Fail Inc. LeMon: II

Donathan sent me another update on the Fail Inc.  Saturn SC2 LeMons entry.  I was going to type this up myself, but I decided to just use Don’s very own words.  I could not have said it better, well because I wasn’t there.

Spelling and grammar mistakes are all ownership of Don.

Yup, had all kinds of fun today as I tore into the engine of the SC2 to replace the head gasket and get it ready for the 24 Horas de Cuba del Norte, which is the name of the event on December 30th (tech being Dec 29th… hooray!) I of course made sure that I had everything I needed on hand. 1/2 inch drive set, check. torque wrench, check. mechanix gloves, check. Prescription safety glasses, check. Local rock station, Check (and yes, turned up to 11) and of course a 12 pack of beer, because hey, its hot and i get thirsty…

so I start pulling the motor apart. everything is going good, the car is up on Jackstands, and Im just plugging away… needless to say I thought that everything was going all kinds of smooth……… yeah, untill I got to pulling the head bolts… the first 9 came out as if they were in there robot tight, the last one, of course, didnt seem like it was held in at all, I pulled it out and of course, that bolt was all kinda of broken! sweet, so one is halfway into the block, no worries once the head is off Ill get it out. Then I notice that as Im shaking the engine there is coolant coming out of the head… wait wut? holy shit… cracked head is no bueno!

well shit, So I find out that to pull the motor the timing cover and chain has to come off… ok, so I pull the accessory pulleys off, the timing cover off… hell, forgot to drain the oil in the motor… so I grabbed for my oil catch pan and drained it… what I found, shocked me just a little bit… out of the engine came about a gallon of oil, half a gallon of water, some chocolate milk sludge, a quart of coolant, some metal fragments from the bearings, and a fucking giraffe!

well shit, its good that I have some beer, otherwise this would piss me off… oh well, nothings free!

Pics are attached of course, and of course, Donations are always accepted…

I could not have made that anymore failtastically awesome.


And so it begins . . . again . . .

Yeungling, always a good choice.

Yum, deliciosity!

I’ll take two please!  To go, yeah, wrap that bitch up.

Good luck Mr. Don.


2 Responses to “Fail Inc. LeMon: II”

  1. 06/01/2010 at 2:40 PM

    Yeungling, always a good choice.


    With out Yuengling my Diamond Stars would have never been put back together.

    P.S. – you have a spelling error. Sorry, had to point the finger.

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