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My buddy Konrad sent me this pic last night:


That’s the latest model Honda Odyssey on BBS RS’s.  That’s right, BBS RS’s.  He said while he was taking the picture the guy was laughing and rolled the window down and said they were real.  I believe him too.  If that wasn’t enough, dude was rocking these in NYC.  I don’t think I would have the stones to do that with sexy rims like these.  Dude rolls hard, gotta give props even if the rest of the van looks stock.

Excuse the bad quality.  My friend isn’t a masterful photographer, but at least he got the whole thing.  You see Konrad is very “special”.  He needs a lot of help and when he is able to use his phone properly, it’s an accomplishment for us all.  He goes to Rutgers, need I say more?


Insane Estima

I went back to the archives for today’s post.  I went through some old files and folders I had in high school and saw some awesome shit that I had completely forgotten I had.  I love doing that sometimes; jsut going through old files and folders and seeing what I had forgotten about and what crazy shit I saved from a few years ago.

Here’s a good one:


Look at those exhaust stacks!!  Shit is insane!


It looks like it was created by a garage called “Magic” but I have been quite unsuccessful in finding further information about this.  If anyone can help me get some more info on this Estima and the shop I would love you forever.



Today PA is pretty shitty.  It started raining as soon as I hopped on my bike on my way to class, shit.  Glad I covered my seat though so now I don’t have to get the wet ass on the ride back.  It’s dreary and glum here and I really don’t feel like doing anything so I am just tossing up this clean as fugg Estima.


Love this Estima; the colour combo and the kit and wheels work so well.  I LOVES IT!


Funky Fit

Throwing up a post up about my buddy’s sweet little Fit.  It’s one of my most favourite Fits.  A lot of people don’t like it, fugg ’em.  I love his ride and the way it looks.  He and I have been trying to put a shoot together since he got back from deployment (a little while now) so expect some shweet pics in the future.  As much as I rave about is Fit, I have yet to see it in person though, even though we were like 200 feet apart at a meet and didn’t even know.  We’re slick like that.

I really love how his Fit really is different.  A lot of people say their shit is different than others, but few people actually execute it or at least go in the direction of executing it.  My man here has been slowly making his Fit stand out in all the good ways.


Here is his little story for how he met his Fit.

As for history, I was on deployment. When we made a stop at Guantanamo Bay, we all stocked up on supplies at the store, and I picked up a 2008 New Car Buyer’s Guide. Once I got to the Fit, I knew it was the one. Big fun, small package. Practical, economical, Honda. I couldn’t go wrong. Every night I would look at the one picture they showed of it, and read the description and the praise. Finally we got back to America, and not a week later, I was in the dealership working out a deal for a 2008 black Fit Sport 5MT. I told them to please remove the ugly pinstripe, then put $2,000 down and was on my way. I drove straight to the tint shop for my first mod, and when I got home I debadged the Fit logo on the back for my 2nd mod in the first day of ownership. Since then, it’s been very addicting and obsessive. I think I have calmed down though, and I won’t be doing much more to this car. Except maybe putting stock springs back on, because New Jersey is kicking my baby’s ass.

I remember his wheel dilema back when he had Enkeis.  We basically bullshitted eachother as to who would get the green wheels first.  Needless to say, he got them.  Not to mention his suspension debacle where he couldn’t get the rear lower.  As you can see, that ass is dropped.


Expect more on this Fit and some better shots in the future.


Blog Alert: I Put In Work

Wanted to throw up a post about a pretty sweet blog that I recently saw.  “I Put In Work” is a blog written by Logan, whom works over at Work Wheels.  It’s an unofficial blog all about Work Wheels, pretty cool if you ask me.  I definitely love the content and how specific it is.  Kind of like how OMGP is.


Go check him out and drop him a line.

I Put In Work


Nawce Ipsum

Yes, that’s right I said Nawce.  Didn’t know I could speak d-bag did you?

Last night I was hanging with some friends and we were just shooting the shit.  In our convo, we went from watching Sportscenter to talking about bands.  It was a very long and weird transition.  So weird in fact, that I actually stopped when we were conversing and tried to figure out how the fugg we got to that point.  We figured out that we went from Sportscenter, to talking about the Nittany Lion and his crowd surf, then to mosh pits, then to talking about our mosh pit experiences.  From there we started talking about All That Remains and how they are one of the best bands in the world to just talking about all kinds of bands and finding out that one of our Friends in the room had no idea about a lot of bands and artists.  Dude doesn’t know who Eric Clapton is, I KNOW!!  He never heard Tears in Heaven, WTF?!  We created a list for him of bands and musicians to listen to, it’s his homework.  So after we continued to retrace the convo and share random stories I hit the sack because it was freaking late.  I do that a lot though.  Have intense convos that go on forever and then stop and try and figure out how the fugg we got to this point when we started way the fuck over there.  I’m sure many people have had this happen at least once.

Well from there I got to thinking about this post and what I can do.  Well Minkara came to mind because every time I go on there I end up somewhere very far from where I started.  Like this Ipsum:


I was looking at Nissan Elgrands and I somehow wound up on this Toyota Ipsum.  It’s like Youtube and their related vids.  Those things take me from watching Power Rangers to watching street fights, to ending up on watching a fat guy dance around in a leotard.  Yeah, I know.

I really wanted to post this because this Ipsum has more of a Bippu feel to it, but that matte hood throws me off.  This is a pretty big trend her in the states and I was wondering if I was going to see this in Japan.   A lot of dudes here are just running different colour hoods instead of the distressed look that people were doing a few months ago.  I really don’t understand it too much, but sometimes it looks good and most of the time it doesn’t.  I am 50/50 with this Ipsum.  Not sure if I like it or not.


Rolling on a set of Rays ProgressivDE wheels.  SEXAAAAY!!!

That’s all I could find as far as pics and info on this beauty, but rest assured I am on the case to get more info on her.


iQ, Font Wheel Drive

Toyota of Belgium decided to do something absolutely insane and creative; they created a font type using the iQ.  That is right, they created a font using the iQ and some serious technology.  I know this sounds really weird and you are thinking that I am high, but I am not.  They really used the iQ, some fancy driving, some serious technology, and a lot of ingenuity and creativity to create an all new font that you can download and use.

Don’t believe me? Check the vid you boob.

You can also go and see pics fromt he whole process on flickr.

iQ font – When driving becomes writing / Full making of from wireless on Vimeo.

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