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Cone Killer Classic: Day Juan

Oh yes, I have returned from my journeys to the beyond.  That beyond is also known as Pennsylvania.  Man oh man was it an awesome weekend.  Pretty much the most fun I have had on the weekend of July 17-18, 2010 ever!  I’ll be writing about it today and tomorrow.  If you don’t want to read what I’m about to write, bite me and have a nice day.

So, morning of July 17, 2010, 4:27am.  I wake up, late.  I was planning to get up by 4am so I could get ready and peace out by 5am.  So that already through my ass off.  But, I was still super stoked for the day.  Like SUPER stoked.  Stoked like a fourteen year old girl when Salena Gomez comes to town.  Yeah, that is crazy stoked.  So  I rush everything, get ready, load up the box and take out unnecessary items.  I’m so ready!

5:23am, I’m ready to boogie!!

So I roll out.  Now, from the get-go I knew that I was going to be tight on time, like stupid tight on time.  I had to do something, something I tend not to do, I had to speed.  For those that don’t know, I drive slow.  I drive like Granny Smith on her way to bingo.  I see no reason to speed unless necessary, well this was necessary!  Speed limits were for boobs!  I am no boob!

I left when it was dark and was kind of excited to see the sun rise on the drive.  Granted I would be flying and couldn’t really enjoy it, I didn’t care.

I almost missed my chance to grab the sunrise, but I sort of got it.  It was nice though.

See, twas a nice morning.

So at this point, I am flying.  Flying for me is 80mph, so that’s what I’m doing.  For whatever reason, it was foggy as holy hell that morning and people were driving like ass-hats.  And by ass-hats, I mean slow.  But I kind of synced up with this other group of no gooders and we sped from NJ to PA.  Was tailing a Volvo XC90 all the way up to my exit.  I used him as a cop net.  If he got pulled over, then I knew that I should probably slow down until I passed them or at least say “fuck it” fast enough to escape.

In PA though it was stupid foggy, especially when we crossed over the Susquehanna River.  A couple times I could only see the car in front of me and not much else.

I  CAN’T SEE SHIT!  It’s 7:43am, do you know where your children are?  Yeah, somewhere in that fog.  (You can see the XC90 in this pic)

Yes, I’m doing 80 and taking pics.  I live more dangerously than Betty White.  Chick is hardcore son.

Registration is set to close at 9:30am and the driver’s meeting is set for 9:45am.  Runs for the first group are set to start at 10am.  At time of this pic, I was no where near my destination. So, I am still hauling major ass.   My usual journey to State College, PA takes me four hours, this trip took me less than three hours and twenty minutes.  Yeah, I was on it.  Best part, I still got 30mpg!  Ha ha ha!

Anyway, I flew up to Black Moshannon State Park and up to Mid State Airport where the event was being held.  I arrived at like 9:28am.  Thankfully they decided to push everything back a bit.  I was able to walk the course once and get the box prepped a little.

Holy shit.  I did not obey a single speed limit on my trip up there.

Racing time:  There were three groups to go.  I ran in the second group so I worked during the third group.  So I took pics during the first group.  You can see whatever shots I have form the weekend on my FLickr (I haven’t uploaded them all yet).

Finally have a wagon to post!  MS3 on R compounds, so awesome!

Pickin’ that rear wheel up like a pro.

I’ll share a few more shots with you guys.

What I love so much about auto-x is the wide range of cars you’ll see.  Like this wacky Neon to…

…this super badass Camaro.  The cars are so different and all equally amazing.

Amazing muscle to…

…newer German engineering.  The eclecticism is astounding at these events.  Not to mention, the people.  The people are so great.  I really mean when I say that the Central PA SCCA has a great bunch of people in it and attendees.  I cannot speak high enough of them, truly special people.

Now for my turn to run.  The course was tight and technical in the beginning, fast in the middle, and tight at the finish.  Loved it.

Oh yeah, body roll!!!

On the cones like it’s my job!

I adored the course, especially the beginning.  It was tight and the box was at home.  The course got much faster on the back stretch and the end was super crazy, for me at least.  I constantly kept over-driving and going into the finish too hot.  This aggressiveness subsequently lead me to suck horribly at the final section, station six.  I slow-motion nailed a gate cone because of how hot I constantly wen into the turn.

My tires were also annoying me greatly.  My current tire setup is very tall and the sidewalls are very soft, especially for auto-x.  The tire continuously rolled over on itself in the fronts but felt great in the rears.  I was running 38psi (cold) on all four corners and I felt how much of a bad idea it was.  Day two was better, but I’ll delve into that with tomorrow’s post.  Hopefully new tires will happen before next season so I can really see what this beast can do.

My best time was a 70.2 sec.  I am generally 10-12 seconds behind the faster and more powerful cars.  If I recall correctly, the fastest cars were in the 55-56 sec range.  Yeah, crazy fast.  I knew I could pull out at least another two seconds if I could master that final section.  It pissed me off so much that I was getting my ass handed to me by that section that I did fun runs that day.  Fun runs is you pay an extra ten bucks and get another five non-comp runs after the day’s competition is done.  Can’t beat that deal.  So my first non-comp run was a 69.8, holy balls!  But +1 cone, dammit.  Second run, 69.009, HOLY SHIT BALLS (cone free)!  Yeah, I was hella happy.  For my last three runs I slowed it down, just trying to master that final section.  I never actually did fully get it down, but I got close, oh so close.

Yes, I run with my headlights on, deal with it.

I was informed that in the same final section that was kicking my ass that I apparently got the box up on two wheels for a moment.  Yeah, I was just as surprised when they told me.  It’s okay, I’ll give you a second to pick up your jaw.  I didn’t honestly feel it.  I felt to bounce of tires but never felt as if I was flirting with death.  But all stayed well and true so I am grateful for that.

All-in-all it was an awesome day.  I was crazy tired and sweaty from the day but so freaking happy to have done it.  I went and stayed at a friend’s place and took a much needed shower.  Man, I was sweating like a big Indian kid.   I finished second in my class, which is great because there were two of us.

Day two was also awesome but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about it.

Pics: My Flickr, Chuck Carroll


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