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This Guy…

knows how to live a perfect life.


I would like to shake your hand sir because you, are amazing.


Words Cannot Describe

what I am about to post.  My mind is in a constant state of mush right now because of what I have read and seen while researching this post.  You cannot fathom how many pairs of pants I went through while researching.  Thousands.

Literally thousands.

Yeah, sick right?  Just wait for this.

Just wait.

Ah shit.  I am no longer compos mentis.  Nope, not even in the slightest.

Go to the build thread and just look at all the work and proper craftsmanship that went into this beast.  I cannot do this build any justice by trying to be witty and comical about it.  You just have to go through the build thread and see everything with your own eyes.  Just go.  Don’t hesitate, GO!!

Thanks for the tip Don.


Toyotafest ’11

Canibeat and What Monsters Do had  great articles and amazing photos from this year’s Toyotafest and I needed to share them with you guys.  I needed to do so worse than I need pants sometimes (we all know I mess my pants at least twice a day).

Let’s start things off with this 70’s Toyota Hi-Lux.

Hood-ride/mini-truck style?  I dig it.  It dig it quite well.

When was the last time you guys saw a Hi-Lux like this laying in the weeds?  Better question:when was the last time you guys saw a Hi-Lux?  I personally have never had the privilege of seeing one in person.  I hope to some day!

I love the smell of a well-done xB in the morning.  Don’t you?

Yeah?  Well enjoy these too!

If that is a real Lover Soul wing, then I am about grab my helmet because my mind is on the verge of assploding.

It’s official, my mind just assploded.

So many things have gone so well in the photo.  So many things…

A little much for my tastes, but I cannot deny how amazing this B looks.  Well done sir.  Very well done.

I believe that that is only the second chrome Damd grille cover I have ever seen.  This xB is a thing of beauty.  Absolute, unadulterated, beauty.

Just insane.

Top Line kit?  I have not seen one of those kits for quite some time.  California has such gorgeous xB’s.  I hate you all (with love)!!

Umm, excuse me.  Yeah, you.  No, you.  Yeah, you over there.  The one in green!!  Yeah, that super sexy Corona over there on sakuras.  Could you kindly stop being so Goddamn sexy?  Seriously, just stop emanating sex from every angle.  K thnx bye.

I wonder what that little turd from the Highlander commercials thinks of this one.

Oh sweet baby jeebus.  My mind just assploded sixteen times in succession.  This is a called the Starlet Effect.  There is no cure.

And just for good measure, let us add a splash of Celica to the mix!

I really hope to make it out to a Toyotafest one of these days.  I mean I survived the rapture, i think I owe it to myself to get to one!

Pics and Info: Canibeat and What Monsters Do


Only One Problem

There is only one problem I could possibly find with this photo.

That Porsche is not on the track!!  Looks like you are at one.  Get on it!


Race-Prepped Lexus . . .

. . . Hybrid?

Yerp!  AutoBlog reported that Lexus will be fielding a CT Hybrid at the Nürburgring this weekend in a bid for the Adenauer ADAC Rudstrecken-Trophy.

I think this is fantastic!  I have seen Gazoo’s name on other Lexus’s and Toyota’s, my personal favourite being the iQ, and am excited to see what this baby can do.

It will continue to use the Lexus Hybrid Drive but the 1.8L engine was swapped out for a juicier 2.4L one.  The engineering in this thing is likely quite beautiful.  They kept much of what makes it stock, but added enough to make it competitive.

Peep Lexus’s Press release for more:


Full hybrid set to take on the Nürburgring

The legendary Nürburgring will host the racing debut of Lexus’s full hybrid CT tomorrow (14 May) when the luxury hatchback lines up on the starting grid for a gruelling endurance race.

Primed by Gazoo Racing, the motorsport specialists responsible for the racing Lexus LFA, the CT is competing in the Adenauer ADAC Rundstrecken-Trophy, contested over six hours on one of racing’s most daunting circuits. Almost 200 cars are expected to line up for the start.

Competing in the SP4 Class, the GAZOO Racing CT, like its road-going sister CT 200h model, features Lexus Hybrid Drive, but with a higher capacity 2.4-litre petrol engine instead of the usual 1.8 unit. The batteries and hybrid system are identical to the road car. At start-up and under braking, the race car uses just its electric motor, producing zero tailpipe emissions and using no fuel. The combustion engine seamlessly takes over at higher speeds with the electric motor providing extra power when accelerating and at racing speeds.

Throughout its operation, the Lexus full hybrid system intelligently selects the most appropriate power source and also captures energy through regenerative braking to charge the battery, which in turn powers the electric motor.

Thanks to Lexus Hybrid Drive, the GAZOO Racing CT will require less fuel and will emit lower levels of CO2 and harmful NOx than any equivalent petrol or diesel race car.

Lexus remains the only car manufacturer to compete in major endurance races with full hybrid cars, starting with the Lexus RX 400h which contested the Nürburgring24 Hours in 2005.

The GAZOO Racing CT driver line-up features three experienced pilots: Kumi Sato, a female racer who competed in a Lexus IS 250 in 2008; Masahiko Kageyama, who previously supported Toyota’s vehicle development programme; and MinoruTakaki, who is responsible for production vehicle development.

I am excite!

Pics and info: AutoBlog


Cleanest Coupe

There really is not much to say about this BMW M Coupe.  I find it absolutely fantastic and so well done.  Mildly modified, but done so very, very well.

Everything about it is just so right.

Clean.  Simple.  Gorgeous.

Just one more because I love it so much!

Pics: Flickr


We are Back!!!!!!!

Son of a Bitch!!

So as some of you may know, and the other not-so-keen of you are about to find out, I have been unable to update the blog, in any way shape or form, for over a week.  Why?  Well, I moved out to Minnesota for work and I have been living in a cabin with no internet and cable access since then.  That means I have not used a computer for almost two weeks and have not been able to do a thing for the blog!  Gah!!!!  Thankfully I did have access to my iPhone and was able to at least put a couple things on OMGP’s FBook page.  Sadly though, I had no access to any of my files so I could update zee blog!  You will be happy to hear that I am now mooching off a Barnes and Nobles’ internet and will probably continue to do this so I can bring you guys the amazing stuff you all crave!!!

I will continue to bring the awesome!  Don’t you worry!  I will just have to figure out clever ways of doing it.  I got you though!!!

My first post back will include this amazing Lancia Delta.  Enjoy the shit out of it, I know I have been.

The Martini livery can never grow old.  Never.

I wish I could have seen when these things dominated rally.  Pipe dreams I suppose.


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