Email Savior

Happy February everyone!

What the hell does that mean?  I haven’t a clue but I hear people say stuff like that all the time and I thought it was fitting.  I am making an active effort to not be so out there and weird so I saw it fit for me to throw random gobbledygook into this post.  I think I just failed at my new endeavor, didn’t I?  I am probably the only person that says gobbledygook in normal conversations.  Probably.  Dammit.

Well, this is hogwash!  I guess I’ll just post what I came here to post.  I am currently stuck in NYC, while I search for a job, and have been away from my home computer for the better part of a week and didn’t have a darn thing to post today.  Luckily, I received an email this morning from a fine young lad praising my amazing hair and ability to form complete sentences.  Attached in the email were some awesome little cars that I might find interesting.  I suppose I found a couple of them interesting!  Har-har!

Jiggah wahaaa!  Two K11 posts within a week!?  Hot fiyah!!!

Another K11!!

I really enjoy these two because they are two different tuning styles.  The Yellow one is  set up for grip and even has a cage inside (Wats make me happy).  The Red one purely stylistic and just likes to look pretty.

Thanks for the tip Locky!


4 Responses to “Email Savior”

  1. 02/01/2011 at 4:42 PM

    Caged K11’s are awesome. They have to handle like a damn cart.

  2. 02/01/2011 at 4:54 PM

    if you want some k11 action i suggest you look here. it’s a helluva forum! from the uk ;D
    8 pages full of k11 prawn.

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