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Umm, what?

More Suzuki Carry truck action today, but this time it’s not as awesome.  Yeah, sorry but I am bringing the funk today, the funk of “wtf is that?”  

sir, what are you doing?

My theory is that the owner started working towards a dekotora look, but then got tired.  Or maybe he lost all his money and only had the time and the cash to get the giant visor.  OR, maybe he is like one of those dudes that wears the tin foil hats because he thinks aliens are going to take his brain or some shit.  So the dekotora visor is like a giant foil hat, protecting him from the evil space man.  Shut up, they are just ideas.


Amphibious Estima?

Sometimes people get some crazy and wild ideas.  Like when people drive a Prius and think that they automatically become an environmentalist or when people think that skinny jeans and woman’s clothes look good on guys.  Yeah, people are out there.  But at least those people don’t think their cars can drive on water.


This is a Previa in Ireland (not sure if it is a Previa, Estima, or Lucida in Ireland) whose owner thought that he/she could drive on the water to get to work faster.  Well that clearly did not work out so well for them.  I know the Japanese are clever, but I do not think they have mass produced a van that doubles are boat, yet.  Maybe in a couple years.  With the way the glaciers are melting an amphibious soccer van might not be a bad idea.  If that happens I hope it’s as cool as Waterworld was, with Kevin Cosnter and his webbed feet.  I wonder if Dennis Hopper will be the badass for real.  Hopefully he’ll have the freaky eyeball thing he had in the movie.

it floats?

Crazy kids and their music.

you don't say...

That lady is just cruising along, like she doesn’t really care.  This might happen so much in Ireland that people are now numb to floating vehicles.  Could be…


Clean Cruiser

I pretty much love all vans.  Literally, it is a sickness how much I love vans sometimes.  Of course there are a few hideous ones out there, mainly the most recent entries from many auto manufactures.  But for the most part, if I see a van, I will love it.  I have a special affliction for older vans because they carry the most character in my eyes.  Toyota vans have a special place in my heart, but most of that space is taken up by the Estima/Previa.  But I may just have to make some room for this TownAce.



Yeah, these things are pretty ugly and pretty undesirable, but I really like them because of that.  This one is very simple and clean.  I like how it looks stock and very unassuming.  A lot of atime and money must have gone into this van.  I know if I actually do see any of these, they are usually beaten and destroyed so it is good to see a few of these bieng saved and restored.

Photo courtesy of Auto-Otaku’s Flikr Page.


Kei Truck Drift Madness

These next two weeks are going to destroy me.  Last week of classes, then exams next week.  I am not looking forward to these two weeks, but I gotta do what I gotta do.  Aside from trying to make sure I do not screw up my life, I keep hearing about this damn swine flu.  Right now my chest hurts and I hope I do not have the flu of the ham.  If I die, you guys can have my pens, but not my pencils.  The pencils are already promised to someone.  The pencils are mechanical and pretty damn awesome, so you guys are missing out.  But rest assured, the pens are pretty awesomesauce too; the are clear, WHOA!  Enough about my awesome writing utensils, now here is what you guys came for.

Well when I was taking a break from studying and studying, I slipped on over to a couple blogs.  I found myself on Running Life, looking through some of his old posts.  Found some pics of some super awesome kei trucks drifiting!  

kei drift

These little bastards are really going!

kei drift

SSR MK II’s on a carry truck, so awesome!

kei drift

A good majority of these look like Suzuki Carry trucks.  But whatever they are, it’s just so damn cool!

kei drift

Kicking it sideways.

kei drift

He’s carrying a load and drifting?  Badass!

kei drift

“We like doriftooooo!”

kei drift

kei drift

Mosey on over to Running Life and check out the full story.

Check out my old post about the Suzuki Carry Trucks.


Hawaiian Hotness

Here we have a gorgeous Accord Wagon all done up.  I love it.



Interweb Voyage

I have been scouring the interwebs to find fresh material for you guys to enjoy.  These trips have been vast and quite tiresome.  I have seen many things that people should not have to see and many things that made me giggle.  I have talked to weary travelers and met medicine men.  There have been peddlers and beggars, all trying to get by.  I have conversed with unsavory characters.  I have seen the holy grail, when someone is wrong on the interent.  I have a few stories where we have destroyed people, lol.  Poor kids never saw it coming.  But along those journeys, I have found many great things.  I have seen vast amounts of awesome (but not as awesome as OMG Pancakes) and taken it all in.  

I have also seen these two pics:


A super sexified Suzuki Wagon R.  The picture itself is amazing, and I usually do not like these types of photos.  But that Wagon R is sooooo damn sexy.  Everything about this R is really cool and executed very well.  Fit and finish looks top notch and I love the paint.

I have never seen anyone do that with their lines before, the leds look pretty cool.  Albeit extremely tacky, I really did the leds because it’s pretty different.

Kei van

I want to say this is a Daihatsu Hijet, but I am uncertain.  But, none-the-less, I love the look of this thing.  It’s super fantastically awesomesauce (oh yeah, I went there).

Check out the Flikr page to see more.

P.S. I was instructed to mention someone in today’s post.  Rachel, you are a doo-doo head.  That is all, thank you.


In A Van, Down By The River…

Sexy second gen Estima, down by the river.



If you don’t get the title, you better go brush up on your Chris Farley.

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