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Just Pristine

When you see what I post today you might wonder why I decided to bring this A4 Avant out and on to the virtual pages of OMGP.  Well while there isn’t anything insane or really eye-popping about this A4, the photography is just stunning.  The car itself is clean, simple, and great but the pictures are just . . . wow.

See what I mean.  The picture is fantastic and the car is just clean.

I’ve been drooling for the last twenty minutes.  Just look!


Delta Love!

I just wanted to post up a Lancia Delta today.  Why?  Well because they are just one of the most beautiful vehicles to ever be produced.  Hands down.

Oh, so you think I’m lying?  Feast bitches!

“Oh hey yeah, I just park my gorgeous Delta on the street because I’m a boss.  Such a boss.”

That is what the owner would say if you asked him about his Delta on the street.

He’s a boss.

Delta Ass.  Oh sweet Delta ass!

Enjoy biotches.


I’m Just Going to Leave This Here…

A delicious E30 Wagon.  De-licious.



Okay, I’m done.  Enjoy this sessi bitch.



In case you had not figured this out by now, you don’t need a brodozer to haul your dirt bike.  Ah, I see you didn’t get that memo.  You’re still under the impression that to own a dirt bike you must have a lifted Silverado on color-matched wheels that will never actually see dirt.  Poor thing.  Here, peep this to change your outlook on life.

Boom!  Mind=blown.

Wagons are just the greatest thing in the vehicular world.  They’re so sexy and useful!


Skoda Time!

This is the first Skoda I have ever posted on OMGP and I do believe that this is a very good way to kick off the Skoda and OMGP relationship.  Don’t you?  Whatever your answer, I don’t care.  I got this!  That sounded pretty dick and pretentious.  Oh well, SKODA TIME!

For those that do not know, this is a Skoda Superb Combi.  A pretty fantastical looking ride, no?  Personally, and for whatever reason, it looks like a mini Jaguar wagon (if they were ever to make one) to me.

I do dig it a lot.

I do not think that drop is static.  I want to say it is on bags but I really have no clue.  I could not find much, if any, info on this particular car.  I was however able to find it’s sex appeal.  it’s right there, behind the left front wheel.  See it?  Good.


A Stream of Amazement

What can I say to properly introduce the Honda Stream that I am about to post?  Nothing.  Nothing I can say to you right now will make any sense in any way because once you lay your pretty little eyes on this Stream, your mind will be pure silly putty.  And not good silly putty.  Not legit silly putty.  It will become like the off-brand silly putty that your mom bought you at a dollar store.  The ones that are either runny all the time or so stale that you might as well be using a small boulder instead of this “silly putty” thing.  Yeah, worst kind of silly putty!  We’ve all been there, do not even try and deny this my dude.  We already know.  We already know…

What the hell am I talking about?


Yup.  Your mind is no more.  Off- brand silly putty.

I hope you’re still wearing pants at this point.

I am guessing wheels off an X5?  Someone yay or nay that for me please.

Silly.  Putty.


Stanced . . . Micra . . ?

Yes!  You read that correctly and you also have the ability to read!!  Huzzah!!  I was wondering about your abilities in literacy and I am now relieved to know you can in fact read.  You have no idea how many sleepless nights I have had worrying about you and wondering how is is you moved past the first grade.  Maybe you just had one of those adorable faces that teachers cannot  not help.  Maybe you payed off all your teachers since you were five.  If that is the case then bravo sir.

Hold on, what am I talking about?

Pennies.  Of course, pennies.

Copper colored Nissan Micra?  BOOM!  Segue!

This is the first Micra I have seen “stanced” and I must say, I enjoy it.  I do enjoy it.  Pissibly lose the rack, but I am okay with it.  What do you think?  Liked my whole penny thing up there?  Yeah you did.


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