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Classy Clubman

Stancenation always posts a varying array of high-class and unique rides that make your pants messy (if you know what I mean).  I mean, really messy.  The snippets I grabbed form them for today is no different.

Meet this sexy little Mini Clubman.


Yes, please!  I have had a long fraught love affair with the Clubman since they first came out a few years ago.  I thoroughly enjoy thew dea of a more practical Mini.  More practical for me at least (hauling all the ladaaays . . . not really).

I love the CLlbman’s lines and I especially enjoy this Clubman.  It is clean, classy, and well done .  Nothing crazy or over the top here, just a nice ride with all the right accoutrements.


According to Stancenation’s article, this little one has been through quite the ordeal, being pretty badly wrecked and brought back to life.  And done so with a fine detail.


She is slammed to the pinch welds on and Accurair air setup and those wheel arches carry with them a set 17×8.5 BPS wheels. And upgraded downpipe and intercooler allow for a few more horses too.

Because the owner uses it for his business, there is no clutter of useless things here.  Just a clean and sessi Clubman.


Dat Ass.

Pics and info: Stancenation


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I might be referencing the iconic Cindy Lauper song or I might be referencing this photo.

I am likely referencing these girls in the Mini.  Yep, more than likely.  It’s definitely possible.  Could be…


Fuggin’ awesome.  Much props to the owner!


I only have one…

shot, but I think that is all I need to make you understand the sheer amazement that this Mini possesses.  I only have one shot, but I know that is all it will take to make you mess your pats thirty-seven and a half times.  I only have one shot, but I know that your mind will assplode and some reader will help me out by helping me to locate more information and pictures of this beast.

Check that ass and tell me you wouldn’t do turrible, turrible things to it.

That’s what I thought…


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Faps

It truly is worth a thousand faps.  It truly is…




Great Juniper Tree!

Okay ladies and slightly effeminate dudes, I has a post! So, I have been dumb busy lately, like seriously, dumb busy.  Think, busier than a turtle stuck on its back.  A turtle on its back would be pretty busy trying to get over.  I would think he would be pretty darn preoccupied with his task at hand and not focusing on much, if anything, else.  That busy.  Not to mention that WordPress has been acting a fool lately and this post took me twenty-seven tries to post.  Twenty-seven.

I will continue to feed my never-ending lust for a new Mini Clubman by posting this über clean example of one.

I loves it!  I personally want a Hot Chocolate Clubman S.  That’s right, the big brown guy wants a chocolate wagon!  Be jealous.

I will have a hefty and sexified post tomorrow!  Huzzah!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mini WRC Madness!!!

I saw this posted over on AutoBlog and since it made me drool for oh, twenty minutes straight, I felt compelled to share the Dopesauce over here too.

This my friends is Mini’s WRC Countryman entry hooning until kingdom come.

Oh Laaaaaaawwwdd!

It.  Sounds.  So.  GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!

Hoon baby, HOON!!!!

This vid is somewhat of professional press releases from Mini.  That doesn’t limit their dopesauce in any way or form.


A comparison of the Mini of old to the Mini of new.  The level of deliciocity is astounding.

If you need any reminder of my past post on the WRC Mini, peep this bizznitch!

Pics and info: AutoBlog


Join the Club . . . Man!

Oh ho ho ho!  See what I did there?  It was a play on words!  HA! OH!

Do your sides hurt?  HA!


Shut up.

It was a play on words because I have been lusting after a Mini Clubman really hard lately so I wanted to post one today.  I do not know why, but I have been drooling over getting a Hot Chocolate Brown Clubman S.  *drool*  It is small, sexy, and useful as hell!  What is not to like!?

Anyhoo, I went on a search to find a sexy Clubman to post and I think I got a little somethin’-somethin’ for you ladies.

Ho Yeah!  This my friends is a 2008 Mini Clubman bagged to the weeds and looking sexy as hell while doing it.  Dopesauce.

She is sitting re-drilled 17″ Audi A8 Winter Monoblocks.  A simple yet effective wheel setup.

Now if I were to actually get a Clubman S, it would look nothing like this one.  Mine would have to be setup for autocross, no question about that.  I need to take a turn properly before I can look pretty (Function > Form for me).  But I still very much enjoy the owner’s style here.  It is a clean and gorgeous vehicle.

Pics and info: Airsociety


Apparently I am more behind in the times than Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and Rey pointed that out to me.

The Clubman in question is now rolling on (what looks like) Rotiform BLQ’s and NUE’s.

I do think it looks better now.  Even cleaner and more well thought out than before.

Pics: Motoring Underground

Thanks for the tip Rey!

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