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Ice Cold Cube

DOHCResearch constantly showcases some of the best Japan and Hawaii have to offer and today’s post tells the same story.


Peep this gooooooooooorgeous little Nissan Cube that they posted up from their  Slammed Society coverage.


I do believe that she is nestled on a set of CCW wheels, that set her off quite nicely.  Yes, quite nicely.


The dropability (yes, I just made that word up, deal with it) is supplied by a setup from Bold World Air Suspensions.  It looks f**king proper.


Just enough of everything is drizzled over this beauty.


Dat Ass.

Pics and info: DOHCResearch


This is Necesary

This is necessary for my existence.  I need this to live.  Seriously, I am going to die without one.  Dramatic?  No.  Necessary?  Yes.

A Nissan Skyline C120 surf Wagon.  How boss do you have to be to use one of these just as a daily surf rig?  Super boss.  Super boss…


This is so amazing, in so may ways.

Pic: JNC


NYIAS ’09: 2010 Nissan Cube

Every once in a while a manufacturer does something right.  They produce a vehicle that actually has character and has a voice.  Every once in a while a manufacturer listens to the people and brings over a vehicle that the people can get excited about.  This happens very rarely though.  Most cars today are bland and over-saturated, but not the Nissan Cube.  Finally Nissan is bringing over this awesome little vehicle, finally.

The Cube has a certain aura about it.  It speaks to the people and has the power to become a true cult classic.  I personally love the Cube, absolutely love the Cube.  It speaks to me much like my Box speaks to me.

The Nissan Cube was my second most anticipated stop at the Auto Show.  First most anticipated stop: the iQ of course (stay tuned for that post).    I was really excited to see it up close and personal.  I just could not wait.  After I hit the Scion booth, I scoured the convention center to find the Nissan booth.  When I saw it, I was giggling like a school girl, I was so very happy to see one finally.


There was a decent sized crowd around the Cube, but most of the crowd was around the 370z.  Personally, I get my jollies off of these cars, not penis compensating sports cars.  But I was kind of glad there wasn’t a huge crowd around the Cube and that there were a lot of teeny weeny people around the 370z, because I could get shots easier then.  If anyone has been to a show in NY or NJ, you know how hard it is to get shot off.  People around here just don’t care and have no respect so taking one shot of a car could take 10-20 minutes because you are waiting for people to clear out.  I got some good shots of the Cubes, but the lighting kept on screwing with me.  I had more blurred pics than I did keepers.


This shot took me a while to get.  Took four attempts and about ten minutes of waiting for me to get this one.


This green Cube was posted a while back in my Cube review.  It has optional equipment like the FFF, lip kit, fog lights, grille, and chrome accents.  It’s an ugly colour, but I really like it.

I tried to talk to the Nissan Girls they had at the show.  I got a chance to talk to two of them and here are my experiences.  The first Nissan Girl I talked to was not actually taught much on the Cube, but she gave me a some input on it that I did not know.  For instance there is a back window on the passenger’s side to help with blind spots and the curve in the back hatch is specially formulated to help with blind spots.  She was really nice and talked to me for a little bit even though she was the presenter for the 370z.  The second Nissan Girl I talked to was a total let down.  She was the Cube specific rep and she really did not want to talk much about it.  I asked her a few questions and instead of answering any of them, she handed me the pamphlet and turned around to talk to someone that seemed to be her friend.  I could get the info anywhere, I wanted human input on some things and she just didn’t seem to want to do her job.  She was quite disappointing.


Sexy ass Cube Krom.  I found out from the first Nissan Girl, that the Krom is not a special edition, like I had originally thought, rather it is a trim level.  There is no limited production, the production is ongoing.  So as of right now, as long as the Cube is in production here, you can get a Krom if you shell out the extra cash.


Took me forever to get this shot for you guys.  People kept walking in front of me and blurring my pics.



I love the Krom front end.  Very sleek and simple and the chrome accents are tasteful and not overpowering.  I can really appreciate the subtlety and the pizazz.


This is a base Cube, shown with no otional equipment except fog lights


From what I could see, the interior looked quite roomy and inviting.  Although, I am not a huge fan of the instrument panel placement.  It looks like it could be easily blocked by the steering wheel and a person’s hands.  Of course I only have these long range shots and me standing six feet away to go on.  It could actually be perfect placement, but from this angle, it looks like it could get easily disrupted.



Looks like a fair amount of trunk space.  More space than I had originally expected actually. I was expecting something similar to the xB, but the Cube seems to deliver a little bit more.

Overall, the Cube display was quite stimulating.  It gave a good amount of view of the Cubes, but did not allow anyone to sit in them. I wish I could have gotten to sit in the Cube, but I understand the reasoning behind keeping them closed off.  Hopefully I can get into soon and let you guys know how they are.

Also, I found out from the first Nissan Girl, that the Cube will be released within a month.  Yes, that is right, the Cube should be hitting dealership lots in a month’s time.  I am very excited to see these and sit in them.

See my review of the 2010 Cube.


Sick Stagea Wagon

On my adventures across the interwebs, I have stumbled across this sick Nissan Stagea M35.  It is just so clean and so gorgeous.  The owner executed this wagon perfectly.  This beauty is rolling on 20″ WALD D21F’s.  Aggressive offset in the rear and sitting flush with the body.  She looks so classy.  I do not know what kit that is, but it works so well.  She catches your eye and draws you in, but then you stay there and look over every detail.  

I love it when a vehicle looks like it could be stock, but you know it definitely is not stock.  It’s the subtlety of this Stagea M35 that really does it for me.




So fresh and so clean.


Camber FTW!


Look at that rump!

And in case you are wondering, yes, those are the vans from my “Down by the Bay” post.



Seeing how well of a response I got to the 2010 Cube Review, I decided to continue our Cube theme.  To keep the Cube rolling (I made a funny) I am going to post up a couple 2nd gen Cubes.  Now, I don’t know much about the Cube, but I know they look damn sexy tuned, so here are a couple examples.



This red one is just sexy.  I love the simplicity of the wheels and the camber out back.


I am digging the grille on this Cube.  I believe those are fog lamps in the grille.


All three of these Cubes seem to have the same kit, but they all look very different.  Each has a different grille and each carries a different theme.  Subtle differences is what makes them all great.


2010 Nissan Cube Review

Well I thought I would go along with everyone else and do a little write up about the 2010 Nissan Cube that is set to hit US shores in Spring 2009.  Now you guys all know that I have a soft spot for the quirky, I mean just look at my box, and this new cube is no different.  I love the look of this new cube.  I loved the older cube, the 2nd gen currently in Japan, but I definitely love this new design even more.  It has a serious box complex, but still retains smooth lines and sleek curves.


I went scouring the interwebs to try and find the specs for you guys.  Oddly, even though this new Cube is being discussed everywhere, I had a little trouble digging up the info, but I got it for you guys.  Why?  Because I’m that awesome, ok I lied about that last part.  Anyway, here we go: The Cube should be at dealership lots come Spring.  I hope it makes it in Spring, with this economy you never know what could happen.  The Cube will have a 1.8L DOHC 4-cylinder power plant.  The little engine comes with 122 hp @ 5200 RPM and 127 ft-lbs @ 2800RPM, not bad for a little box.  The Cube will come with two transmission choices: 6-speed manual or Nissan’s CVT automatic.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Nissan will be offering it in the AWD like the do in Japan.  The US  is only going to get the Cube in a FWD platform.  But we do get the ABS, stability control, traction control, and front disc brakes.  For those of us that drive in snow these are good things.  A wheel base of only 99.6 in makes this little box more like a go cart.  It should do well on American roads, especially in cities.

You can pick up a new Cube come Spring for $13,990 base.  There will be 4 different models offered by Nissan: 1.8, 1.8S, 1.8SL, and the 1.8 Krom.  The Krom is kind of like the RS’s Scion offers.  It comes with special equipment only offered on the Krom: chrome grille, chrome front bumper accents, sills, spoiler, 16 inch wheels, as well as some interior accents. (Krom pictured below)



This gorgeous green Cube has optional equipment such as the wing, grille, lip kit, hood wing/FFF, and wheels.

On Nissan’s site, they claim that the inspiration for the front was a Bulldog wearing sunglasses.  Now I don’t know how true that is, but it definitely is a cool story.


I really wish the Cube and the original xB could have competed together on US soil.  I think it would have been great to have two boxy vehicles that are very similar compete for the consumer’s attention.  I probably still would have chosen my xB, but I would have more boxy friends.  This Cube and the current xB (xB2) are not direct competitors.  They are two completely different vehicles in almost every way.  The current xB (xB2) is more in competition with the Honda Element, based on size, power, etc.

cube hauler

A shot of a few Japan spec Cubes on the truck.  The top cube looks to have a back-up camera, shnazzy.

Now this is something I found very interesting.  In Japan, the RHD ( right hand drive) Cubes have a reversed rear door.  What I mean is the curve and the handle are all on the other side and the door opens the opposite way of the US spec Cube.  I did not know companies did that.  My guess was because the RHD Cube would get a large blind spot if it had the US spec rear door.


2nd gen Cube next to a 3rd gen Cube and a 370z peaking out back there.

I am glad Nissan is finally capitalizing on the void left with the departure of the 1st gen xB.  I just wonder how the American consumer is going to react to the new Cube.  I know on forums there is a lot of buzz, but I am unsure of how the average American will take the new Cube.  I guess we are all just going to have to wait until Spring to find out.

What are your thoughts on the new Cube?

Photos courtesy of: Jalopnik, Burstaneurysm: Ian, and Carscoop.

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