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Aussie Legnums

We have another post from the great country of Australia today!  Seriously, I did not plan this, things just worked out this way.

I received an email a week ago or so from Derek telling me that I haven’t posted anyMistubishi Legnums, or Galants as they are known here in the States.  Truthfully, I haven’t posted any Legnums, mainly because I had never heard of a Legnum until Derek emailed me.  I must say though, these are awesome wagons.  But of course, there is almost no such thing as a wagon that isn’t awesome.  I mean, it is a wagon!

According to Derek, (I didn’t research much) the 8th generation Mitsubishi Galant/Legnum comes with a VR-4, 2.5L V6 twin turbo, 206kW / 280ps from factory, and 4WD with Active Yaw Control ( same as in the EVO 6).  *golf clap*

Oh and people have to import these into Australia, they are not sold there.  Lucky boobs!

Here is Derek’s!

A very clean and subtly styled example of a Legnum.  I love it!  Talk about a good way to be ushered into the Legnum Wagon arena.

Specs for this ’98 Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4 include:  17×8.5 Speedline 1908 replica wheels, TEIN SuperWagon coilovers, aftermarket downpipes, cat, and muffler and a TurboXS MBC.

*golf clap*

Hopefully this isn’t the last Legnum I post here.

Thanks for the tip Derek!


Down Under 240 Wagon

Today I have a something suuuuuuuper sexay.  Like, seriously sexay.  I mean, this thing has amassed dopesauce to a degree that is utterly unfathomable to most people.  Fuck it, it is unfathomable to everyone.  Yeah, everyone.

I mean, just look at the sex machine.

I remember when I first laid eyes on this very image a few weeks ago.  I can’t even remember where but after I saw it I went on a mad escapade to try and find more info and the owner.  Thankfully my exhaustive efforts, and lack of any real semblance of a life outside of cars, did me well.  I found the home blog of this 240 and the owner, Zak.

The modification list is short but sweet for this ’91 240 Wagon.  Modifications include; 15×10 Diamond racing wheels fitted with 195/50 Kumho tires, custom King Springs with lowered Shocks, Extractors with a full 2″ Exhaust, Late 60s Volvo 244 Sun Visor, and a blacked out grille.

Can you believe that Zak started this project as a daily while he worked on another 240 sedan project (not pictured)?  Psshya, I didn’t either.  That whole idea has since been scrapped and Zak now focuses all his attention on this beast.

If this thing didn’t look proper enough right now, Zak is currently dropping a SR20DET into the massive bay of the 240.  I’d say that that is pretty freaking fantastic.  Can you imagine seeing a giant mom-mobile, like the 240, driving past you and having the sound of a turbocharged SR20?  I tried to envision just that, but my brain nearly assploded so I had to stop.

This car just makes me want to build a 240 Wagon even more.  I even put off working on my own xB today so I could write this today, that is how much I love it.

Major props to Zak!


Snowy Presidents

Today is President’s Day and the Northeast received more of a dumping of snow.  Awesome.  This pushes working on the xB even further back, which is awesome.  I loooooove snow!  Well, only when I have a working snowblower do I love snow and since I do not have one of those, I do not love snow.

To commemorate, peep this!

Haha!  Snow drift!

Those crazy Swedes!

Pic: Jjizzle


Hoonage-Worthy A3

My man Tom and I were talking about the Passats he sent me a couple weeks back and he brought up something about an A3 with a sick swap.  I told him to send them over because I knew nothing about it.  So he  sent me some pics and info about a pretty badassified Audi A3.  I think it is pretty obvious that I was impressed.

But, there were some gaps in the info so I had to do some good ol’ fashion police work.  And by that I mean I Googled it like a boss.  Google Bitches!

What was provided that this beauty has a VR6 engine out of an R32.  Oh yeah!  It is also supercharged.  Oh yeah!  I did some digging and found out that it also sports a six speed out of a GLI.  Dopesauce.

I bet you weren’t expecting that, unless you’ve already seen this A3 before.  If that’s the case then I suggest you just turn around and leave!  No one liked you anyway!

Okay, okay come on back.  I’m sorry.  But don’t cop a ‘tude with me youngin!  I’ll smack you into April, without an umbrella!  Oh shit!  That’s right, April showers will be pouring all over you and you won’t have an umbrella.  Go ahead, suck your lolli!!


I do wish this thing had Quattro, but this is a FWD swap.  Still though, that does not detract from how crazy awesome this thing is.  An imported A3 with a VR6 swap.  Sign me up for two bags please!

Oh and this is owned by a female.  Yeah, boomstick!  Much props.

Thanks for the tip Tom!


It All Ends Here

We all recall the Delica D:5, that I posted yesterday, that was outfitted to roll through the Appalachian Trail with a load of kids on their way to soccer practice.  Cool, eh?  Well if you liked that, have I got a treat for you!  I have for you a post-apocalyptic styled, Mad Max inspired, Terminator Salvation lookin’, beast of a van.


Oh Em Geeeeeee!!!!  Seriously, this thing is badder than the opening scene of Mad Max when the cops were chasing the Night Rider and the fat cop plowed his Falcon XB into a civilian van then just continued on his was and then drove straight through the motor home and his partner had to talk with a mechanical larynx after that.  Yeah, badder than that.

Snorkels motherfugger, snorkels!

This Delica was built in a weekend for a small horror movie.  I suspect the movie will be just as awesome as this Delica.  There is no way to have this monstrous beast in a movie and have the movie be turrible.  No way.  If that were the case then Jessie (Max’s wife) would have died in vain.  You can’t let the Toecutter get away with this!

Talk about one helluva weekend project!

It looks like it could roll over the Toecutter just like the semi did in the film.





Yeah, just like that.

If you are tired of my endless Mad Max references and want to see more about this beast, go over to the build thread and check it out!  (Zombie pics on page 4!!)

Thanks for the tip Rob!


Yeah, yeah.

So today is St. Valentine’s Day!  Hurray!  Too bad this day started out commemorating such a horrid event.  But yeah, you know, it’s all good.  Beheadings are the new box of chocolates.  Show your special lady some love with a nice guillotine.

Anyhoo, since this day confuses this shit out of me, I’ll post something else that confuses the shit out of me.

That my firends is a Mitsubishi Delica D:5 with a lift and a beefy off road wheel and tire setup.  I sure as hell cannot say I have seen this before.


What if…

What if the Russian Mob started lightly modding their vehicles?  I feel like they would look much like this W120 Estate.

They break your legs and throw you in the back of this beauty.  I have to say, I might not mind.

Am I the only one that thinks of this shit?  Probably.  I need to lay of the potato chips, they’re making me loopy.

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