Reader’s Ride: Daniel’s KP62

I looooooooooove reader’s ride submissions.  Why?  Because I think it is great to see what the readers roll around in.  I have always loved reader’s rides.  I read Grassroots Motorsports, Bicycling, 4Wheeler, Super Street, Bike Mag, etc and I love it when I get to see what rigs and rides the people have.  It makes it more awesome when I get to see your rides.

Daniel commented on the my final post of Starlet week, practically begging me to post his Starlet.  I mean the guy offered up a heard of goat, the deed to his house, and the most amazing dolphin keychain I have ever seen.  Seriously, the keychain would have sealed the deal alone.  I took a look at Daniel’s Cardomain page and decided that I didn’t need all that stuff because his KP was awesome enough that I am posting fo’ fweeee!

I’ll let Daniel explain his KP himself:

This is my 1982 Toyota Starlet KP62. Its powered by a 16-Valve 4A-GE “Red Top” engine, wich in stock conditions produces 140hp. The engine is mainly stock, same as the body shape. Between the few mods are 11″ front disc brakes, bigger drum brakes at the back, KONI suspension at the rear and Toyota Mark II suspension at the front, Toyota Hilux fuel pump, strut bar, header, 2″ pipe, Ractive air filter, TRD rings, Bridgstone Zona 13×6 rims, Sumitomo Tires and a few more stuff.

It’s simple, yet effective and I really dig it!

Daniel also has a great story as to how he came in to this great little KP and I just have to post it.

So one day I went to my friend workshop with a friend that wanted to leave his car there for some reapirs and there it was parked, without its engine, it was a long time since I last saw it and it was very sad to see how rust had attacked the car body, thats when my friend (the owner of the workshop) told me it was for sale. Here are some pics from that day.

He told me the owner was living in Spain and he only was here for vacations, so the car was parked almost the whole year and thats why humidity made it get into that condition. The owner decided to sell it because he didn’t wanted the car to get into worse conditions. I inmediatly contected him, and I was able to meet him, he was very kind with me and I can say I have the luck that I made a new friend. He was really sad to sell it, and he wanted to sell it to someone who would really take care of it and return it to its former glory, so the car is mine now and I will really return to how it looked two years ago.

I didn’t edit that at all and it really shows Daniel’s passion for this Starlet and the culture.  It’s great the the owner wanted the car to have a better life and wind up in a loving owner’s possession.  Truth be told, from what I have gathered, Daniel looks like the perfect owner for this KP and he has done a great job rescuing the car.

Looks like seks!

This Guy!!

KP62 FTW!!

Cool ride and a cool dude, keep doing your thing Daniel!!

Daniel’s Cardomain


3 Responses to “Reader’s Ride: Daniel’s KP62”

  1. 08/30/2010 at 10:43 AM

    Seriously love this car slash always have loved the starlet. Awesome work daniel!

  2. 2 Daniel Olivera
    08/30/2010 at 2:05 PM

    wooo!! thanks for posting it!, its great to see it here, if you want the Dolphin keychain just ask me and i’ll send it to you ;D

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