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Tokyo bBrift…

I just saw this video on my YouTube adventures and wanted to share it with all of you fine ladies.

A bB doing a little “drifting” along some Japanese mountain roads.


A little odd, but I like it…


High-Flyin’ bB

I recently heard about the jet propulsion modification that has been going around the xB/bB community.  It has been gaining a lot of momentum and many people really seem to like it.  It makes the xB quite fast and you can literally take flight, but your mileage goes in the crapper. It’s something like 50ft per gallon.  You obviously have to upgrade your fuel tank.  The standard 11.9 gallon one won’t cut it.

Here is a Hot lava one for your consideration.



I don’t know if my Toaster will get any rocket booster soon.  I’m still considering the whole thing.


Hello Again

So I suppose that it is time for me to get back to writing and working on things.  I guess I owe you guys some good stuff after ditching you for a week.  It is only right since I had a week full of fun volunteering that I give everyone a little something.

While I was in New Orleans, I was on the look out for anything that might be blog-worthy but alas, I saw nothing that I could work with.  I am sure there are some sick vans/wagons/micros down there (there has to be at least one) but I didn’t see them.  What I did see was a severe abundance of Previas and xB’s everywhere (not xB2’s, I only saw one or two of them).  In one day I counted nearly fifteen xB’s.  I don’t see that many up here in NJ in a month, let alone a day.  I have no clue if there was some sort of xB convention down there that no one told me about but if there was, I am saddened that they didn’t want me there.  I do have to report that many of the xB’s there were in terrible, cosmetic, shape.  Many of them were missing body pieces and were beat to holy hell.  It pained me to see such beautiful creatures in such a tortuous state.

The Previas were out in masses as well.  I thought most Previas had been junked or wrecked by now, but the people of New Orleans really like their Eggs and I cannot say I bame them.

So in honor of the seven thousand xB’s I saw in one week I’ll post up a photo of one of my favorite bB’s.

Time to get back to the grind!


Still Stuck

So I am still in NYC because I cannot get a ride back to NJ due to the snow and ice and Godzilla attack.  So I’ll post up Kieran’s Cube that he posted up under Ballin’ Cube.

There is nothing special about his Cube, he is just doing his thing and I dig it.

Space Invaders STICKER!!!  So freaking awesome!  Hahaha.

Michael posted up his xB to the FBook page and I felt he deserved a shout too.

FBook killed the quality, but it still looks good.

Keep it up guys!



I have always found it fascinating to see how much we here in the US want to be like the guys in Japan and how the guys in Japan want to be like the peeps in the US.  Very ironic yet so very cool.  Here is a great example of a JDM Toyota bB styled like a California USDM Scion xB.

A bB styled like an xB, complete with the unused roof rack and widened and cambered wheels.  I have always hated the roof rack trend, but I love the stance trend, still do.

The owner has sourced xB bumpers, headlights, grille, emblems, and TYC tails.  Sans the right hand drive, this could definitely be an xB here in the states.

A set of CCW Classics, I believe 16’s, probably in the 9 or 10 inch range.  Either way, they look damn good!  Mimicking the style of HeyMikeyyy, just not as aggressive.  This bB is even rocking the Fatlace/Illest sticker fad.

A great example of how ironic the scene can be.


Box the Dragon

I am freaking elated right now!  Why?  Why?!  Because I finally got an internship for the Fall and now I am back on track to graduate in December!  OH, YUCK FEAH!  Boo-yow honky tonk chicken biscuits!  CHICKEN BISCUITS!

Okay, now I shall take this thing down twenty of thirty notches so I can write properly.  Calming.  Calming.  Calming. . .

Nope, screw it, can’t calm down!

Okay so I am bringing back Donathan and his failtastically failing fails but this time I do not bring the virtuous LeMons Saturn.  This time I bring you the original Fail Box.  Oh yes children, the infamous Fail Box is here and ready to fight the wins of the world.  You see, the Fail Box has a storied history of being probably the most difficult xB ever produced.  Donathan has done his best to combat the Fail Box, but you see Don fails way too much to counteract the fail that is brought upon by the Fail Box.  You see when you use the equation: ((Fail + Fail (Fail Box/Failtacular Waffles) + WIN – WIN x Produce Pete))/0 = The most fail-filled chalupa you have ever seen.  Thankfully though, Donathan was able to shake a little fail off long enough to hit the Tail of the Dragon like a four year old that just ate sixteen Pixie Sticks.

Yes, that is what the Fail Box looks like.  I suggest not staring at it for more than three minutes at a time.  It has been said that it snatches a bit of your soul every time you gaze it for too long.

If you look closely, you can see a certain batter based confection website has a sticker on his windshield.  Let’s zoom in and see who it could be, shall we?  Let’s.

Dammit, it didn’t work.  It’s OMGP, just in case you didn’t know.  Which reminds me, if you got a sticker, send me a pic!  SEND IT!

Of course this being the Fail Box and failing is all-too-familiar to Don, he had to find some way to fail.

Not necessarily fail on Don’s part, but fail for the weather.  I consider this win for Don personally.  It’s a bad ass shot.

Don’s wheel/suspension list, in case you were wondering.

Tein S techs
TRD struts
Hotchkiss sways
energy suspension bushings
MB Motoring “drifter” wheels (14lbs each)
Yoko S.drives 205/55/15
ABT Drilled and slotted rotors
TRD pads

Not as impressive as that monkey’s hair, but I still dig it.

And with that, I end this post full of fail and win and I think I smell a hint of rosemary.


Holy Picnic Basket Batman

Yeah, so yesterday was a shit show for me.  Apparently I contracted one helluva virus Wednesday night and it really fucked up my computer.  No, I wasn’t looking at porn, although I should have been.  I was just doing my daily blog readings and somehow got this crazy fucker.  Anyway, it would appear I got rid of it (knock on wood) and we’re back in business.

Anywaaaaay, saw this shot of HeyMikeyyy’s xB on bB Squad and my jaw literally dropped and nailed my foot.  I didn’t even care because holy elephant testicles, this is a sick shot.

So boss.

Also, as I am sure some of you are wondering, stickers are almost gone.  If you have ordered, then I has your money and you shall have your steekar(s).  They might go out tomorrow, but more than likely will go out Monday.  I am trying to scrounge together the money to race this weekend and find a place to stay.  Probably sleeping in the xB, woot!

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