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Alto Lapin

Today I give to you a goooooooooooorgeous little Suzuki HE21S Alto Lapin from HighTopFade’s coverage of the Kyoto Takao Old Car Meeting.


Simple and clean with subtle body modifications.  Man, I really dig a well-executed kei car.


Mmmmm, Dat Ass.


Just a touch of camber.


Rolling on some SSR meshies, but I cannot tell which one.  Anyone care to fill us in?

What.  A.  Beauty!

Pics: HighTopFade


A Little Boso Fun

I wanted to post something a little more fun today so I am breaking out the Bosozoku goodness.  Who doesn’t enjoy a good Boso ride every now and then?  Most of America.  Okay, you got me.

Moving on…

Here we have a nice little Wagon R that has seen better days, yes, but I still dig it.

A nice set of tiny Work Eurolines (at least it would appear to be so).

Dat Ass!  Correct me if I am wrong but are those ’74/’75 Skyline tails?

These two beauties were also on the photographer’s photostream.  Check out the hottie on the left!  Martin is so fine!

Pics: Flickr


Weed-Worthy Jimmy (+1)

Did someone order up a Suzuki Jimmy laying frame?

Order up!

Hubba-Hubba.  Not only does this look like a fantastic job at getting this Jimmy on the ground, the body on this thing is immaculate.  If you do not like the whole mini truck thing, you have to at least appreciate how great the body looks.  Most Jimmies I have seen are beat to holy hell and this one looks brand new.  Nicely done sir.

Also: Dat Ass!

While I was on the photographer’s Flickr, I saw another little gem that caught my eye.  This Mazda Demio.

If I am reading the photographer’s notes correctly, this is an ’07 Mazda Demio Sport with an ’11 Mazda2 Touring conversion.  I tried researching what exactly is the difference and all I can tell (this is just what I can see), the bumpers and headlights are different between the two cars.  Either way, this little Demio sporting JLine 5RL2’s looks really good.

Pics and info: Flickr via SixSylinder


Seven Herbs and Spices, Bitches!

I have been itching to hit the track again and have been playing unhealthy amounts of Forza3 to try and quell that itch.  I tried ointment for the itch, but it persists.  I don’t know what to do, it’s so annoying!  I am looking into ancient Tlingit remedies.

On my search for pics and info of racing wagons (there seems to be very little out there) I saw this.

That my friend sis a Wagon R R/C car.  A KFC sponsored, Wagon R R/C car.  Baddassery has never been so badass.

Best part about this whole thing, the site owner’s description:

OK, the Wagon R (from Suzuki) might not be familar to everyone. It’s a little Mini van that is MASSIVELY popular in Asia where there are gazillions of the little suckers. Not exactly a huge sales hit in most Western countries but Tony G has a soft spot for them because he actually owned one!

Dude is almost as crazy as I am.  Almost.

Check out dat ass!

It’s on crack!  Look at the eyes!

My guess is no one else will appreciate the obscure levels of dopesauce that are present here, but I see soooooo much of it.  It’s a fruggin’ KFC sponsored Wagon R R/C car!  I had no idea KFC was in the R/C game!

Pics and info:


One Strong Cappuccino

7Tune has a good little read about the Take Off track-prepped Suzuki Cappuccino.  This thing is seriously beast.

I won’t delve too far into this car because the post on 7Tune does a much better job than I can do, but I still want to post pics of this monster.  Well, tiny monster.

The suspension actually has R32 Skyline components, badass.  I would love to see this thing run in real life.  I bet it is all kinds of insane and probably a handful, well a tiny handful.

TE37’s up front and Hyashi Type CR’s out back really set this biscuit off.

Check out the full post on 7Tune.


Not going to lie…

…I’m still on that rally bender.  I even plugged my 360 in for the first time in three months so I could play Dirt2.  I know that doesn’t sound insane, but my friends can attest, I use my 360 more as a decorative electronic than a gaming console.  Count that towards being a broke college kid still and my untamed laziness.

I saw this gorgeous photo on my hard drive and I new I had to post this bitch up.  It is a fantastic photo.

Pretty much the most amazing picture of a Suzuki Swift I have ever seen.  Ever see a better one?  Post it!


A Little Marylin

I think we could all use a little Marilyn in our lives.  This guy already has his covered.  What are you doing for the Marylin movement?  Hmm?

I must admit that that is some stellar airbrush work on the back of this Wagon R.

Pic: Flickr

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