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Badass Beamer

This past Thursday I was able to make it to a local meet for the first time in a very long time.  Whenever I have been back in NJ (which hasn’t been often) I try to make it to a meet or show.  Lately I hadn’t been able to do so, but now that I am in NJ for at least the rest of this year, I granted myself the privilege of hanging out with a few car peeps.  Man, was I freaking glad I went because I had the honor of being able to see this beast of a car…

(click the pics for higher quality and high res)

It’s okay, I’ll give you a moment to pick your jaw off the floor.  Take your time.  Done?  Good.

Yes, I was able to see this gorgeously stanced out 3 series wagon.  I also had the pleasure of meeting the owner and his family.  Unfortunately, I am as good with names as Rosie O’Donnell is at guarding food and I forgot the guy’s name.  But he was a super chill guy and had a great family.  Sorry man, if you see this, hit me back with your info!

Believe or not, this is a family hauler for the owner and his brood.  How freaking cool is that?!  He drove there with his entire family and I have to say, they were the most stylin’ family at the meet.  Haha.

This shoot was not planned.  I asked around to find out the owner and he graciously granted me the privilege and honor of taking these pics.  No setup or anything.  He just pulled the beast out of the parking spot and owned the lot for a few minutes.  Of course I took way longer than anticipated because I couldn’t stop drooling.  it is painfully difficult to play with camera settings and wipe your drool at the same time.  This car oozes awesomesauce!

The owner told me what wheels these were and, of course, I forgot.  They are not TE’s, so don’t ask.  I do remember him saying they were from a company in Cali, I think.  I am probably lying.  Dammit.  Shit, oh well.  BUT, that stance is on freakin’ point!  Stanced family hauler, HELL YEAH!

So.  Damn.  Sexaaaaay!!

Here he is trying to leave and I just kept creeping the fuck out of him by snapping pics.  How could I stop!?  This thing is so fracking gorgeous!

I’ll end with this shot, so you can continue to salivate.  Don’t fight it, just accept it…

More pics of the Beamer and the meet here.


Reader’s Ride: Daniel’s KP62

I looooooooooove reader’s ride submissions.  Why?  Because I think it is great to see what the readers roll around in.  I have always loved reader’s rides.  I read Grassroots Motorsports, Bicycling, 4Wheeler, Super Street, Bike Mag, etc and I love it when I get to see what rigs and rides the people have.  It makes it more awesome when I get to see your rides.

Daniel commented on the my final post of Starlet week, practically begging me to post his Starlet.  I mean the guy offered up a heard of goat, the deed to his house, and the most amazing dolphin keychain I have ever seen.  Seriously, the keychain would have sealed the deal alone.  I took a look at Daniel’s Cardomain page and decided that I didn’t need all that stuff because his KP was awesome enough that I am posting fo’ fweeee!

I’ll let Daniel explain his KP himself:

This is my 1982 Toyota Starlet KP62. Its powered by a 16-Valve 4A-GE “Red Top” engine, wich in stock conditions produces 140hp. The engine is mainly stock, same as the body shape. Between the few mods are 11″ front disc brakes, bigger drum brakes at the back, KONI suspension at the rear and Toyota Mark II suspension at the front, Toyota Hilux fuel pump, strut bar, header, 2″ pipe, Ractive air filter, TRD rings, Bridgstone Zona 13×6 rims, Sumitomo Tires and a few more stuff.

It’s simple, yet effective and I really dig it!

Daniel also has a great story as to how he came in to this great little KP and I just have to post it.

So one day I went to my friend workshop with a friend that wanted to leave his car there for some reapirs and there it was parked, without its engine, it was a long time since I last saw it and it was very sad to see how rust had attacked the car body, thats when my friend (the owner of the workshop) told me it was for sale. Here are some pics from that day.

He told me the owner was living in Spain and he only was here for vacations, so the car was parked almost the whole year and thats why humidity made it get into that condition. The owner decided to sell it because he didn’t wanted the car to get into worse conditions. I inmediatly contected him, and I was able to meet him, he was very kind with me and I can say I have the luck that I made a new friend. He was really sad to sell it, and he wanted to sell it to someone who would really take care of it and return it to its former glory, so the car is mine now and I will really return to how it looked two years ago.

I didn’t edit that at all and it really shows Daniel’s passion for this Starlet and the culture.  It’s great the the owner wanted the car to have a better life and wind up in a loving owner’s possession.  Truth be told, from what I have gathered, Daniel looks like the perfect owner for this KP and he has done a great job rescuing the car.

Looks like seks!

This Guy!!

KP62 FTW!!

Cool ride and a cool dude, keep doing your thing Daniel!!

Daniel’s Cardomain


Let’s Wrap This Up

Shall we?

I are bringing you my final installment for Starlet week.  I start off this post with some pics from a meet overrun with Starlets.

This guy came around in the second post too.  Can you tell I like it?  Can you?

Hubba.  Hubba.

A couple of fine examples of the KP30/40.  Amazing little cars.

TRD flares and SSR MKII’s, oh yes!  Classic Wats on a super clean KP61, oh yes!

So fucking nice!

Water bottle adds ten horsepowah!

I’d seks the hell out of every single one of these.

I’d like to call this segment, KP’s on a truck:

Yes, this KP was posted on Wednesday.

Not sure if you guys are getting the title of this segment, so I’ll post one more.

Get it?  KP’s on a truck.

Oh wow, that sure is a sexy ass KP.  I wonder what is under the hood there…


I love the flares on this KP61.  They look all metal, at least I hope they are.

Green and gorgeous, AMAZING!


I’ll just leave the day on this one…

Hope you guys enjoyed Starlet week, I know I sure as hell did.

Pics: JNC


Starlets Around the World!

Well, they are actually all from Japan, but you didn’t know that!  Well, now you do.  Dammit.  Well since I ruined it anyway, I’ll just continue along this path of awesome that I started on Monday.

Drop.  Dead.  Sexy!

Yes, this is the same KP from above but this time it looks even sexier!  Why?  Cherry Blossom tree man!  Everyone knows the Cherry Blossom tree enhances everything and makes things more beautiful.  Well, everything except for Integra Girl and my 12th grade Science teacher.  *shivers*

Okay, okay.  I searched everywhere I could think of to find more info and pics on this KP and I cannot find a anything else!  If anyone can help me here, I’ll give you a three year old can of condensed milk as a prize.  Seriously.

Some OG KP action!  My favourite part of this pic: The period correct high-waisted jeans and sleeveless tee and the dude balancing his ass on that super tiny chair.  Dude is a Giant or that chair is meant for little people.  Of and the old school KP getting tossed around is cool too.

My pants, they are tight.

My boner, it is gone.  I am now sad because of this pic and I fathom that I have done this to many of you as well.  Don’t be downtrodden ladies, for I come baring more sex:

Redemption!  Seriously, how fucking badass it this R/C KP61!?  I’ll tell you how badass:  think if Raptor Jesus was meditating on top of Mt. Everest and all of a sudden n enraged Venusaurs pops out of nowhere threatening to destroy the mountain.  Before Raptor Jesus even has a chance to say a word, the bear calvary rides in to stop the enraged Venusaurs.  The bear calvary consists of lumberjacks riding bears as horses.  Yes!  Then Mothra comes over the mountain!  Oh snap!  Since Mothra is damn near useless, it just sits there.  Then Raptor Jesus stops the battle from going any further and hosts a MW2 tournatment between the enraged Venusaurs and the bear calvary men.  Mothra still stand there (no thumbs).  Raptor Jesus won, obviously, and inn the end it was awesome.

Yes, that badass.  But not to be outdone, I has more!

More R/C KP’s!!!  Fuck this is awesome.

SpeedHunters did an awesome spot on Teruyoshi Iwai’s insane KP61 Starlet that competed in D1 competition.

Might I suggest grabbing tissues before you view the engine over on SH.  Seriously, I needed them.

One more from SH.  TRD flares and RS Wats are a classic combination that I will never, can never, get tired of.  So sexay!

Simple and classy.

Remember the Cherry Blossoms?

I am just going to end the day on this:

Yup, I am reposting old content but I still cannot get over the sheer beauty of this KP.  The most gorgeous KP I think I have ever seen.



Welcome to Starlet Week! (Day 2)

In case you have not read the title of this post, let me reiterate: Welcome to Starlet Week!  Why is it Starlet Week?  Well I’ll tell you, just as I always do.  It’s Starlet week because after I posted that pic yesterday I could not stop thinking about owning a KP61 someday.  I still frequent the pics from Orange Crush a lot because it is nearly the perfect KP61 and I seem to post Starlets quite a bit.  So I decided to dedicate this week to the Toyota Starlet, one of the most beautiful cars ever built.  Now I know some of you may not enjoy a week full of purely Starlets and I understand that.  But I still must kindly ask those of you that will hate these posts to please bite my big brown ass because I’m rocking this shit!

I think this photo is a fitting “beginning” to Starlet Week.  I say “beginning” because I guess I started yesterday, but who is really checking?  Seriously, stop checking.

And since I want to cram a lot of sexy ass Starlets in to this week I am posting this sexy, sexy, sexy KP.

The Asano Racing KP makes me all giddy like a school girl.  A school girl that happens to love hatchbacks with huge over-fenders and wide ass racing wheels.  Yes, that school girl.

Dat Ass!!

I hope you enjoy this week because I know I sure as shit will!  And if you don’t please refer to the part in this post where I mention my ass.  I mention my ass too much don’t I?  Good.



…we have lift off!!

Haha, badass!

Pic: Flickr



I love it when people think out of the box and go for things that are totally different.  I especially love it when the results look like this!

Hot Dayumn!  This boys and girls is a Ford Festiva slammed to the ground on widened steelies.  I freaking love it!

Holy hell man!  Like I said, I love it when people think outside of the box.  It is quite refreshing to see someone going against the grain and not doing the same old boring shit everyone else does.  I mean, that is a large part of what this blog is about.  Rides and people that are different and beyond amazing!  It might be slammed and on low offset wheels, but this isn’t some same old EG or 240, this is a damn Festiva!

Take notes people, this will be on the test.

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