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Fall of A Champion

I found out last week that my buddy Adam’s Fit that I blogged about earlier was involved in an accident.  Guess some dumb chick decided she would pull out in front of him and another car and take them both out; 40 mph head-on hit.

fit down

Damn, this sucks.

fit down

fit down

As far as I know he is okay, but I think he still needs to get checked out.  Hope everything works out with him and the insurance company.  Good luck with everything man.

Here is one for the road:


Sad to see this happen.


Funky Fit

Throwing up a post up about my buddy’s sweet little Fit.  It’s one of my most favourite Fits.  A lot of people don’t like it, fugg ’em.  I love his ride and the way it looks.  He and I have been trying to put a shoot together since he got back from deployment (a little while now) so expect some shweet pics in the future.  As much as I rave about is Fit, I have yet to see it in person though, even though we were like 200 feet apart at a meet and didn’t even know.  We’re slick like that.

I really love how his Fit really is different.  A lot of people say their shit is different than others, but few people actually execute it or at least go in the direction of executing it.  My man here has been slowly making his Fit stand out in all the good ways.


Here is his little story for how he met his Fit.

As for history, I was on deployment. When we made a stop at Guantanamo Bay, we all stocked up on supplies at the store, and I picked up a 2008 New Car Buyer’s Guide. Once I got to the Fit, I knew it was the one. Big fun, small package. Practical, economical, Honda. I couldn’t go wrong. Every night I would look at the one picture they showed of it, and read the description and the praise. Finally we got back to America, and not a week later, I was in the dealership working out a deal for a 2008 black Fit Sport 5MT. I told them to please remove the ugly pinstripe, then put $2,000 down and was on my way. I drove straight to the tint shop for my first mod, and when I got home I debadged the Fit logo on the back for my 2nd mod in the first day of ownership. Since then, it’s been very addicting and obsessive. I think I have calmed down though, and I won’t be doing much more to this car. Except maybe putting stock springs back on, because New Jersey is kicking my baby’s ass.

I remember his wheel dilema back when he had Enkeis.  We basically bullshitted eachother as to who would get the green wheels first.  Needless to say, he got them.  Not to mention his suspension debacle where he couldn’t get the rear lower.  As you can see, that ass is dropped.


Expect more on this Fit and some better shots in the future.


Whatchya Gonna Do…

…when a Micra comes for you?

Spoof of the theme to cops, if you didn’t know, you boobs.

Micra Po-Po

Micra Po-Po ride.  I’d hate to get stopped by one of these.  Dudes rolling in here would probably be beyond hardcore, seeing as they have to drive a Micra.  You probably suck if you get stopped by a Micra.  All hope is lost for you.


Jazzed Up

I just got back from pumping zee iron!  I am trying to lose my extra 1000 lbs so I have started to hit the gym again.  I definitely feel good, but super fat.  Hopefully I can lose these man boobies and get the ladies, with smaller man boobies.  I’m sore and it hurts so good!  Okay, I’ll stop with that now.  This is getting weird.

Today I bring you a super sexy Honda Jazz or Fit, whatever you want to call it.  I’m calling it a Jazz today, so  deal with it son!


A fattened Jazz, slammed on wide Work Meisters. *droooooool*


Sexified Fit

Speedhunters posted a beyond gorgeous Fit today.  You must see this thing.  I will give you brief sexy time here.  Got to Speedhunters to check out the whole sexy time happiness.


Luxury micro cars are becoming more and more popular.  I know that movement has been picking up speed amongst the Scion crowd, well the xB’s at least.  Those tC people are still a little off, if you know what I’m saying…


Oh-Em-Gee, she is gorgeous.  Noblesse lux aero kit sets off the body lines and adds quite the subtle touch.


This Fit is sporting SSR Vienna Zweel in 17X7.5 +45 front and 18×8.5 +45 in the rear.  Great wheel fitment if you ask me.


Go to Speedhunters and check out the rest of this story.


Saw my first Cube…

This past Friday I went to a dealer show at Hudson Toyota in Jersey City, NJ.  They had a brand new Nissan building that they were opening, but they let us us it for the show.  As I was walking around I heard rumors of there being a Cube somewhere on the property, so I went exploring to find it.  Really didn’t take me too long because it was out in the open and not hidden at all.  But doesn’t take away from the dangerous peril I had to go through to get these pictures.  

Hudson 5-29-09 (41)

This Cube is dressed in what Nissan calls Bitter Chocolate.  It looked more like a purplish colour  when I saw it, but the lighting was all artificial so that probably had something to do with it.  I really like the grille on the Krom compared to the regular Cube models.  It really helps to set off the front end.  

Hudson 5-29-09 (37)

That’s right, this Cube is one of the Krom models.  The Krom Cubes start at $19,000, which is the highest of the Cube models and prices, but I think it might be the sexiest.

Hudson 5-29-09 (35)mm

Cube ass, I like it.

Hudson 5-29-09 (38)

As far as I can tell, this Cube has the “Interior Designer Package.”  This package comes with that shaggy dash mat you see, carpeted floor mats, cargo area mat, and front door bungees (I have no idea what that is).  All that could be yours for an extra $230.  

Hudson 5-29-09 (36)m

The Krom comes with 16×6″ chrome allow wheels that help to add some bling to exterior.  

Being able to get the closest I have so far to the Cube has helped me to realize that I really do like it.  It is not as stellar as the previous gens in Japan, but I still really like the US Spec Cube.  Will I ever get one over an xB?  No.  But I can definitely appreciate it.  I also saw a Kia Soul on the road while I was at the show and I gotta say, I am unimpressed with the Soul out in the wild.  It just wasn’t doing it for me, especially because that Soul owner didn’t even wave back when we were waving at her, what a jerkface. 

Also, if you haven’t already I highly suggest you go see Ken Block’s new Gymkhana vid.  After months of waiting, it’s finally out and it is freaking awesome!  GO SEE IT!!  Check out his blog too.  DO EEET!!


Interweb Voyage

I have been scouring the interwebs to find fresh material for you guys to enjoy.  These trips have been vast and quite tiresome.  I have seen many things that people should not have to see and many things that made me giggle.  I have talked to weary travelers and met medicine men.  There have been peddlers and beggars, all trying to get by.  I have conversed with unsavory characters.  I have seen the holy grail, when someone is wrong on the interent.  I have a few stories where we have destroyed people, lol.  Poor kids never saw it coming.  But along those journeys, I have found many great things.  I have seen vast amounts of awesome (but not as awesome as OMG Pancakes) and taken it all in.  

I have also seen these two pics:


A super sexified Suzuki Wagon R.  The picture itself is amazing, and I usually do not like these types of photos.  But that Wagon R is sooooo damn sexy.  Everything about this R is really cool and executed very well.  Fit and finish looks top notch and I love the paint.

I have never seen anyone do that with their lines before, the leds look pretty cool.  Albeit extremely tacky, I really did the leds because it’s pretty different.

Kei van

I want to say this is a Daihatsu Hijet, but I am uncertain.  But, none-the-less, I love the look of this thing.  It’s super fantastically awesomesauce (oh yeah, I went there).

Check out the Flikr page to see more.

P.S. I was instructed to mention someone in today’s post.  Rachel, you are a doo-doo head.  That is all, thank you.

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