The ‘Ring . . . of Hatches!

The title, get it?  Huh, get it?!  No? Got it?  Bah.  It’s okay.  I was half asleep when I wrote it anyway.  For all I know I am writing about split pea soup right now.  Maybeh!

Okay, sorry.  So I was half bored, not fully bored, and decided to rummage around Flickr for some sweet pics of The Nurburgring Nordschleife.  I hope all of you know about The ‘Ring.  If you don’t please go get your read on.  The place fascinates me personally.  I really hope to make a pilgrimage there some day, along with some other uber famous tracks.  I just want one lap on them!  Well maybe three of four (gotta warm up the rubbers first).  Anyway, I found some shots of some hot hatches roaring around The ‘Ring.

Enjoy, bitches.

Focus RS, I still love thee.

You too.

Oh shoot, one more.

Renault Megane RS.  I have never actually seen one of these in any form of track use, so this is pretty damn cool.  I think these were the ones that were basically built for track use (if I recall Top Gear correctly) but I ave never seen one actually used.

Dat Ass.

Oh, okay, one more.  This is a R26R, says the photographer.

Austin Mini, delicious.

The Renault Megane 3 RS. Now I have never actually seen one of these before.  Very sexy little cars.  I dig, I dig.

I’ll take one in each colour please!  To go.

Good lord, the 120D is so sexay.  Seriously, my pants, they are tight.  I think I’m awake now.

Rent-a-Swift.  If you guys did not know, you can rent a car to hit The ‘Ring with.  You don’t need to be a millionaire and ship your car over of buy one.  You can rent one.  From what I hear, some cars a quite reasonably priced.  Of course I could just be talking out of my ass.  Meh.

I wonder if the 3 reeled in the STi here, hmmm.  It’s all about context.

I still love dat ass.  Even if I saw it for the first time today.

Renault Clio.  Yum.

I leave you with this…

To see all the pics, go to the photographer’s Flickr.  Trust me, there is a lot more.  The photographer has a lot of great shots of a wide variety of vehicles.


2 Responses to “The ‘Ring . . . of Hatches!”

  1. 1 Kay
    10/13/2010 at 2:07 PM

    The ring is truly an amazing place. Living in Holland, the trip to the nordschleife is not too far for me, so i go several times a year. I usually go there to see the cars, its amazing.
    Ive done 1 lap in my ’94 GS300, and i must say, videogames got absolutely nothing on this.
    The forces you will endure during a lap are simply amazing, and makes you want more :P.

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