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Big Rig Beauty

I have just returned from the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) and am quite pooped.  Haha, poop.  I have a ton of pics and a bunch of information floating around in my head for you guys to view and read through.  I shall be dedicating all of next week’s posts to the NYIAS and hope you guys enjoy it.  If you don’t, well then I guess this relationship is over.  Go ahead, take the stuffed animals you gave me.  Go ahead!  We are through!


You’ll have to excuse me, my mind is in a state of pure glop ever since I saw this.

I’ll give you a second to try and comprehend the amazing amount of Dopesauce which I have just set before you.  Go ahead, take a second.

I’ll wait.


No, okay.

Pull your pants up and let’s continue already.

I waltzed over the the great blog that is Stance is Everything and saw this beast of a machine posted up and boy oh boy, I wish I had been wearing a helmet because my mind almost assploded.  Dave really needs to put content warnings on his posts.  You cannot just post things like this and not expect people to implode!

I will not go in to extreme detail because Dave did a great feature article on Stance is Everything.  I just wanted to share some snippets here and get you guys to move over there and view the rest of this gorgeous Adonis.

I will say that this is a ’77 International Loadstar that was built by pure geniuses that know exactly how to biuld a truck and properly caress metal.  Look at the craftsmanship that went into this!!!

Dat Ass!!

Pretty much the entire truck is fabbed and done to a great detail.  Amazing.

Head over to Stance is Everything for more and pay the photographer a visit because these photos are astoundingly beautiful!



I was perusing the likes of Flickr again and stumbled upon the photostream of the one and only Paddy McGrath.  You know him, or at least you have seen his stellar shots on SpeedHunters many times.  Yeah.  It is all coming back to you know, isn’t it?  Well I wanted to post some of his shots here from Ireland’s Dubshed event.  You’ve probably seen them on SpeedHunters, but I don’t care.  These vehicles and photos are too damns sexy to only be posted once!


A sneaky little lifestyle shot to kick this biscuit off!  I love this shot.  Simple, yet mind assploding.

A little Polo 6N sexiness.  I like where this is going…

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  I’ll take two please!!!!!!

Seat Leon.  Dat Ass!!

Okay, I am highly suggesting a helmet and goggles for this next picture.  I would even go as far as wearing ear plugs because your mind just might assplode through your eyes and ears here.

I warned you…


Mind = Assploded

Recover with a Lupo.  Recover with a Lupo!!!

Lupo, you have saved my mind.  Lupo, you so kwazy.

Simplicity works so well sometimes.  Well, no.  It works well all the time.

Caddy love!!

Caddy love part deux!!

I am on the fence about this.  What are everyone’s thoughts on a Porsche done this way?

Sexy Seat Leon is sexy.

It would appear that Ireland knows how to get shit done.  Look at this beauty and all the other sexified machines posted here!


Ugh.  So clean.

That kid just broke his neck.

Lupo, take us out!

If you think this is it, you’d be dead ass wrong.  Dead ass wrong!!  Go over to Paddy’s Flickr and peep more of his amazing work and also head over to SpeedHunters to see even more of his work.  Dude is talented.


Great Juniper Tree!

Okay ladies and slightly effeminate dudes, I has a post! So, I have been dumb busy lately, like seriously, dumb busy.  Think, busier than a turtle stuck on its back.  A turtle on its back would be pretty busy trying to get over.  I would think he would be pretty darn preoccupied with his task at hand and not focusing on much, if anything, else.  That busy.  Not to mention that WordPress has been acting a fool lately and this post took me twenty-seven tries to post.  Twenty-seven.

I will continue to feed my never-ending lust for a new Mini Clubman by posting this über clean example of one.

I loves it!  I personally want a Hot Chocolate Clubman S.  That’s right, the big brown guy wants a chocolate wagon!  Be jealous.

I will have a hefty and sexified post tomorrow!  Huzzah!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fresh Fit

I have for you some more great work from another photographer friend of mine.  Huzzah!  Jon shoots for Southrnfresh, as well as is just a sick photographer all on his own.  He snapped these photos of this super clean little Fit.

I don’t have all the info on this beauty because I was unable to reach the owner (if you see this, hit me up!).  I do know that it is pretty damn fine!

I can tell that this Fit is sitting pretty on (what I suspect to be) CCW LM5’s and looking oh so good whilst doing it.

Mmmm, delicious.

Side note:

I also saw this xB2 on Corvette Sawblades on Jon’s Flickr.  Damn!  That’s all I have to say about that.

Pics: Flickr


Scion FR-S Concept

I guess I will cover this since I am a Scion guy.  Toyota and Scion just released and unveiled images of the Scion FR-S Concept at the NYIAS.

FR-S Stands for Front-engine, Rear-drive, Sport.  I get it.

The FR-S is supposed to become a new model next year.  This leads me to believe that it will be in full production mode rather than them coming out with a final design.  I am not sure if I actually believe this since Toyota has been stringing everyone along for quite some time now with this “new model.”  We shall see though, we shall see.

My verdict is still out.  I am waiting to see what the actual model will look like.

You can watch the unveil video too.  Scion’s website could not support the traffic and I didn’t actually get to see it live.  Nice.

Peep the entire press release here:  Scion Press Release



Myth or Fact?

Today I have another piece of work from a photographer friend of mine.

Have you ever seen a unicorn?  Have you?  Stop and really think about it.  So, have you?  If you have been reading this blog for a while you definitely have!  Now, I’m not talking about a legit unicorn.  You know, that mythical creature that looks like a giant, elegant white horse with a skewer on its forehead.  The one that is followed by a rainbow when it runs and poops golden Spanish doubloons.  Not that.  I am talking about this!

The IS Sportcross!  This baby is a a unicorn too!  Not necessarily a mythical creature, but you could definitely mistake it as such.  I mean, how many have you actually seen, or think you have seen?  Exactly.  It’s a motherfuggin unicorn!

I still have only seen one in real life and even then, I cannot be sure I actually saw it.  It is a unicorn and it can probably play tricks on your mind.  You can’t trust things with appendages on their foreheads.  Are we talking about the car or the horse-thing now?  Lordy, I haven’t the slightest clue.

Pic: Flickr


Exciting Car Showdown

I was hoping to have some coverage of the Street Wars show that took place in South Jersey this past weekend, but I was unable to attend.  Meh.  So I shall share some major dopesauce from the likes of Nori Yaro!  These shots are from the Exciting Car Showdown that took place two weeks ago in Nagoya, Japan.

I want to start things off with this Miata.  Why?  Because it makes me drool!


Next we have ourselves an über sexy kp61 Starlet with the TRD flares that make it oh-so-gorgeous!

Oh my geezers, what is that under there?

That my friends is an 1100cc engine out of, how do you say this, . . . a motorcycle.  Splazzow!  I just blew your mind!  (Well Nori Yaro and this sexified KP technically blew your mind, but I was there to witness it all!)

R34 clipped Stageas make me happy.  🙂

Might I suggest a helmet for this next part because I am about to blow your minds again!  I also suggest goggles just in case your eyes blow out of their sockets from amazement!

A pink Nissan Pao, okay . . . go on . . .

Go on . . .

BOOMSHAKALAKAKA!!!  Mind = Assploded.

An SR motor shoehorned into a poor, unsuspecting little Pao.  Oh my, the huge-manatee!!!  The engineering involved in this transplant is likely amazing.  I love the Japanese and their insanity!  Love ’em!!!!

Pics and info: Nori Yaro and Nori Yaro

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