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We’re Back! (Again)

I know I do this from time to time, but I am back!  What does that mean?  Well I’ll tell you.

I just spent five months living and working at a camp in Michigan.  So I had no time and limited internet access.  I was able to get a few FBook posts up every now and then, but as you can see, I neglected the Blog.  But that’s okay because now I am back and will hit the blog again with a vengeance!

Expect updates to be more common and for OMGP to build itself back up.


For now, enjoy this Impreza Wagon’s ass.  We have all seen it many times, but it never gets old.



Brown Bear is here bitches!!

Pics: DOHC Research


Say, whaaaaat?!

Let me paint you ladies and gents a picture.  No, I do not mean that I am going to literally paint a picture for everyone.  Why?  Well for one, I would have to make thousands of pictures for people and if I decide to paint all original works for everyone then I would be painting for decades.  Decades.  But, if I decide to make lithographs for everyone then the resale value won’t be too hot because there will be just so many prints out there (I’m thinking of your bottom line people).  Also, I cannot find my paint brush.  So, boom.

What I am going to do, is paint you a picture with words.  Seeing as I am a wordsmith beyond any wordsmith that you have encountered before.  That is, unless you have met me already.  Then I am completely out of luck.  There is no way I can compete with myself.  I am pretty awesome.

Story time:

It was a beautiful, Spring-y, Winter day in the great state of New Jersey (North Jersey to be exact, the good part).  I had just left work and was meeting my matriarchal unit, eldest sister, and brother-in-law at the local shopping mall for shenanigans and tomfoolery.  I parked my beloved Toaster in the parking facility relegated for those shopping at Bloomingdales (I wasn’t really shopping at Bloomingdales, shhhh) and headed in.

As I strolled toward the shopping establishment, something caught my eye.  Contrary to what your initial thought might be, it wasn’t a shiny penny or remote control pig, no.  It was a vehicle.  Which vehicle?  This vehicle:

Laying your eyes on the vehicle in question, you can see what initially drew my gaze in the first place.  A Legacy Wagon draped in quite the beautiful shade of blue.  It seems mildly lowered and to have a few goodies here and there.  I thought to myself, “nicely done sir or madame, nicely done.”

As I was about to walk on by after giving my silent praise, something else caught my eye.  Something pertaining to this very Legacy.

BOOM!!  Right.  Hand.  Drive.

Say, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

A RHD Legacy Wagon just hanging out at the mall and doing a damn good job of looking pretty.  The level of awesomesauce is so high with this ride that my cup hath runneth over!  I wish I could have initiated my inner super creeper so I could wait around for the owner because I want to know more!

If anyone has any information about this ride or the owner, please, contact me!

Oh no, I just realized that I did not tell any of you to wear a helmet.  I hope no one’s mind assploded!  Oh the hugemanatee!!!


Well, What Do We Have Here?

Seems another Scooby has crept into our midst today (I’m looking at you Sp33dy :P).  I found a few pics of this monstrous beast while trolling some Japanese sites but could not find a lick of information to further the massive chub it gave me.

It’s a damn shame I couldn’t dig up more info because this thing looks meaner than my eight grade teacher and she was one hard-nosed SOB.  She made Stalin look like Betty White.

I bet that front mount has eaten its fair share of babies in its day.  Om Nom Nom Nom.

Flared arches and fenders that could swallow the planet formally known as Pluto.  It’s messed up, I know.

Dammit, someone help me find more info!

Hubba Hubba.


A Serious Legacy

After I posted the Atenza built by DAMD, Rob sent me a message with pics from DAMD’s insane Legacy duo.  He sent me a teaser pic, a teaser pic that forced me to change my pants (if you know what I’m saying).  If you don’t, it means I messed myself.  There, I said it.

Oh yeah!

I really like this kit from DAMD.  The kit consists of the grille, front and rear bumpers, front over fender (don’t really see that), and side extension.  It’s a very subtle and clean kit.  Nothing gaudy or over the top.  Very well done.

This legacy is rolling on WEDS BVILLENS TT7R and oh boy, do they look amazing!

Dat Ass!

Beautiful interior.  I am loving the red leather in here.  I just want to sit in there and sleep, it looks so comfy!

Oh, they have a black one too.  I super sexy black one!

Oh Mah Gawd, I messed my pants – twice!

Thanks for the tip Rob!


Purple Drank

I was contacted a little while ago by Gilbert of Scraped Crusaders.  He told me about the blog that him and a few of his like-minded buddies started up.  I gave it a look and liked what I saw.  I enjoy enthusiast driven periodicals and the Scraped Crusaders are doing pretty well so far.  It also helped that Gilbert showered me in lavish gifts like a six pack of Irish Spring soap and two boxes of 100 count plastic forks.  Well one box had 99 in there, but Gilbert said he got hungry.  I can’t blame the guy.  *I am expecting that 100th fork in the mail, soon.*


Anyway, after I saw the blog and everything they had on there so far, I saw Gilbert’s pretty kickin’ ’98 Legacy Wagon.  This thing has style.

He calls this mistress, “Purple Drank.”  Fitting I would say.  Purple Drank is rolling on VW Jetta Wolfsburg BBS rims, in purple.  Gilbert hinted at a slight fetish for purple.  I can’t judge the man though, I too have a thing for purple (I long for a purple xB).  Gilbert wants to eventually rock a plaid purple interior; I approve.

Gilbert and his buddies are doing big things, head over and check them out.  I think Gilbert is also easily bribed with purple things, just saying.

Scraped Crusaders


Some Subaru Salsa

Nothing special in the life and times of Big Hindu today, just chilling, probably going to take a nap.  So if you want to rob me, now is the time.  Be aware of this though, there is a gerbil that knows karate that inhabits my premises as well.  Watch yo’ shit.

Some photos from Tyson over at nosyt’s blog.  He has some great shots of some sexified scoobies.

I dig the colour combo here.  Not quite sure what is up with tree frogs all over the place, but it sort of works, ha.

I looooooove this Forester.  It’s so simple and the colours go together so well, imo.  I bet this biscuit has some kick to it too!

Hot DAYUMN!  So fresh and so clean.  Is this the STi swapped Forester?  Anyone???

Black and beautiful, just the way I like ’em.

Props to Tyson, peep his Flickr and his blog.


NYIAS ’10: Can I borrow some sugah?

Today I bring you even moar from the NYIAS.  If you were wondering why I don’t have a lot of pics it is because I went straight from New Orleans to the Auto Show.  So I did not have much space left on my memory card after so many pics in NOLA.  I had to constantly delete pics and hope the ones I was keeping were in focus and good.  Some still sucked though, :(.


I shall start things off with a little wine.  Toss on some Luther Vandross maybe even eat a little cheese.  Now we’re in the mood for some Mazda pics…

Mazda 2, aawwwww yeah!

I think Mazda had these modified 2’s at the show last year or I have just seen pics of them before.  They seem so familiar, anyone know for sure if they were at NYIAS last year?

Anyway, I really like the modified 2’s Mazda brought out.  They are pretty well done and feature tasteful mods.  Even the stickers on these things look decent.

I dig on this colour combo.

Surfboards in New York City.  I guess that works?

Right next to the 2’s Mazda had this little vending machine set up full of energy drinks.  All you had to do was give them your email and name and you get this sweet coupon.  I was in it purely for the coupon but I had an overwhelming urge to use the coupon to get a free energy drink.

So I walked up to this machine, wading through the guidos and tool bags, all in pursuit of sweet Mazda deliciousness.  As you can see I was not the first person the get a drink.  The machine is running low.

It’s like a little energy drink theme park!

I got one and was more excited than I have ever been before.  I mean look at it!  it’s freaking zoom-zoom concentrated!  ZOOM-ZOOM CONCENTRATED!!

Oh EM Gee!!  After reading this label I was about to crap my pants with excitement.  I cracked open the can and smelt a smell that rivals Mentos, the fresh maker.  I started rising the can up so I could taste the zoom-zoom bliss.  I brought the can to my lips, took a sip and…

it tasted like shit.

Back to the cars.

This was my favourite of the modified 2’s.  Very simple and clean.

Dat ass!

We now move to Chevrolet.

Alain Menu’s Chevy Cruze from the WTCC.  Why am I posting this?  Look at it, it’s gorgeous!

If you say hella flush, I’ll smack you.  Right after I snapped this pic, some brat-nosed kids hoped over the barrier and walked up to the car.  Their parents, nowhere I could see.  Freaking retards having kids.  I am a firm believer that people need to apply for a license before they are allowed to procreate.  Seriously.

Back to this sex machine.  Dat ass!  Haha.

I am very intrigued to see what the Volt brings to the table.  It is slated to release within the year I believe.  If this thing does not live up to expectations, Chevy is fucked.

I tell you what, the Volt definitely isn’t bad looking.

Okay so this was hilarious.  The spokeswoman for Chevy was talking about the Cruze, doing her whole thang.  Of course no one really gives a shit about the Cruze and no one was listening to her.  Well just one person was…  Do you see that little kid to the bottom right of the glass?  Yeah, he was the only person paying any attention to her.  Once the woman realized this, she did her whole shpeal the kid.  Once people started noticing this happening, they started paying attention.  Haha, I was laughing my ass off along with a lot of other people and the spokeswoman’s colleagues.

Look at the kid hanging on her every word.  I kind of felt bad for the lady, but oh well.

Only reason I took a pic of this is because I haven’t seen one of these DUB xB toys in a ong while.  I have a couple but I bought them three or four years ago.  Throwback!

I pity the fool that decided it was a good idea to remake The A-Team.

I really don’t like the newly bloated SUV they call the Legacy but I did like this display.  You can’t deny the ruggedness of a Subaru.

Why don’t I have any STi pics?  Because the STi’s were also swarmed by tools and douche bags that thought they were the shit.  There were also a shit ton of little kids slobbering over everything and wipng their boogers on the top mount.  I did snap this…

This parent of the century was swinging his daughter from a leash.  Yes, the kid was on a leash and not just that, the moron was swinging the kid around!  I couldn’t snap a pic of the kid in flight, but you can clearly see that this guy was working on his parenting trophy.  Why are people so stupid?

Downstairs at the Javits Center there was an electric test course of sorts.  They had a couple cars there including a GMC Arcadia.

Mistubishi MiEV

Th!nk City, never heard of them but it’s a neat little car.

I’ll end things with the electric cars going warp speed.  Stay tuned for tomorrow for the final installment of NYIAS sugah.

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