Let’s Race!

Lately, I have had the overwhelming urge to hit the coned wonder that is the autocross course.  I really need to go out and thrash some corners.  The urge has been festering in me since the end of last season and it is growing at such a rate that I might have to go back to wearing a helmet everywhere I go.  You know, for fear of my mind assploding.  Mind assplosions are a dangerous business.  Albeit a lucrative business.

Any who, I wanted to share these sexified photos of some hatchbacked beauties running through the cone fields.

Oh Mr Forester, how I love thee.  I do quite enjoy it when a vehicle that shouldn’t be out on the course is out there and kicking ass.  I especially love it when my xB does it.  Blowing people’s minds like whoa!

Mini madness!!!  Is this tiny beast rolling on Wats of Panasports (they often confuse me)?

Let’s end this bitch with the clown shoe.  Dammit, these look so good going around a course!

Pics: Flickr


3 Responses to “Let’s Race!”

  1. 1 Edward
    06/02/2011 at 7:14 PM

    “Let’s end this bitch with the clown shoe”

    Commentary like this is why I love OMG Pancakes.

  2. 06/04/2011 at 1:38 AM

    HaHaHa, you said clown shoe. That is usually a term used when referring to some one in a derogatory way, but I do dig your usage!

    I love watching a Forester tear up an autocross. Great post.

  3. 3 Stuart
    11/23/2011 at 1:16 AM

    The Mini’s wearing Aussie-made Superlights, 13X7.

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