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Race-Prepped Lexus . . .

. . . Hybrid?

Yerp!  AutoBlog reported that Lexus will be fielding a CT Hybrid at the Nürburgring this weekend in a bid for the Adenauer ADAC Rudstrecken-Trophy.

I think this is fantastic!  I have seen Gazoo’s name on other Lexus’s and Toyota’s, my personal favourite being the iQ, and am excited to see what this baby can do.

It will continue to use the Lexus Hybrid Drive but the 1.8L engine was swapped out for a juicier 2.4L one.  The engineering in this thing is likely quite beautiful.  They kept much of what makes it stock, but added enough to make it competitive.

Peep Lexus’s Press release for more:


Full hybrid set to take on the Nürburgring

The legendary Nürburgring will host the racing debut of Lexus’s full hybrid CT tomorrow (14 May) when the luxury hatchback lines up on the starting grid for a gruelling endurance race.

Primed by Gazoo Racing, the motorsport specialists responsible for the racing Lexus LFA, the CT is competing in the Adenauer ADAC Rundstrecken-Trophy, contested over six hours on one of racing’s most daunting circuits. Almost 200 cars are expected to line up for the start.

Competing in the SP4 Class, the GAZOO Racing CT, like its road-going sister CT 200h model, features Lexus Hybrid Drive, but with a higher capacity 2.4-litre petrol engine instead of the usual 1.8 unit. The batteries and hybrid system are identical to the road car. At start-up and under braking, the race car uses just its electric motor, producing zero tailpipe emissions and using no fuel. The combustion engine seamlessly takes over at higher speeds with the electric motor providing extra power when accelerating and at racing speeds.

Throughout its operation, the Lexus full hybrid system intelligently selects the most appropriate power source and also captures energy through regenerative braking to charge the battery, which in turn powers the electric motor.

Thanks to Lexus Hybrid Drive, the GAZOO Racing CT will require less fuel and will emit lower levels of CO2 and harmful NOx than any equivalent petrol or diesel race car.

Lexus remains the only car manufacturer to compete in major endurance races with full hybrid cars, starting with the Lexus RX 400h which contested the Nürburgring24 Hours in 2005.

The GAZOO Racing CT driver line-up features three experienced pilots: Kumi Sato, a female racer who competed in a Lexus IS 250 in 2008; Masahiko Kageyama, who previously supported Toyota’s vehicle development programme; and MinoruTakaki, who is responsible for production vehicle development.

I am excite!

Pics and info: AutoBlog


OMGP’s NYIAS Experience: Part Juan

I am finally getting up the NYIAS posts.  This will be my third time writing about it and I am pretty much going to keep it to the same science I have always done it.  Most blogs break their auto show posts into specific categories and sections.  Some give each make/model their own post.  Being this specific and anal is not how I roll, I do what I want, when I want.  It’s my party and I’ll do as I please!

That being said, I will do a breakdown, but I’ll be doing it the Brown Bear way.  That way is: sexified and petrified.  Let’s get on with it!!!

I shall start with the very first vehicle I saw when I walked into the show.  Well, the first one that I cared about.

LFA deliciousness.

Wouldn’t a hand-assembled, 522 hp V10 make you stop and take notice?  The bright yellow paint doesn’t hurt to catch my retina’s attention.

That ass alone could stop a blind man in his tracks.  Of course he could be stopped by it if he walked into it.

I just ruined my analogy didn’t I?  Dammit!

BMW didn’t bring one wagon to the show.  NOT A ONE!!  I even went and asked their reps, just to make sure I wasn’t blind.  They tried to point me toward the ghastly turd that is the X6, and tell me that it was close, but I promptly shot that notion down.  How could you BMW?  How could you?  I mean you already dropped all your Stateside wagons to just the 5-series and now you won’t even let the public enjoy it?


But they at least brought out one of their gorgeous GT2 M3’s.  Still though, no wagons is unforgivable.


In my opinion, the perfect driving machine.  I would stab all of you for the chance to drive one flat out.  All of you.  I’d do it.  Lotus, are you listening?!

Sooooooo, this was the first time I had ever seen a Veyron in person and let’s just say, I wasn’t able to stand straight up for a while.  My pants were tight, that is what I am trying to get at here.  Geez.  It sure does have one helluva presence.  Commanding people’s attention.

How about some Land Rover lovin’?

Now, I didn’t take any pics of the rest of the Land Rover lineup, well because we’ve all seen them four billion times and they don’t do anything for me.  If the had brought a Defender, then I would have been all over that like Richard Greico on 21 Jump Street.  Obviously they didn’t.  They never do.

They did however have these nifty little rides.  The Range Rover Evoque.

I really like the look of them.  Very stylish and very sleek, not to mention, a brave departure from their normal soccer-mom mobiles.

I haven’t been able to find much information on them, but the Land Rover rep did say that this model is slated for production soon.  This could be a very nice addition to the highways.

I think I will end things today with Audi.

Audi brought out most of their product line to the show.  I tried to get a shot of the A3 and tried to look to see if there was an RS but there were too many bros and little kids running around for me to really care enough to wait to get a picture.  Oddly, the R8’s did not have a crowd so, enjoy them!

I’ll take two please!!!!!!!!  Gah!  So damn fine!

Dat Ass is a swell ass to go out on.

Expect more deliciousity tomorrow.


Myth or Fact?

Today I have another piece of work from a photographer friend of mine.

Have you ever seen a unicorn?  Have you?  Stop and really think about it.  So, have you?  If you have been reading this blog for a while you definitely have!  Now, I’m not talking about a legit unicorn.  You know, that mythical creature that looks like a giant, elegant white horse with a skewer on its forehead.  The one that is followed by a rainbow when it runs and poops golden Spanish doubloons.  Not that.  I am talking about this!

The IS Sportcross!  This baby is a a unicorn too!  Not necessarily a mythical creature, but you could definitely mistake it as such.  I mean, how many have you actually seen, or think you have seen?  Exactly.  It’s a motherfuggin unicorn!

I still have only seen one in real life and even then, I cannot be sure I actually saw it.  It is a unicorn and it can probably play tricks on your mind.  You can’t trust things with appendages on their foreheads.  Are we talking about the car or the horse-thing now?  Lordy, I haven’t the slightest clue.

Pic: Flickr


Race Ready RX?

I am sort of on the fence with this Harrier.  It seems to have a NASCAR style with a tuner look?

I really don’t know what the owner was going for but I wish they would have decided on what they were doing an done it well.  It looks like the the Harrier could have gone two or three different ways and any one of them would have been nice if it were pulled off properly.

Such potential.  Your thoughts?



Nilo once again made my jaw drop by posting pics of this uber sexy IS Sportcross on SL.

If you have been reading this blog for a little bit, you know that I loves me some Sportcross action, mainly because they’re so rare and sexy.  I have only seen one in real life, with my own eyes.  If I remember correctly, I nearly shat myself when I saw that Sportcross.  I was in traffic when I saw it.  I know I didn’t realize it at fist then I sat there and stared at the IS.  Must have taken me a good minute of staring before I realized what I was actually staring at.  Then the near-shatting experience happened.  I was so ecstatically embarrassed.

It’s so low and so beautiful!

Gorgeous in it’s simplicity.

5Zigen GN+ wheels, yum!  I had never actually seen these before either.  I had so scour the interwebs to find out what they were.  They sure do look perfect on there.

Lovin’ it!


Sweet RX

An RX300 is not exactly what comes to mind when you are thinking about Bippu inspired vehicles.  I have always wanted to mod one of these, but Bippu was not how I would do it.  I would bag one with 22’s or something and some sexy paint.  That’s pretty much what I would do, more of a mini trucking thing.  I really had not thought of one outside of that and soccer mom status.  Luxury Mods has pics of a pretty sexy RX300 Bippu’d out and looking damn sexy.


Look at that ass!!


Now I really have no freaking clue about any of the parts on this RX.  Mainly because I do not know much about RX’s and their tuning scene.  If anyone can help me get info on this, I will give you a lillipop.


I don’t know what wheels these are, but they look gooooood!

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