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Exciting Car Showdown

I was hoping to have some coverage of the Street Wars show that took place in South Jersey this past weekend, but I was unable to attend.  Meh.  So I shall share some major dopesauce from the likes of Nori Yaro!  These shots are from the Exciting Car Showdown that took place two weeks ago in Nagoya, Japan.

I want to start things off with this Miata.  Why?  Because it makes me drool!


Next we have ourselves an über sexy kp61 Starlet with the TRD flares that make it oh-so-gorgeous!

Oh my geezers, what is that under there?

That my friends is an 1100cc engine out of, how do you say this, . . . a motorcycle.  Splazzow!  I just blew your mind!  (Well Nori Yaro and this sexified KP technically blew your mind, but I was there to witness it all!)

R34 clipped Stageas make me happy.  🙂

Might I suggest a helmet for this next part because I am about to blow your minds again!  I also suggest goggles just in case your eyes blow out of their sockets from amazement!

A pink Nissan Pao, okay . . . go on . . .

Go on . . .

BOOMSHAKALAKAKA!!!  Mind = Assploded.

An SR motor shoehorned into a poor, unsuspecting little Pao.  Oh my, the huge-manatee!!!  The engineering involved in this transplant is likely amazing.  I love the Japanese and their insanity!  Love ’em!!!!

Pics and info: Nori Yaro and Nori Yaro


Oh Laddergoat!

Shitty week, sorry ladies.  Just enjoy this super sexified Stagea Wagon.

This picture has the makings of greatness.  A super sexy and dopesauce worthy Stagea Wagon, an Astro Van lurking in the background and a Mazda Demio nestled in the corner.  I like where this is going!

Pic: BeeOneOneOh



I hope you didn’t blow all your allowance on gadgets and underwear during Black Friday because then you won’t be able to afford the interwebs and then you can’t check OMGP.  That would suuuuuck.

Saw this super duper sexy ass Skyline/Stagea/Ute hybrid on 7tune.  As soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew I had to share it with you wild and crazy guys!

It’s rough, but it sure is freaking awesome.  I want to say it’s rocking SSR’s up front and Advans out back, but I am pretty sure I am high off my ass and have no idea what I’m talking about.  Sounds good to me.

Pic: 7Tune


Stagea GT-R’s

Today’s post is going to be picture heavy because I’m feeling super lazy.  But I am still brining the awesome for you guys.

There has been a lot of buzz lately over the Kids Heart R35/Stagea Wagon.  It seems a lot of people don’t know that it is actually a Nissan Stagea Wagon with an R35 front clip and rear end accents.  A lot of people are thinking this is some pre-production R35 Wagon.  While that would be freaking awesome to have an R35 Wagon, this is just a custom piece.  But I could definitely see how this wagon would be quite deceiving  if you don’t know much about the Stagea.

stagea gtr

stagea gtr2

My only Gripe with this gorgeous Stagea/R35 is where the fenders meet the a-pillar.  I feel that could have definitely been done much cleaner.  It doesn’t flow well, it just kind of stops and then the rest of the car continues.  

stagea gtr3


Here is a stock M35 Stagea for reference.  You can see the distinct body line of the M35.


This is a Bippu Tuned M35 that I blogged about earlier.  It is tuned in a more “traditional” way.  Continues with most of the stock body styling, aside from the body kit and rolled fenders.

Now for the orginal GT-R front end mod:

R32 Stagea

The transplant of the R34 front end onto the front of old Stagea’s is a very popular modification in Japan.  People have been doing it for years.  The clip is so popular because it is basically a bolt-on front end from the R34 to the Stagea.  When done right, it looks damn near stock.  

It is kind of like how S15, 108SX, 240SX, S13, and S14 front ends are all somewhat interchangeable.  Some require modification, but they are more-or-less bot-on front clips that can be basically swapped beween models.  

stagea r34-2

stagea r34-3

These two first-gen Stagea Wgaons are fitted with R34 front clips.  They look pretty good and look like they came that way from the factory.

stock stagea

Here we have a stock Stagea for reference.  

And now just for fun:


This is a first-gen Stagea with an R34 front end and a chopped rear end.  It’s kind of like a Stagea/R34/Ute.  Kind of cool, I like it.  It’s like a sexy Skyline pickup truck, that can drift.


It hauls in more ways than one!

Pics courtesy of TMR, Tezuka’s Blog, Wiki.


Sick Stagea Wagon

On my adventures across the interwebs, I have stumbled across this sick Nissan Stagea M35.  It is just so clean and so gorgeous.  The owner executed this wagon perfectly.  This beauty is rolling on 20″ WALD D21F’s.  Aggressive offset in the rear and sitting flush with the body.  She looks so classy.  I do not know what kit that is, but it works so well.  She catches your eye and draws you in, but then you stay there and look over every detail.  

I love it when a vehicle looks like it could be stock, but you know it definitely is not stock.  It’s the subtlety of this Stagea M35 that really does it for me.




So fresh and so clean.


Camber FTW!


Look at that rump!

And in case you are wondering, yes, those are the vans from my “Down by the Bay” post.

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