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Magazine Madness!

I apparently have some sort of old van fetish this week.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  It is one of the greatest problems I’ve ever had.

Might I suggest drooling over this HiAce?  Yes, yes I might.

I wish I had any clue what this publication says, any clue at all.  I do however loooooove this HiAce!

Yay for pictures!

Look at Dat Ass!  So square, yet so round!


Hellooooooooo HiAce!

High Top Fade is always a great site to go to if you want to see great photographs of just gorgeous machines from across the pond.  I truly mean that.

But why would I just say that when I can show you this?

Oh yeah.  That’s the stuff.

Daddy likes.

Toyota HiAce, meet drooling public.  Those wheels and drop are just the right amount of  seks to add to this super clean van.  DAMN!

Source: HTF


Low Lying Land Cruiser

My man Tanner sent me this Land Cruiser slammed in the weeds.  I must say, I approve!!

Few know that much of my vehicular lust started with bagged full size and mini trucks layin’ frame.  My heart is still in the truck crowd.  Some day, maybe.

I wish I could find more on this thing.  It looks like it has an insane amount of airbrushing.

Haha, right after I wrote that last line, I went back and found this picture in the photographer’s Flickr as well.

What in the world is that?!  It looks like a monstrous gremlin-thing from some insane ’80’s scify horror flick.  And why is it wearing a jersey?!  I am confused by it’s sheer awesomeness.

I also happen to stumble upon this HiAce in the gallery.

It sure is interesting.  Those tribal graphics look more mid-late ’90’s that late 2000’s.  I sort of dig on it, but not fully.

And this other, unidentified, van.

Suicide doors, Caddy tails, four air tanks (overkill?), and some neat tribal paint.  I like this, but again, not fully.  I am a much bigger fan of the cleaner rides but I definitely respect them.

Good looks Tanner!

Pic: Flickr


HiAce in the Weeds

Yes, yes, I am still alive.  I know that this is terrible news to those of you that had money on my demise.  Sorry.  I’ve been working all week and have been pretty much passing out when I get home.  That and I have had my face buried in books.  Awesome books.  Maybe you guys can start the pool up again and see when I fall off that cliff.  I have five bucks on November 14th.  Who wants in?!

Have you ever seen a HiAce on the road and wondered what it would look like slammed to the ground and pounding the pavement?  Chances are yes and no, mainly no.  No because most of you guys have never seen a HiAce in person, so pssh.  Even if you haven’t wondered it, someone still did it and I love this person for it.

Oh yes children!  Oh YES!  This is what I like to see!  A HiAce slammed to the ground and oozing sex appeal like a cougar on a school night.

Dat Ass!  It’s so.  Damn.  Good!

Pics: Flickr


Boso Train

Haha, I love this!  Some neat shots of a group of HiAces cruising down the boulevard.

I have to say that this is one of the coolest van processions I have ever seen.  Cruises here do not look this damn cool, I’ll tell you that.  Trust me, if cruises here were even half as cool as this, I would need a change of under-roo’s every ten minutes.  That Mazda Demio helps things out too.

Dopesauce doesn’t begin to describe these shots.


Boso on Flickr

I’ve been prowling Flickr lately trying to find some interesting stuff for OMGP but it is definitely hard sometimes.  A lot of people add a shit ton of random tags to get their stuff noticed and it is really annoying when you are looking for some specific stuff.  I hate those damn boobs, but alas, they will continue to be boobs.

I did find two shots of a Boso HiAce that I thought were pretty neat.  Mainly because this thing is totally white.  Solid colours, especially white, are rare in the Boso community.

Boso HiAce

The photographer was clearly creeping on this HiAce while it sat in traffic, silly people.

Boso HiAce

I love it, in all it’s simple insanity.

Pics: Flickr


Holy Moly

An amazing shot of a Bosozoku HiAce.


Gosh dang this is a crazy shot.

Aside from the shot itself, this HiAce is rolling on wire wheels.  That is the first time I have seen that.

Pic: Flickr

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