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Tokyo bBrift…

I just saw this video on my YouTube adventures and wanted to share it with all of you fine ladies.

A bB doing a little “drifting” along some Japanese mountain roads.


A little odd, but I like it…



Guess what guys?!  I’m not dead!  Ha!

Now, I know how much many of you were hoping I would have fallen from a very tall and very flimsy tree, but sadly I have not perished in the great rubber tree disaster of 2011.  That means that none of you will be getting your grubby little hands on my sweet and impressive collection of Russian Nesting Dolls.  Be sad.  That’s right, be sad.

What really happened was that I had a crazy weekend followed by a a couple days of busy-bee syndrome.  Not to mention that I discovered that Netflix has every season of Lost and I made the not-so-wise decision of watching a few episodes.  I have now fallen down the slippery slope that is the Lost franchise.  It’s got me.  Dammit, it has me!

So what will I post now that I have awakened from my Lost induced comma?

Mercedes-Benz Estates!

Most of you will scratch your head in confusion as to why in the name of Bob Barker did I post this.  Then again, there are the few of you that will see this and get the giant grin on your face that I did when I saw it.  Three voluptuous  estates just sitting there and one is a sexed up AMG version.  Excuse me while I count backwards from 10,000 to get rid of my massive boner.







. . .


Some time later . . .



I’ll finish today’s post with a Plain Jane W123.

Looks damn perfect to me.  Damn perfect.


Down Under 240 Wagon

Today I have a something suuuuuuuper sexay.  Like, seriously sexay.  I mean, this thing has amassed dopesauce to a degree that is utterly unfathomable to most people.  Fuck it, it is unfathomable to everyone.  Yeah, everyone.

I mean, just look at the sex machine.

I remember when I first laid eyes on this very image a few weeks ago.  I can’t even remember where but after I saw it I went on a mad escapade to try and find more info and the owner.  Thankfully my exhaustive efforts, and lack of any real semblance of a life outside of cars, did me well.  I found the home blog of this 240 and the owner, Zak.

The modification list is short but sweet for this ’91 240 Wagon.  Modifications include; 15×10 Diamond racing wheels fitted with 195/50 Kumho tires, custom King Springs with lowered Shocks, Extractors with a full 2″ Exhaust, Late 60s Volvo 244 Sun Visor, and a blacked out grille.

Can you believe that Zak started this project as a daily while he worked on another 240 sedan project (not pictured)?  Psshya, I didn’t either.  That whole idea has since been scrapped and Zak now focuses all his attention on this beast.

If this thing didn’t look proper enough right now, Zak is currently dropping a SR20DET into the massive bay of the 240.  I’d say that that is pretty freaking fantastic.  Can you imagine seeing a giant mom-mobile, like the 240, driving past you and having the sound of a turbocharged SR20?  I tried to envision just that, but my brain nearly assploded so I had to stop.

This car just makes me want to build a 240 Wagon even more.  I even put off working on my own xB today so I could write this today, that is how much I love it.

Major props to Zak!


On the Road Again

Okay, it’s 4:30am in NJ and I am getting ready to peace out by 5am. WOOT!  I am heading out for a weekend full of auto-x goodness.  Heading out for Central PA SCCA’s Cone Killer Classic.  Oh yes, I am excited by that name too.  Two days full of auto-x?  I’ll do it, yes I will.  It’s a four+ hour drive to get out there so I must be going but I will have a full writeup when I return!  I’m probably sleeping in my car tonight, aww yeah!

I leave you with another shot of that gorgeous black A4 Avant that so many of you went nuts-o for earlier this week.

Sooooooo sexy!

PS: Steekars are sold out!


Atenza to Catch Your Attention

Today we have a reader submission.  My hombre Dwight, no relation to Dwight Shrute, sent me a link to pics of this DAMD Mazda Atenza.

First off, I had no idea the Atenza looked this good.  I know it is the same as the 6 here, but something about the new Atenza looks far sexier than the current 6.  Second, why the hell do the Japanese get the wagon version of the Atenza still?!  WTF America, buy wagons!  We could have had this glorious utilitarian sex machine on our shores, but noooooo.  Only like seven people bought the 6 wagon when it was offered here and now we don’t get it at all anymore!  Shame on you!

I seriously dig the Atenza more than the 6.  Mainly because of this here Atenza.  I mean, holy testicles, this thing is gorgeous!  That front end makes babies doo-doo their pants and old people hop on their scooters and book it.

I’d hit it.  You can’t say you wouldn’t do the same.  You can’t.

Dat Ass!

Thanks for the tip Dwight!

PS: Sticker purchasing info goes live at 10am today.


Sexual Chocolate

Saw this GORGEOUS Accord Wagon on The Chronicles…

I think this Accord is perfectly done.  It’s not super gaudy or flashy.  It is subtle and very well executed.  The cleanliness is by far my favourite part of this beast.

Much props to the owner for their vision and execution.


Pics: The Chronicles…


Silent Scooby, So We Meet Again…

I received an email a couple days ago.  An email that would change my life . . . forever.  And by forever, I mean seriously, forever.

And by forever and seriously forever, I mean that it would not change my life at all, like seriously, not at all.  But I did oogle over the pics that were linked from that email.  You see, my man Julian emailed me to update me on his Bugeye wagon.  If you have been reading OMGP for a while, you more than likely remember this sex machine.  If not, refresh or educate yourself son!

Looking goooood!  I still love the subtlety of this wagon.  So calm and so fresh.

The rollers are Work 11R in 17×9 +28.  Big Hindu approves!

Dat Ass!

Much props Julian, thanks for the heads up, looking good.

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