finished Big Hungry’s post, I passed out and went to the hospital after I woke up.  I was there most of Tuesday and most of Wednesday.  Left there around 5pm Wednesday.  I’m alive, but they definitely treid to kill me with that damn hospital food they were giving me.  I was pretty bad, didn’t know the Flu could kick my ass like that.  Want to thank the people that were interested and tried to find out if I was alright.  That was much appreciated.

I was released Wednesday afternoon and went to see Transformers 2, haha!  It was awesome, super awesome.  I got to leave the drowning woes of the hospitl and go see an awesome movie.  It sucked that it hurt to laugh though because there were some funny scenes.  Thursday morning I made the four hour drive back to PA.  Took me five hours though, traffic and I kept stopping to tinkle.  I have been swamped since then because I am an RA out here at PSU.  I have been working pretty much non-stop since I got here.  This is the first time I have had time to sit down and write.

So that is why I have not posted for three days.  Sorry ladies.

I am having trouble uploading pics.  I will get to the bottom of this and post up shots for you guys.


Box Love: Big Hungry’s xB

Since I am writing this I guess I made it through the night.  Sorry to disappoint those med students that wanted my fine body for science.  But, enough about me and my sexiness, I am here today to show some love for Big Hungry’s (Chip) xB.


Chip has had his box pretty much since Scions hit Memphis, TN.  He picked her up on his birthday way back in 2004, awesome gift if you ask me.  I personally have seen this box go through it’s many stages and arrive at where it is today.  He says that he finally feels that the box is where he wants it to be.  If you have ever built a car, you know how hard that is to achieve.  People take years upon years to achieve that and some people never actually do.

Chip originally picked up this xB with the paint being Camouflage Metallic Green, which is actually a pretty rare colour.  But thanks to some butthole that decided their keys needed to meet Chips xB, he repainted it to the scheme you see here.  The top is the original Camo Green, but the bottom is green chalkboard paint.  That’s right, chalkboard paint.  How awesome is that?  I have seen where Chip and his friends draw all kinds of things on this box, wash it off and then do it again.  It’s an awesome idea that has been catching in the Scion community, mainly amongst the boxes.


I am sure that you have noticed that crazy front bumper by now.  That is a legit JDM Street Billet Bumper.  As far as I know, that is the only one in the country.  How did  he score this?  Well Chip surfs Yahoo! Japan auctions like a champ and scores some pretty rare stuff.  That giant mirror looking thing across the front is a DAMD Front Cover.  Now there is a smoked version of that that is uber rare.  It is like candy to JDM box guys, but Chip’s mirror finish cover is like super duper uber rare.  That cover may also be the only one in the US.  Dude is nuts right?

The sexy rare equipment doesn’t stop there.  Chip’s xB is sporting a JDM Air Bomber Kit that helps him achieve that super sexy stance.  Bagged boxes, yum.  Chip’s xB is rolling on 17×8 +25 up front and 17×9 +20 out back Work Eurolines.  Not to mention the -5 degrees of camber he is rocking out back.  Sexy, I know!

The uber rare parts don’t just chill on the outside, Chip has a host of JDM bB parts inside his box that really helps to set off the interior.  He’s always finding more stuff.


Chip has one of the freshest xB’s out there and he does it all himself with the help of friends.  Good old-fashioned hard work and determination has gotten Chip to this point and I can’t wait to see what he does in the future.  Best of luck to you buddy.



I am in a state of “wtf” at the moment.  You may be thinking to yourself, “why is such an awesome man like Big Hindu in such a swirly state?”  “Why would the writer of one of the best blogs in the universe be so drone?” Well little Timmy I’ll tell you why Big Hindu is feeling like this.  Big Hindu is sick.


Big Hindu has a case of the super aids.  Like this is the super duper aids guys, it’s crazy.  Got a super fever and coughs worse than ninety-five year old lady that’s been smoking since she was seven.  I don’t know if I’m going to make it, but if I die none of you gets my stuff.  I know you freaks will just eBay it as soon as I croak.  I am donating my body to science.  They can probably divvy me up to like three or four med students because I’m such a fat ass.  I’ll be doing my part to help you boobs. You’re Welcome.

But I can’t just leave you peoples with just picture of a bear and my ramblings, even though I am awesome.  So some sexy Estimas ought to be enough to quench your thirsts for van lovin’.

They're so fine!

If the posts stop after this then you know I didn’t make it.  OMG Pancakes will live on!

I’m retarded, don’t mind me.


Sexified Fit

Speedhunters posted a beyond gorgeous Fit today.  You must see this thing.  I will give you brief sexy time here.  Got to Speedhunters to check out the whole sexy time happiness.


Luxury micro cars are becoming more and more popular.  I know that movement has been picking up speed amongst the Scion crowd, well the xB’s at least.  Those tC people are still a little off, if you know what I’m saying…


Oh-Em-Gee, she is gorgeous.  Noblesse lux aero kit sets off the body lines and adds quite the subtle touch.


This Fit is sporting SSR Vienna Zweel in 17X7.5 +45 front and 18×8.5 +45 in the rear.  Great wheel fitment if you ask me.


Go to Speedhunters and check out the rest of this story.


Hellaflush bB

An xB that was posted up on Hellaflush that you ladies need to see.


Clean, simple, and sexay.  Always a fan of that.


Looking damn good!

Pics: Hellaflush

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