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Previa Powah!

I’m getting that Previa itch again.  You know that itch?  No, not the one you got from the random chick at that party, definitely not that itch dude.  As a matter of fact, you should probably see a doctor man, yeah.  Go fast.

I’m talking about the itch to build a Previa the way I want to.  The icth that I have had since I was about thirteen and I saw my first Japanese Estima done to the nines and looking oh, so, good.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been seeing the few well-done Previas in the States more and more now.  Like JDM Chicago’s coverage of Wek Fest with this beaut tucked in there…

And them posting my buddy Roy’s s/c Previa from their Black 2 coverage.

It’s so pretty!

Look at that beautiful front end.  She’s so prettaaaay!  So prettaaaaaaay!

Oh jeebus, I know it would be a long build, probably a few years, but I want to finally build one sooooo bad!  Ugh!!!

Pics and info: JDM Chicago


Magazine Madness!

I apparently have some sort of old van fetish this week.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  It is one of the greatest problems I’ve ever had.

Might I suggest drooling over this HiAce?  Yes, yes I might.

I wish I had any clue what this publication says, any clue at all.  I do however loooooove this HiAce!

Yay for pictures!

Look at Dat Ass!  So square, yet so round!


Hellooooooooo HiAce!

High Top Fade is always a great site to go to if you want to see great photographs of just gorgeous machines from across the pond.  I truly mean that.

But why would I just say that when I can show you this?

Oh yeah.  That’s the stuff.

Daddy likes.

Toyota HiAce, meet drooling public.  Those wheels and drop are just the right amount of  seks to add to this super clean van.  DAMN!

Source: HTF


Very Sessi Vanagon

I just returned from a week-long volunteering trip to New Orleans, LA and I am behind on a few things.  I don’t want you guys to balls crazy or something because you aren’t getting any your Dr Brown Bear recommended dosage of OMGP, I’ll drop this Vanagon in here.

It’s okay to drool.  It’s okay.


This, Could Get Interesting.


I cannot stay long my ladies and gents for I am to catch an air-bound vessel carrying humans.  (I have a flight to catch)

Whilst I am traveling across the globe in search of riches and flowers, peep this Ford Transit Connet on some BBS meshies.  Hmmmm.



Clown Shoe Full of Seks!

I do believe that is a pretty well known fact that I have a super soft spot for wagons, vans, and hatchbacks.  If you seriously didn’t know that, you might be mildly . . . off.  Because that soft spot is huge.  But not like the soft spot on a baby’s head.  You can’t use my soft spot to hurt me.  My soft spot is strong like bull!

What in the world was I going to talk about here?  Hmmmm…

Got it.

So, soft spot.  Yep.

Now, I suppose that it was a good thing that I was strolling through my local interwebs today and saw something super seksi posted on one of my forum haunts.

OOOOHHH!  Seksi M Clown Shoe!!

An insanely clean and simple Clown Shoe that tugs on all my heart strings (and my pants strings). Jeeeebus!  Sporting BBS RS wheels and yet it doesn’t look like every other “stanced” dubber out there.

I have fallen deeply in love with this car.  Deeply.


Say, whaaaaat?!

Let me paint you ladies and gents a picture.  No, I do not mean that I am going to literally paint a picture for everyone.  Why?  Well for one, I would have to make thousands of pictures for people and if I decide to paint all original works for everyone then I would be painting for decades.  Decades.  But, if I decide to make lithographs for everyone then the resale value won’t be too hot because there will be just so many prints out there (I’m thinking of your bottom line people).  Also, I cannot find my paint brush.  So, boom.

What I am going to do, is paint you a picture with words.  Seeing as I am a wordsmith beyond any wordsmith that you have encountered before.  That is, unless you have met me already.  Then I am completely out of luck.  There is no way I can compete with myself.  I am pretty awesome.

Story time:

It was a beautiful, Spring-y, Winter day in the great state of New Jersey (North Jersey to be exact, the good part).  I had just left work and was meeting my matriarchal unit, eldest sister, and brother-in-law at the local shopping mall for shenanigans and tomfoolery.  I parked my beloved Toaster in the parking facility relegated for those shopping at Bloomingdales (I wasn’t really shopping at Bloomingdales, shhhh) and headed in.

As I strolled toward the shopping establishment, something caught my eye.  Contrary to what your initial thought might be, it wasn’t a shiny penny or remote control pig, no.  It was a vehicle.  Which vehicle?  This vehicle:

Laying your eyes on the vehicle in question, you can see what initially drew my gaze in the first place.  A Legacy Wagon draped in quite the beautiful shade of blue.  It seems mildly lowered and to have a few goodies here and there.  I thought to myself, “nicely done sir or madame, nicely done.”

As I was about to walk on by after giving my silent praise, something else caught my eye.  Something pertaining to this very Legacy.

BOOM!!  Right.  Hand.  Drive.

Say, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

A RHD Legacy Wagon just hanging out at the mall and doing a damn good job of looking pretty.  The level of awesomesauce is so high with this ride that my cup hath runneth over!  I wish I could have initiated my inner super creeper so I could wait around for the owner because I want to know more!

If anyone has any information about this ride or the owner, please, contact me!

Oh no, I just realized that I did not tell any of you to wear a helmet.  I hope no one’s mind assploded!  Oh the hugemanatee!!!

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