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Mother of Pearl…

Mother of Pearl, this is the most beautiful KE70 Corolla I have ever seen.  I mean that with ever fiber of my being and every piece of my big Indian heart.

I cannot even think of anything stupid and funny to write in here to fill space.  My mind is complete mush because all I am thinking about is doing turrible things to this KE70.

This is just amazing!

I would make all of you watch while I meticulously dismembered your very favorite stuffed animals, just for a chance to lick this KE70.  Just for a chance to lick it!

(I suppose my writing skills returned for a second.  Back to mentally seksing it.)

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, DAT ASS!

HTF does it again.

Pics: HTF


One Shot

One Shot.

One shot is all I have.

One shot is all it takes.

One shot is all I could find.

Just the one.

Only one.

One shot.  And I am drooling.

I cannot get enough of this Corolla.

Pic: BeeOneOneOh



You all might be wondering where I have been lately.  Well I would be hoping at least one of you would be wondering but I know none of you give a damn.  I’m just a piece of meat to you guys, *sniff* *sniff* I know.  I’ve had a few plaguing injuries and just got back from the hospital so I’ll keep the rest of this short.  I’d rather not be a Debbie Downer.

Saw this post on Fatlace of this absurdly gorgeous Corolla.

Good lord, it’s so freaking sexy.

Equips, how I love thee.

Sexy pants.

Pics: Fatlace


And We’re Back^2

Well I know that a lot of you were wondering what in the fudge patties happened last week.  Well I went camping all last week for school.  I was a camp counselor for 5th graders for the week at Camp Blue Diamond in PA.  It was by far one of the best experiences of my life.  Not only that, but I got two credits toward school, so whoop!

But that’s enough of that.  I gotta bring back the regularly scheuled programming.

I have what appears to be a run of the mill Corolla Wagon on a set of BBS RS wheels.  Never ever thought I would see this and it is still kind of odd to me.  But I knew I needed to share it with you guys.


If anyone can supply more info on this, hit me up!



My pops used to have an ’89 Corolla Wagon back when I was in elementary school and high school.  Thing was a pile, but it was our pile, hard to explain.  We really didn’t care about it and my pops would joke about whether it would start today.  My pops was afraid to turn off the all-trac because he wasn’t sure if it would turn back on.  It would shake at stop lights, acting as a make shift massage.  I remember when I blew serious chunks one day in that thing.  Needless to say, I stayed home from school that day; good times.  It had all kinds of dents from people hitting it and my pops not really caring.  The thing was a mess, just such a pile.

I remember one time my freshman year of high school.  My pops was driving me to the school so I could go to my football game.  I had to be there by like 10am so I could catch the bus.  Something like two or three miles away from school, the Corolla just cuts out on us.  My pops pulls over and tries to get the Corolla going again, to no avail.  Back then I was not as knowledgeable as I am now about cars and my pops doesn’t know much even today, so we were dumbfounded as to what happened.  It wouldn’t turn over, not even a hick-up, we later found out it was the fuel pump.  Well we sat there for a while because we didn’t have cell phones then.  We tried pushing it but it was uphill and I was a weak little fat kid.  Eventually some dude in a taxi rolls up and helps us push the Corolla into a parking lot so we aren’t next to the road.  We had to walk half a mile to the pay phone and called a tow truck.  The phone was at a diner, I was hungry, but we didn’t eat.  There’s the fat kid coming out of me again.  As we were waiting for the tow truck I see the bus carrying the football team roll by.  That didn’t feel good.  It took forever for me to live that down with my teammates.  They were convinced I just skipped the game, they wouldn’t believe me, jerks.  I had to sit on a few of them to make them “believe.”  Ah, the good ol’ days.

Coming from my previous experience with a Corolla Wagon, you can imagine the look of intrigue on my face when I stumbled upon this:


I never, ever thought I would see a late 80’s – early 90’s Corolla Wagon rocking SSR MK-II’s.  I never thought I would see a slammed and flared out Corolla Wagon.  This thing kind of blows my mind.  My first thoughts were, “why?”  Then it sunk in how cool this is and how cool it could become.  I can imagine how awesome one of these would look, “hood-ride” style, slammed with a set or Work Equips or SSR MK’s.  Or just restored and slammed on some sexy wheels with a fat lip.  Imagine if these babies started popping up on the scene, I wonder what their reception would be.

I am so intrigued by this Corolla and what an old Corolla Wagon could become.  My mind is racing.  Future project maybe?  Hm?  We’ll see…

What are your thoughts on this?

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