Shawn the Monster

It’s funny how somethings work out in this wild and crazy world.  There are many different ways I can go from that line.  I could talk about the lack of interest in human life, the terrible state of economic affairs, or even the reasoning behind making the movie G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra (holy shit this movie is terrible).  I am going the way of a van that I admire.

If it hasn’t become clear, I loooooove vans and I especially drool over the Toyota Previa.  If that isn’t clear and you are not looking at OMGP for the first time, you should probably just give up hope.  I have been drooling over Previas ever since I was about five when my family got one (I’ll eventually do a post on that).  One of the Previas I have been following and lusting after for many years now is Shawn’s.  I have been following this build ever since I can remember.  I would venture to guess that I have been following Shawn’s build for at least five or six years now, probably longer.  Yeah, it’s been a long process but I have yet to be disappointed with the results.

Since I have been following Shawn’s Previa for so long, I was surprised when he commented on here a little while ago saying he liked the blog.  I naturally went to him, thanked him, and asked if I could post up his Previa.  Apparently, he said yes.  Ha!

Holy testicles, it’s so rough and beautiful.

Like I said, I have been following this particular build for some time and I can’t get enough of it.  I can’t remember where I actually first saw it, but it was definitely one of those days back in high school when I was looking at vans online instead of paying attention.  Guess my school shouldn’t have given us laptops, dumbasses.  I was in love when I saw it.  Mainly because what I was looking at was not in Japan, it was on US soil.  It made modifying a Previa that much more attainable to me.

I think this may have been the first pic I saw of Shawn’s Previa.  It’s a grainy and terrible shot, but holy mess man, I nearly wet myself the first time I saw it.

Dat Ass!

Ever since that fateful lack of class attention I have been hooked on Shawn’s Previa.

Okay okay, I should stop being a total fanboy and tell you some more about Shawn’s sexified Previa.

The grille, headlights, corner lamps, taillights, wing and whole host of other parts are straight off the Japanese version of the Previa, the Estima.

Shawn is currently in the process of getting his Avanzare aero kit installed and getting the body work done to his Egg.  Installing an Estima kit on a Previa is a tad more daunting than one might think.  In J-land, the sliding door is on the other side of the van so Shawn has to fit and cut and mold to get things to work with the USDM Previa.

Inside Shawn has recovered every seat in red vinyl and he is rocking a Fabulous wheel.

How does Shawn achieve his stance?  Well you’re in luck because I was just about to tell you.  Shawn’s Previa is on silkroad coilovers, silkroad lateral rod (panhard bar),  and universal air air suspension kit.

He is rolling on 19″ G-Corp Luftbahn DR5 SSM’s wrapped in Falken Azenis tires.  If you almost messed yourself, don’t worry because you’re not alone.  I almost did too.

Shawn shared a few future plans with me but I will keep those under wraps.  Hopefully he’ll let me post back up as things progress because just from what he has told me, you’re going to need a box of tissues.

Follow his progress: Cardomain

Thanks for letting me post man!


7 Responses to “Shawn the Monster”

  1. 02/23/2010 at 12:29 PM

    here is another “in progress” for you…

  2. 4 Freddy
    02/23/2010 at 6:50 PM

    Nice Post…
    Shawn: any info on that RA65 Celica??!!
    I LOVE IT!

  3. 5 Royster
    02/23/2010 at 7:58 PM

    Great article……I am also a big fan of Shawn the Monster, I have come to him many times for advice on my 91 Previa. Shawn has always been the leader in the VIP Previa and van world, I have often referred to Shawn as the “King of Previa”. Thanks for doing this article……Well deserved

  4. 03/01/2010 at 9:56 AM

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who digs vans. I’ve been following this too, very cool post.

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