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White Chocolate

Okay ladies and germs, I am departing for the week.  I will be going to camp for the week!  No, not one of the VH1 rehab camps with Dr. Drew.  I am going to be a camp counselor for the week for fifth graders (get your minds out of the gutters).  It is an amazing experience.  I’ve done it before and it is a freaking blast!  The kids there are absolutely insane, which means that I fit right in, haha.  I am about to drill a hole in my head with the amount of work I have been doing and still have to do and I still have to figure out a way to study for one more final.  We’ll see how things go with this shit, but I know I Can;t leave you cats hanging so I have a couple posts that will go live during the week.  I still got love for you ladies!

I give you this uber sexy and super clean Estima.

One of my favourite parts of the Estima/Previa/Lucida is the black line that divides the top from the bottom.  I don’t know why but that little black partition has always added so much more character to the Previa, in my eyes.  I love how on this Estima it is brown, matches so very well.

Dat ass!!

Pics courtesy of Bippu Life


Amphibious Estima?

Sometimes people get some crazy and wild ideas.  Like when people drive a Prius and think that they automatically become an environmentalist or when people think that skinny jeans and woman’s clothes look good on guys.  Yeah, people are out there.  But at least those people don’t think their cars can drive on water.


This is a Previa in Ireland (not sure if it is a Previa, Estima, or Lucida in Ireland) whose owner thought that he/she could drive on the water to get to work faster.  Well that clearly did not work out so well for them.  I know the Japanese are clever, but I do not think they have mass produced a van that doubles are boat, yet.  Maybe in a couple years.  With the way the glaciers are melting an amphibious soccer van might not be a bad idea.  If that happens I hope it’s as cool as Waterworld was, with Kevin Cosnter and his webbed feet.  I wonder if Dennis Hopper will be the badass for real.  Hopefully he’ll have the freaky eyeball thing he had in the movie.

it floats?

Crazy kids and their music.

you don't say...

That lady is just cruising along, like she doesn’t really care.  This might happen so much in Ireland that people are now numb to floating vehicles.  Could be…

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