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Cone Killer Classic: Day Deux

Back for round two I see.  well you will not be disappointed, I promise.  Okay, you might be disappointed.  You will more than likely be disappointed and want to impale a baby lemur for all your troubles.  Because of this, I have purchased mad stock in baby lemurs.  Insider trading?  Nope.

Anyhooooooo . . .

So day two rolls around.  I wake from my slumber all ready to go.  I slept in my clothes and shoes so I could just hop out the door and head to the airport.  Okay, that was a lie, I slept all natural.  Okay, that wasn’t true either, I slept in my pink footie pajamas.  That’s the truth.

I headed out to the box stoked and ready to roll out.  I went and bought $4.50 worth of gas, gotta keep the levels on the lower end.  Plus, I wanted to annoy the gas station guy and confuse him.  I succeeded with my task.

So on day two, I was set to run third, work first, and my free time was during the second group.  I worked station five, which saw minimal action due to it being a larger, sweeping, turn.  I really like working before I run or at least being able to spectate first.  It allows me to see some of the lines other cars are taking and really get sections of the course imprinted in my mind.  For me, it helps.  So I took pics during the second group.  This is the same group of cars that I shot before.  I tried more panning and playing with my settings.  They did not come out as I had hoped because I was shooting in to the sun and I didn’t compensate enough.  It’s a meh.  Here are a few more:

Miata from hell!  So awesome!

Goddammit, I love this Camaro.  It’s so freaking boss!

Tried some shots towards the backstretch.

This one is for you Boost!

Mini stock car or something.  This thing was stupid fast, so damn fantastic.  He also had a cone lodged up in his right front wheel well.  Baha!

Once again, you can view all my pics from the weekend on my Flickr.  (Not all there yet)

Mmmkay, well now it is my turn.  I had been watching everyone run and figured the box would be an issue.  I kept seeing the higher horsepower cars having their rears step out on the exit of the box.  I foresaw a possible problem.

Through the straight!  On FIYAH!

Now for my tires, oh my tires.  I did some math and by “did some math” I mean that I guesstimated that I am the almighty and that I know what I am doing when in reality I haven’t the slightest of ideas.  Okay, so I “did some math” and decided to keep my rear tires at 38psi (cold) and bump the fronts to 41psi (cold).  This did wonders!  Much less frontal roll and sidewall flex, it felt much better.  When heated up, the tires ballooned to 41psi in the rear and 46psi up front.  Yeah, holy moose testicles is right.  I knew there would be heat expansion, I guess my math didn’t figure it would be that high.  Oh well, it worked really well.

Body Roll!

The course was reversed on day two.  For those that don’t know, that just means we run the same course from the first day just in the opposite direction, with minor changes.  The final section that raped me the day before was now part of the start.  I did much better this time, but still managed to bog it.  My fastest time on day two was a 68.3 I believe and I was super stoked to hit that.  I knew I could have easily picked up another two seconds, at least, but I took things too easy and still bogged that section.

On my last run, I nailed a gate cone at the beginning and then went into “fuck it” mode.  If there was a cone in my way, I wasn’t going to try and save it, I was just going to whack it.  This worked very well and I wracked up three cones.  I didn’t care, I had a blast.  Plus those were my only cones on day two.

Back to the tires, auto-x beat the shit out of them.

When I left I was all smiles!  Took second in my class for the weekend and for both days (default trophy!).  I had an awesome time with awesome people, what more could I ask for?

The trip home was a bowl full of shit-coloured sherbet.

Yay traffic!  So freaking awesome.  This wasn’t my only stint with traffic on the ride back either, there was more than enough to go around.

You know what helps to kill time . . .


Reflections in tanker trucks, always a fun time.  Yeah it sucks, but so do waffles.

Saw this sexy big rig on the way home too.  This picture was much harder to take than anticipated.  It was so shiny, it distracted me with it’s shininess in the purest form.  Never satisfied?  Sounds like a personal problem.

So cool.  Giant stacks, razor thingies on the wheels, plaid or leather or some former animal on the tank in very cool stitching.  I loves this truck, even though the guy is impotent.

Sweet, Free Wi-Fi at the next exit!  I’m so down!

This rig offered hours of fun for me!  SO SHINY!!

Remember that obstructive and oh-so-abundant traffic I mentioned?  Yeah, it came back.

It was sort of cool though.  That rig directly to the right gave me a thumbs up while we were waiting.  Then we were still next to each other after a while and he rolled down his window and we yelled back and forth at each other.  Turns out he has an xB too, a BSP (Black Sand Pearl).  He drove it from Nashville or something like that.  Kind of awkward yelling up at him from my tiny box.  It’s a cool story now.

As you probably inferred, the trip took a little more than the previous record of three hours and twenty minutes.  But it was cool, I had a blast all weekend and a little traffic wasn’t no thang.  When I got home, I pretty much passed the hell out until the next day, I was tired.

That was my recap of my weekend, hope you ladies enjoyed it.  If not, suck it.

Pics: My Flickr, Chuck Carroll


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