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Oh Laddergoat!

Shitty week, sorry ladies.  Just enjoy this super sexified Stagea Wagon.

This picture has the makings of greatness.  A super sexy and dopesauce worthy Stagea Wagon, an Astro Van lurking in the background and a Mazda Demio nestled in the corner.  I like where this is going!

Pic: BeeOneOneOh


Astro Vans, yeah

A couple days ago a reader sent me some links to some Japanese tuned Astro Vans.  I love seeing stuff that is new to me and these vans were no different.  I used to see a few Astro Vans done up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s in Truckin’ but I have not seen many for quite some time.  Glad I could see some fresh examples.

Here are just a couple that stuck out to me.

Done very much how Americans would.  Love it.

I don’t know why but I find this conversion van so much more awesome than the standard van.  Maybe the bulbous top just gives it a little something extra.  Meh, it’s sexy to me.

A good mix of American and Japanese styling here; I dig it.

I believe this is called NASCAR Style over in Japan, correct me if I am wrong.

Black and beautiful.

Conversion vans make me giddy.

This one looks straight of of 2000, love it.

Readers, send me more awesome stuff.  Share it with the masses.  I know there has been some things I have been sent that I have not posted but that is not because I did not like it, it’s because I am lazy and have a memory like an old woman.  I forget easily, but I will do my best to get some of that stuff up.  If you think your ride meets OMGP criteria and you want it seen, hit me up!


HiAce with some umph

People have been using vans for more than hauling since, forevers.  Some people use it as a fashion statement and an extension of themselves.  Some people use it as a rolling workspace.  Some people use it to lure in kids with the promise of a puppy and candy.  Chris Hansen uses one to find those vans I just talked about.  There are many, many uses for the almighty van.

One use that has been around since I can recall is people using vans as a mobile concert.  Here in Jersey, most of those vans are Astrovans and Econolines.  They usually sound like a loud screech rather than music.  People just want to be heard, they don’t want you to hear music.  In Japan, they use vans like the HiAce to convey their need to bring the funk.

I has the bump

Lexus badging on Toyota vehicles is nothing new in Japan.  They have been doing this since the Lexus brand was started.  I have seen Scion badging on more than just bB’s, ist’s, and Rumions.  They put them on everything now too.

Can you feel the funk?!

Wall of sound, interesting.  Wonder if this can hit the Brown Note…


Oh My Word…

New Jersey is such a cesspool for the riciest and ugliest vehicles known to man.  You’ll see a charger on 24’s parked next to an Odyssey on 26’s.  In Jersey, Civics don’t last more than 30 seconds on the street and if they are not somehow stolen, they are most likely riced beyond belief.  It’s a sad state of affairs the tuning scene is in in Jersey, but I doubt the rice will cease anytime soon.  Now, of course there are great cars in Jersey.  There are some pretty awesome cars to tell you the truth, but the awesome is far outweighed by the shitty.

“Why is this crazy brown person saying all this,” you might be asking yourself.  Well because I usually don’t have my camera when I go to back to Jersey, but this weekend I did.  I had my cam when I went to hang out with a few Scion buddies and boy was I glad I did…


I was glad because I got to see this retarded rolling turd.  It’s an Astro van that has a serious time complex.  I think the owner thinks it’s still 1987 and whale tails and terrible colour combos are still in.  I totally feel like I should be watching Breakin’ and playing Atari (I love Atari).

I love the Walmart fog lights pointing in different directions.  Gotta be sure to see everything.


I was kind of upset that no one else I was with saw this monstrosity.  I was all alone when I was laughing my ass off at this thing.  I was compelled to snap pics of it and share it with the world.

To be honest this is not as bad as some of the shit I have seen in Jersey, but it’s still pretty high on the turd meter.

I am working on more updates from NYIAS, so don’t think I’m holding out on you guys.  I am having some problems with ps, so bear with me.

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