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Rusty Bus

I know a lot people hate the “hood ride” or “rat style” or whatever the hell people call this shit, I do.  Well, let me rephrase that.  I like it on old vehicles, not on newer ones.  I see a lack of a reason for a new car to look old, but I am a supporter of many.  I wonder if that made any sense.  Hmm, onwards.

I love me some Bus action.  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, I love old VW Buses.  This one is no exception.

I like my Buses like I like my pants, low.  That sounded wrong, but let’s run with it.

The front of a Bus makes me smile.  Wish I could own one of these one day.  My dream garage is crowded as hell.  I need to work on that.  Anyone know how to renovate an imaginary garage?  I need a intangible contractor.

Sanity, not my strong point.

This guy knows what’s up!

This pic really has nothing to do with anything.  I just really enjoy it.

Pics: Run4fun


Wrong Wheel Drive

Um, I got nothing.  Just enjoy these cars kicking their FWD asses sideways.

A Nissan Micra with a blatant disregard for physics.

Ho Yeah!

A battle worn EG that knows how to get shit done.

We also have this quirky little Subaru Vivio.  Nice.


Seven Herbs and Spices, Bitches!

I have been itching to hit the track again and have been playing unhealthy amounts of Forza3 to try and quell that itch.  I tried ointment for the itch, but it persists.  I don’t know what to do, it’s so annoying!  I am looking into ancient Tlingit remedies.

On my search for pics and info of racing wagons (there seems to be very little out there) I saw this.

That my friend sis a Wagon R R/C car.  A KFC sponsored, Wagon R R/C car.  Baddassery has never been so badass.

Best part about this whole thing, the site owner’s description:

OK, the Wagon R (from Suzuki) might not be familar to everyone. It’s a little Mini van that is MASSIVELY popular in Asia where there are gazillions of the little suckers. Not exactly a huge sales hit in most Western countries but Tony G has a soft spot for them because he actually owned one!

Dude is almost as crazy as I am.  Almost.

Check out dat ass!

It’s on crack!  Look at the eyes!

My guess is no one else will appreciate the obscure levels of dopesauce that are present here, but I see soooooo much of it.  It’s a fruggin’ KFC sponsored Wagon R R/C car!  I had no idea KFC was in the R/C game!

Pics and info:


Ballin’ Cube

Just so you guys know, if an old lady offers you a bag of candy, don’t take it.  I don’t care how convincing she is and how hot her granddaughter is.   The candy is a farce and you’ll wind up sick, like me.   Damn old people.  Damn them!

Anywhoooo, enjoy this Cube while I sit and wallow in my weakness.

Hot Lava = Hot Fiyah!!  *tttsssssss*


Oh Laddergoat!

Shitty week, sorry ladies.  Just enjoy this super sexified Stagea Wagon.

This picture has the makings of greatness.  A super sexy and dopesauce worthy Stagea Wagon, an Astro Van lurking in the background and a Mazda Demio nestled in the corner.  I like where this is going!

Pic: BeeOneOneOh


Just A Couple of Pals

I was perusing some of my normal haunts and saw these sexy little wagons posted up on a friend of the blog’s, blog.

A well-worn 510 that I would love to abuse.

Hmm, that sounded way different than I expected it to.  Oh well, innuendos ftw!

A Crown that I would like to crown.

Again, not what I expected that to sound like . . .

A KE Corolla that I would like to . . .

I got nothing.

Pics: ra64Freddy


Ford Fairmont? F**k Yeah!

I would like to send out a bit of a warning before today’s post for one reason and one reason only: Dopesauce.

That my friends is a 1978 Ford Fairmont, race car.

Dopesauce, I tooooold you!

This prolifically beautiful ’78 Fairmont is piloted by Matt Johnson.  Who the fu*k is Matt Johnson? Well he is one crafty and accomplished young driver that knows a sick wagon when he sees one.

Johnson competes in the RallyCar’s Rallycross series with NitroCircus as his title sponsor.  If you ask me, they are pretty much the perfect sponsor for an insane ride/driver combo like this.  Divinely perfect almost.

Fucking sick!  Homey knows how to drive and it would appear that he can drive almost anything.

I think we all know by now that this blog caters to the weird, yet awesome.  My personal belief is that this falls deeply into that category and does it with so much style and panache that is blows people’s minds.  It literally can blow a person’s mind.  Literally.

Here is to wishing Mr Johnson the best of luck in his career and with this beast!

Pics and info: Flickr, Special Stage, Flickr, NitroCircus, Flickr

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