Toyotafest ’11

Canibeat and What Monsters Do had  great articles and amazing photos from this year’s Toyotafest and I needed to share them with you guys.  I needed to do so worse than I need pants sometimes (we all know I mess my pants at least twice a day).

Let’s start things off with this 70’s Toyota Hi-Lux.

Hood-ride/mini-truck style?  I dig it.  It dig it quite well.

When was the last time you guys saw a Hi-Lux like this laying in the weeds?  Better question:when was the last time you guys saw a Hi-Lux?  I personally have never had the privilege of seeing one in person.  I hope to some day!

I love the smell of a well-done xB in the morning.  Don’t you?

Yeah?  Well enjoy these too!

If that is a real Lover Soul wing, then I am about grab my helmet because my mind is on the verge of assploding.

It’s official, my mind just assploded.

So many things have gone so well in the photo.  So many things…

A little much for my tastes, but I cannot deny how amazing this B looks.  Well done sir.  Very well done.

I believe that that is only the second chrome Damd grille cover I have ever seen.  This xB is a thing of beauty.  Absolute, unadulterated, beauty.

Just insane.

Top Line kit?  I have not seen one of those kits for quite some time.  California has such gorgeous xB’s.  I hate you all (with love)!!

Umm, excuse me.  Yeah, you.  No, you.  Yeah, you over there.  The one in green!!  Yeah, that super sexy Corona over there on sakuras.  Could you kindly stop being so Goddamn sexy?  Seriously, just stop emanating sex from every angle.  K thnx bye.

I wonder what that little turd from the Highlander commercials thinks of this one.

Oh sweet baby jeebus.  My mind just assploded sixteen times in succession.  This is a called the Starlet Effect.  There is no cure.

And just for good measure, let us add a splash of Celica to the mix!

I really hope to make it out to a Toyotafest one of these days.  I mean I survived the rapture, i think I owe it to myself to get to one!

Pics and Info: Canibeat and What Monsters Do


2 Responses to “Toyotafest ’11”

  1. 06/01/2011 at 10:52 PM

    The 70s Toyota looks more like a lawnmover than anything else to me .. there IS a border for “how low can you go”. That is, when yoru car starts scraping the floor – or in this case, mowing the lawn!

    cu, w0lf.

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