Starlets Around the World!

Well, they are actually all from Japan, but you didn’t know that!  Well, now you do.  Dammit.  Well since I ruined it anyway, I’ll just continue along this path of awesome that I started on Monday.

Drop.  Dead.  Sexy!

Yes, this is the same KP from above but this time it looks even sexier!  Why?  Cherry Blossom tree man!  Everyone knows the Cherry Blossom tree enhances everything and makes things more beautiful.  Well, everything except for Integra Girl and my 12th grade Science teacher.  *shivers*

Okay, okay.  I searched everywhere I could think of to find more info and pics on this KP and I cannot find a anything else!  If anyone can help me here, I’ll give you a three year old can of condensed milk as a prize.  Seriously.

Some OG KP action!  My favourite part of this pic: The period correct high-waisted jeans and sleeveless tee and the dude balancing his ass on that super tiny chair.  Dude is a Giant or that chair is meant for little people.  Of and the old school KP getting tossed around is cool too.

My pants, they are tight.

My boner, it is gone.  I am now sad because of this pic and I fathom that I have done this to many of you as well.  Don’t be downtrodden ladies, for I come baring more sex:

Redemption!  Seriously, how fucking badass it this R/C KP61!?  I’ll tell you how badass:  think if Raptor Jesus was meditating on top of Mt. Everest and all of a sudden n enraged Venusaurs pops out of nowhere threatening to destroy the mountain.  Before Raptor Jesus even has a chance to say a word, the bear calvary rides in to stop the enraged Venusaurs.  The bear calvary consists of lumberjacks riding bears as horses.  Yes!  Then Mothra comes over the mountain!  Oh snap!  Since Mothra is damn near useless, it just sits there.  Then Raptor Jesus stops the battle from going any further and hosts a MW2 tournatment between the enraged Venusaurs and the bear calvary men.  Mothra still stand there (no thumbs).  Raptor Jesus won, obviously, and inn the end it was awesome.

Yes, that badass.  But not to be outdone, I has more!

More R/C KP’s!!!  Fuck this is awesome.

SpeedHunters did an awesome spot on Teruyoshi Iwai’s insane KP61 Starlet that competed in D1 competition.

Might I suggest grabbing tissues before you view the engine over on SH.  Seriously, I needed them.

One more from SH.  TRD flares and RS Wats are a classic combination that I will never, can never, get tired of.  So sexay!

Simple and classy.

Remember the Cherry Blossoms?

I am just going to end the day on this:

Yup, I am reposting old content but I still cannot get over the sheer beauty of this KP.  The most gorgeous KP I think I have ever seen.



5 Responses to “Starlets Around the World!”

  1. 08/30/2010 at 3:53 AM

    Seriously that Orange KP with the Watanabe’s is amazing. Added you to my Blogroll, awesome blog.

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