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Well, I’ve seen this done a few times and have been wanting to do it but haven’t found anything I saw as useful until now.  I have been wanting to highlight a magazine article or entire magazine that fit OMGP criteria content.  The latest issue of SuperStreet had sufficient content so I have decided to post it.

The February 2010 issue of SS features the Bergenholtz Racing RX-8 on the cover.  This car was piloted by JTP to a 9th place finish in the 2009 season of FD.  Unfortunately, it looks like they have parted ways.  Sucks, but I hope JTP lands on his feet and the Bergenholtz Brothers find another great driver.   Onwards…

First thing I saw that I LOVED was this Legacy Wagon.  OMG this thing is freakin’ sexy.  It is super clean and super classy yet makes my jaw drop.  Rolling on a uber sexy Blitz Z1 Technospeed wheels just adds a whole lotta sexy.

It’s boosted, badass, and beautiful.  What more can a person ask for?

Next we have Bisimoto’s extra sexy Wagovan.  I really love this Wagovan.  It is probably the sexiest one I have seen, ever.  The colour combined with the wheels just adds so much to this little Wagovan.  Not to mention, it’s boosted!

In case you were wondering, Bisi is trying to hit 700hp on pump gas, according to the article.  This article focused mainly on the suspension and the paint more than anything.  it is quite a good read if you really like the Wagovan.

Holy testicles, I want those wheels.


…we have a ’73 Mazda RX-3.  Not just any RX-3, quite possibly the sexiest one I have ever seen.  And this RX-3 is running a very similar colour scheme to me!  I bet you people drool over this, but ever since I started this colour scheme four years ago, I get more hate than anything.  I guess it all depends on how special the hater feels.  I definitely admit my box is not to this caliber, but it’s the colour that I get the most negative comments on, whatever.

The show a couple pictures of how the custom fenders were formed.  Really shows what a person can do.  I just cannot get over this one though, it’s so damn sexy.

Pick up this issue of SS.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you guys enjoy this, I can do it more when I find more material.


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