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BMW M3 . . . Pickup?

First thing I wanted to say today was that you guys are a bunch of pervs.  So many people viewed and saved the Katy Perry pic I posted even thought it was only up for a about a day.  I cannot help but laugh at you bunch of freaks.  I knew I liked you guys!

Katy Perry fixes all technical problems.

Now I shall talk about what I actually cam here to talk about.  I saw this posted up on the wide world of the book of faces and felt compelled to delve deeper.

Once I actually realized what in the hell I was looking at, I knew it was a must to post.

This my friends is a M3 Ute prototype being tested at the world famous Nurburgring.  Oh yes, this is an official BMW vehicle being tested, not just some random (yet awesome) yahoo that cut his M into a Pie chart.

When I started to read the article I found this on, I was super stoked that BMW was going to try something . . . different, and possibly appeal to more than their target demographics.  I then continued to read and found out that this is all as farce and BMW has no intentions of furthering this project.

I know, I know.  It is terribly sad to hear that this was just a side project of sorts and this is as far as BMW will go with it.

Of course this version is not particularly good looking or refined, but I felt with more development it could only get better.  It was just cool to think that some automakers might be trying to build things other than the same crap over and over again.  A new Ute being introduced would have been awesome.  Very few of them seem to really want to give the public new and innovative products.

BMW, if you see this, to hell with the purists!  Build your Ute and blow people’s minds!  But until then, that is what OMGP is here for!  To quell the lust for freak-mobiles!

Pics and info: Yahoo! Autos


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