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A Stream of Amazement

What can I say to properly introduce the Honda Stream that I am about to post?  Nothing.  Nothing I can say to you right now will make any sense in any way because once you lay your pretty little eyes on this Stream, your mind will be pure silly putty.  And not good silly putty.  Not legit silly putty.  It will become like the off-brand silly putty that your mom bought you at a dollar store.  The ones that are either runny all the time or so stale that you might as well be using a small boulder instead of this “silly putty” thing.  Yeah, worst kind of silly putty!  We’ve all been there, do not even try and deny this my dude.  We already know.  We already know…

What the hell am I talking about?


Yup.  Your mind is no more.  Off- brand silly putty.

I hope you’re still wearing pants at this point.

I am guessing wheels off an X5?  Someone yay or nay that for me please.

Silly.  Putty.


Tiny and Turribly Terrific!

I loves me some micro cars!  Did you guys know that?  Did you?  Probably not.  I mean it isn’t like I have a blog dedicated to things like that.  Wait, something is amiss with that last statement.

*Epiphany moment*

Do I have a blog dedicated to such things?  I DO!!

What the hell was I talking about?


Ah yes, the sexy little demon that is the Honda N360.  This particular one is a prime example of pure seks.  Pure and unadulterated sexual relations.

My pants, I need to change them.


Fresh Fit

I have for you some more great work from another photographer friend of mine.  Huzzah!  Jon shoots for Southrnfresh, as well as is just a sick photographer all on his own.  He snapped these photos of this super clean little Fit.

I don’t have all the info on this beauty because I was unable to reach the owner (if you see this, hit me up!).  I do know that it is pretty damn fine!

I can tell that this Fit is sitting pretty on (what I suspect to be) CCW LM5’s and looking oh so good whilst doing it.

Mmmm, delicious.

Side note:

I also saw this xB2 on Corvette Sawblades on Jon’s Flickr.  Damn!  That’s all I have to say about that.

Pics: Flickr


Rebuilding Japan Meet

CaniBeat had two great posts from the Rebuilding Japan from Los Angeles Meet and I felt compelled to post a few shots from there.  Why?  Well because the event was for a great cause and because CaniBeat has amazing photographers that require me to have tissues on hand every time I venture over there.  Also, because I can!  So suck it!


Let’s kick this bitch off with a sweet little Mazda2 sporting 5AD wheels and a kit that I have seen before but can’t put my finger on.  Help…

Ooooh, what do we have here?

Absolute seks, that is what we have here.  Absolute seks.

Ruckii for days!

A fan favourite Element.  I love this thing.

Alpha Squad xB’s.  Looking good!

Oh.  My word.  How did this get in here?

I’ll drop things off with the pièce de résistance.

Dat Ass!

Pics: CaniBeat


Stepping Out For a Bit

Hello there ladies and people that somewhat resemble gentlemen!  This is a scheduled post that I have set up because I am currently in New Orleans, LA on a volunteering trip through OREY (Organization Reaching for the Empowerment of Youth).  What that means is I am away from all things computer oriented for the week (sans cell phone) and have set a couple posts to go live during this week.  So enjoy this shizzles because you can’t bask in Brown Bear’s amazing dopesauce for a week.  Just enjoy it!

Get the title now?  It’s a double entendre!  Stepwagon and I am stepping out, as in leaving?!  Oh man, I am so good!  I know your sides are hurting right now.  Let the hilarity ensue!!


*Googly Eyes*

Googly eyes is all I could come up with to describe what happened to me when I saw this.

Seriously.  I had googly eyes for a good three hours after laying my optical devices upon this masterpiece.  Do you know what three hours of googly eyes does to a man?  It messes with your mind!


Oh, excuse me, I was cleaning the drool off my keyboard.  That’s what is was, drool.

I tell you what.  If this Odyssey does not make your brain hurt because you’ve accidentally stopped breathing at the sight of this beauty, then then this video will definitely do it for you.

The video is kind of odd and awkward, this I know, but my eyes are still fixated on this damn thing.  I wish a nonsensical video would help to alleviate the massive boner this Odyssey induced, but sadly is does not.

That sounds like a good note to end the day on!


Wrong Wheel Drive

Um, I got nothing.  Just enjoy these cars kicking their FWD asses sideways.

A Nissan Micra with a blatant disregard for physics.

Ho Yeah!

A battle worn EG that knows how to get shit done.

We also have this quirky little Subaru Vivio.  Nice.

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