Cube . . . Pickup . . . ?!

We all know that if you’re on this site, you probably spend too much time on the interwebs and you probably have some odd affliction to the oddballs of life.  You can admit it, go ahead, you’re not alone.  There are a lot of you, trust me.  If only people knew how many of you freaks visit this site daily.  It is insane.  And some of the searches people use to find this site are even more preposterous.  I kid you not when I say that “dildo” has shown up more than once.  Eh-hem, back to that whole thing about searching the interwebs for days at a time.  It is common knowledge that the internet is used for pr0n, weird shit, pr0n, and then anything remotely useful.  My pr0n happens to do with things with a large ass.  And by large ass, I mean a hatchback.  OOOOOOOh boy!  I loves me some back!  Add a wiper back there and I’m done!

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, interwebs browsing.  So, I spend a lot of time searching for stuff to post here and sometimes it sucks and sometimes I strike gold.  Many times I strike something that is not so pretty and have to backtrack and figure out how in the world I wound up staring at an old naked lady holding a machete standing on a pile of rubber duckies.  Weird shit.  Well I think I struck some gold today.  If not gold, at least pieces of wood painted gold.

Oh snap!?  Is that a Nissan Cube, truck?  Oh, why yes it is a Nissan Cube truck.  It is actually a Nissan Cube converted into a faux pickup.

These 2nd gen (??) Cubes were converted to this form of dopesauce by MonoCraft, which is under the Autobacs umbrella.  Japanese car heads will know all about the Autobacs company.  I could not find a definitive name for them, but “Amino” continued to show up in my research so I am guessing that that is the name given to these little nuggets.

I really like it, even though they did not mold the rear doors, which surprises me.  Everything looks great and very well done, except for that.  But I can almost overlook it, almost.  It still continues to bother me.

Check out dat ass.  I can dig it!

Again, that rear door is bothering me.  I really would like to know what’s the deal there.  Seems almost lackadaisical.

The craftsmanship looks nice, especially from this angle.

Now, I know this is actually three or four years old, but it is new to me and I really dig it and I figured at least one of you guys would too.  What are your thoughts on the Cube-Amino?  Does that rear door bother you as much as it does me?

Also, just some random shit for you guys today.  When I was searching around I stumbled across the most random thing I have ever seen involving a bull, a Nissan Cube, and large brown man.  Check this out and tell me that’s not random. Without any context clues, that is absurdly random.

Pics and info: Nihon Car


2 Responses to “Cube . . . Pickup . . . ?!”

  1. 11/22/2010 at 4:10 PM

    I visit every day…

  2. 2 Don "Captain Fail" P.
    11/25/2010 at 2:20 AM

    Yea… I am not feeling this, for the only reason that the rear doors were not handled…

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