Dorifto Element^3

Formula D Round 3 hit Wall Speedway last weekend on 6/6/10 (I hope you people remembered D-Day).  I was super excited because it was in my home state and I could go!  Did I go?  No.  Why Big Hindu, why wouldn’t you go?

Well little Jenny, I am still in PA at school trying to finish and graduate so I can get the most expensive piece of paper I will ever own (my diploma).  I also decided to do some racing of my own instead.  I went auto-x’ing fifteen minutes from campus instead of driving five hours to watch racing.  To me, that’s a pretty good trade off.  I still would have loved to have gone, but it’s okay, I’ll survive.  If you’re wondering, no, I didn’t win.  I turned the fastest time in my class, but because of the PAX thing (I don’t fully understand it yet) I didn’t win overall.  Hopefully next time I can figure this stuff out.  I had a freaking blast though, I had an absolute BLAST!  I was allowed to take pics for my work assignment during the first session.  If you want to see those pics, check them here. Everyone I met there was awesome, and I hope to go back as much as I cna before I graduate.

Any-hoot, I wanted to post some of the pics of James Robinson’s FD Element.

I still love this damn thing. It’s big, awkward, and can get sideways.  How the hell can you NOT like it?!

Sadly, I don’t believe they actually qualified for the top 32 in Wall, but I still have love for them.  That Element is beast and so damn cool.

I really hope they do well at least once this season.  The time and energy in this thing deserves a top 16 at least.  Come on Element, get that shit!

Much props to the Element drift team and Larry Chen for his stellar shots.

Pics: Drift Fotos

Peep the previous posts on the Element here and here.


9 Responses to “Dorifto Element^3”

  1. 06/15/2010 at 1:54 PM

    I really do love this thing too. It’s all sorts of crazy and I would love to swap a TL motor into an acura and then TWIN TURBO IT! Feckin Eh!

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