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Toyota Previ…wut?

How do I even begin to introduce today’s post?  I have no idea…  Should I talk about something interesting or funny that happened to me today?  Should I say something witty?  I have no idea.

I think I’ll just post up what I have and then you can…




Yeah, sooooooooooo, this exists.

This my friends is just an amazing craigslist find.  A really amazing craigslist find…


“UNIQUE” is an understatement.  Quite the understatement.

This used to be a regular old Previa.  I have no clue what would go through someone’s head when they decided to dream up this cloud of beauty.

“I have a pretty fantastic Previa that will last forever and do anything I want it to do.  What should I do to make it even better?!  I know!  I’ll chop the back off it and make it in to a van/ute/sexmachine/truck.  F**k yeah!  There is one helluva plan!”

“I’m going to get so much tang because of this.  Soooooooooooo much tang!”

That must be what happened in the head of the owner.  Seems like a proper chain of thought.


The seller’s ad:

     This used to be a mini van, but I decided to make it something bold and make it a unique vehicle with everything custom. It is a one of a kind truck. It is a 96 Toyota Previa with 119000 miles. It’s an automatic with leather seats, power windows, working heat and a/c. Body is in good condition and was painted blue last summer. It has a new battery along with the oil changed on time. There is a crack on the windshield and does need lower ball joints, but otherwise in great condition and fully drivable. The title is clean. I am selling because I need a bigger vehicle for my family. Offers can be made, but no trades.

Had a bigger vehicle and made it in to a smaller vehicle, but needs a bigger vehicle.  That about covers that.


Why not turn one of the greatest vans to ever exist in to a rolling lady magnet?  I mean, come on.  Who could resist hopping in to the… bed… of this rolling thunder pumper?  WHO?!

Sound plan here.  Sound plan.


Yeah, check it out.  Blue and gray…


Throw a tonneau cover on that bitch too.  Make it a mother f**king Transformer!


You could make the case that the craftsmanship is okay and it isn’t that bad, but no.


Worst part is that it is still a Previa.  So this thing will last forever.

Check the ad on Craigslist.  It’s for sale!


White Knight

I spotted this GX70 Mark II over on HighTopFade and I immediately fell in love.  I fell in love!!


Oh gosh.  Oh gosh.  Oh goooosh!


It’s so simple and so beautiful.  Maybe I’m just a sucker for these little (or not so little) guys, but I am truly smitten.


Watanabe wheels look good on damn near everything.  Ugh.



Dat Ass!

Pics: HighTopFade


Ultimate Sleeper?

I was perusing my usual interweb locations, looking for the awesome and creepy.  You know, that’show I roll.  I then watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead (holy shit, if you watch TWD, you know what I mean) and then proceeded to fap furiously for three minutes and twenty-seven seconds.  Three, glorious minutes…

As I was cleaning up, mental image, I saw this little demon floating around my browser.


This, my friends, is supposedly a 1987 Town & Country with a 2005 SRT4 swap.  It’s billed as having an SRT4’s full suspension, brakes, transmission, and motor.  Seeeeeeeeks!


Looks like a beast!


Looks stock, right?


SRT4 bucket seats?  Nah…


This is a beast.  Someone scoop her up and buy her!

Can you imagine how much fun she’d be?!

Pics and info: Craigslist


Wish For It

The Chronicles… posted up this fine little Toyota Wish in their coverage of their trip to Japan.

Enjoy it!


Another Toyota I Wish (HA!  See what I did there?) Toyota had brought over to the States.  It’s so practical.


Dat Ass.

Pics: The Chronicles…


Ford Focus TrackSTer

Autoblog is hanging around at the Chicago Auto Show and just happened to be in the sexiest spot of the show today.  For they posted up Kenn Block and Fifteen52’s new Flord Focus TrackSter.


If you haven’t already noticed, this was a regular old Focus ST that was sexified up to a new level and drizzled with a heep of dopesauce.


Exterior styling changes include a restyled front bumper, fender flares, vented hood, rear diffuser and spoiler, not to mention those wheels!


A fresh interior polish was added too.  Sparco steering wheel, short throw shifter, and aluminum racing pedals were slapped in there.


Read the press release from Ford:

Fifteen52 and Project ST Announce CAS Debut for Project Focus TrackSTer

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 6, 2013 – Los Angeles-based automotive tuner fifteen52, via Project ST, will use the 2013 Chicago Auto Show to debut its Focus TrackSTer project build.

One of three different Focus ST builds, the TrackSTer is to be the first debut for the Project ST campaign. Project ST is a relationship between fifteen52, Ken Block and Ford. The project goal is to make today’s hot hatch king – the Ford Focus ST – even hotter.

fifteen52 is excited to bring the Focus TrackSTer to the Chicago Auto Show.

“Using the CAS venue to debut the TrackSTer is bound to be one of the main highlights for the Project ST campaign,” said Brad Beardow, fifteen52 co-owner. “Chicago, if not the entire Midwest, seems to have more than its fair share of hot-hatch enthusiasts, and there’s just something so right about coming to CAS – in the dead of winter – and unveiling the hottest Focus ST anyone’s seen so far.”

Since fifteen52 launched Project ST in the late summer of 2012, interest in the campaign has grown tremendously. Regular updates via the website have captivated an ever larger group of enthusiasts, and as each of the three cars nears completion, fans throughout the country can look forward to seeing them in person as fifteen52 plans to bring the cars to a variety of 2013 events.

TrackSTer is a Focus ST that is destined to feel just as at home on a road course as on the way to a road course. Using only top-quality engine, transmission and suspension components, TrackSTer is designed to appeal to the hardcore performance enthusiast.

Inspired by Ford’s rich global history of small performance cars, fifteen52 has worked closely with Ford Racing to build a Focus ST that pays homage to such cars of the past, while also demonstrating just how far today’s Ford performance envelope can be pushed.

Said Project ST partner Ken Block, “Teaming up with fifteen52 for this project was an obvious choice for me. They’ve got a great understanding of what’s hot in the small car performance marketplace right now, both from the style perspective and from the performance end of things. With the TrackSTer, they’ve worked closely with both Ford Racing and Mountune to put together a potent package that blends on-road performance with on-track performance. I can’t wait to actually get this car out on a track and put it through the paces.”

fifteen52 has incorporated the best of the best in constructing the TrackSTer, and trips to the Ford Racing performance well have been numerous, to say the least. A partial list of incorporated parts that will soon be available to all Focus ST enthusiasts includes:

-Ford Racing short-throw shifter
-Ford Racing performance exhaust system
In addition to Ford Racing Performance Parts, components and partners from Ford Racing’s Focus race programs globally have lent their expertise, including:

-Mountune engine build (using forged rods and pistons)
-Mountune performance intercooler
-Mountune upgraded ECU
-Quaife limited-slip differential (developed for Focus ST-R)
-Centerforce custom clutch kit (developed for Focus ST-R)
-Four-piston front caliper front brakes (developed by StopTech for Focus ST-R)
-Fender flares from Chinese Touring Car Championship Focus

With such a vast array of race-tested quality performance parts at its disposal, along with access to Ford Racing data, expertise and global strategic relationships, fifteen52 believes it has built what is possibly the ultimate all-around Focus ST with the TrackSTer.

About fifteen52

fifteen52 was founded in 1996. Originally known for bringing high-end Euro accessories to the US VW/Audi market, they quickly branched out into the high performance world as well. Builder of many high-profile project cars such as the chronicled Project X Mk4 Jetta coupe series, fifteen52 has consistently been on the cutting edge of the Euro aftermarket scene. In the late 2000s fifteen52 began manufacturing their own line of wheels, with their most famous model, the Tarmac, making its way onto Ken Block’s HFHV Gymkhana FOUR and FIVE 650-hp Fiestas. By recently teaming up with Ford Racing and Ken Block for Project ST, fifteen52 is set to expand its reach even further into the automotive aftermarket scene. To learn more about these projects, and follow their progress, check out


I WANT ONE!  I feel like this would be a killer little track machine.

I need new pants.  ASAP.


Dat Ass

I hope this is real life because I would be on the list for one.  Yes I would.

I still need new pants…

Pics and info: Autoblog



Canibeat posted up this fiiiiiine WRX Wagon that is laying pinch welds and looking sexy while doing it!


Rolling on a set of, what appears to be, SSR Professor SP1’s.  They really work well on this little one.


Dat Ass!


Also, I really love the photographer, Anthony Lezada’s work.  That just adds to the seks here.

Pics: Canibeat

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