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Wagon full of win

Another picture from the vast archives of Big Hindu’s hard drive.  Now I really have no idea if this is anything other than a Lancer Wagon.  I don’t know if an Evo version was ever made into wagon form so forgive me if this is really an Evo or some other variation.  I drive a slow box, I don’t know these things.  If you know, help me senor.

I do know one thing is for certain: it is full of WIN!


Cube renderings

Found some pretty awesome Cube renderings in my hard drive.  I don’t know where the hell I got them from but they are pretty damn awesome.

Safari style windshield, SICK!  This is just badass, I cannot get over that windshield.  No matter how impractical it is, I loves it!

Okay, this one trumps the latter.  Pop out windows and a slot for the board is freaking crazy awesome.  That step is also pretty damn sick.  The integration is great.

Found some more info on the shop that drew the rendering, but nothing more on the Cubes themselves.  I will have to do more digging.  Problem Child Kustomz


This guy knows…

…save gas and get big by pulling your ride.  Okay, it is a kei truck, but it’s still probably slightly heavy.

Dude is diesel.  Don’t mess with a man that would rather carry his vehicle.  True story.



Last week Andy from Sport Compact Culture sent me an email alerting me to something beyond awesome.  I know what you are thinking.  You’re thinking he sent me a link to Bill Cosby fighting the Witch from Narnia and then buying everyone Jell-o pudding cups.  No, this is even more awesome then that (hard to believe I know).  But it’s truly more awesome.

Andy sent me a link to a thread with a whole bunch of pics and info on a craze I had never seen before.  It’s called Dajiban which basically means “Dodge Vans”.  These things are absolutely fantastic.  Cats in Japan are taking huge full sized Dodge Ram Vans and slamming them down and racing them.  Yes, they are really doing this.  And if they are not racing these things, they are just making them look damn good.

How badass are these things?!  Answer: Extremely!

Yeah, those are RS Watanabes!  Aren’t these vans some weird lug pattern?  I wonder where they found the wheels for such a crazy lug pattern.  My guess is re-drilled wheels.

I have always loved these vans, especially the later 90’s ones.  They had a certain sense to them that I could never understand but they always drew me in.  Not to mention that they seem somewhat rare around me.  I see Ford and Chevy vans all day, but never really see these.  I have been wanting one to bag forever.

WIN parade right there.

Told you they raced them.  They hold events and everything to go out and have fun.

These guys are my kind of people.

Their interiors are just as cool.

Shoe horn some small block power in there, seems about right.

Carbon fiber cup holders, amazing.

This is my kind of interior, simple ad has everything you need.

These cats are serious about their suspensions.  I gotta find out more about the suspension.

A big part of this scene seems to be them finding old American stickers to put on their vans.  They have all kinds of stuff from the days of Americana.  It’s pretty damn cool.

Finding more info on this is slow, so bear with me as I search out more stuff.  But I am really digging this and definitely plan to post more on it.

HT thread


Now that’s how to do it…

This guy knows what’s up.  Spend all the cash on the bike and just get a kei truck to haul it.  Ha, I know that this is how a lot of people do things in Japan.  As economical and practical as it is, it still looks funny seeing a big ol’ sport bike in the back of a little Carry Truck.

Total WIN in my book.  Do you know what I am saying?

Pic: Flickr


My Favs

Decided to do a post about my favourite posts from this past year.  There are so many to go through considering that I usually updated 3-5 times a week.  It took a while, but I think I found a few that I really enjoyed writing and posting.  I’m still in awe that this thing is a year old and so many people enjoy it.  Who would have thought some college kid with too much time and a weird fascination with vans and wagons would pull this off, not me.  I did not rank them because I could not choose an order, they are just all so damn awesome.  Okay enough of my crap, without further wait…

Boso Box

Oh, James’ infamously amazing xB.  I really love this ride and the things James has done to it.  I really enjoyed writing this one because of the awesomeness of his box.  It’s not everyday you get to see a ride like this.  I actually made James wait like an extra week for the post because I was dumb busy at the time, sorry homey.

Dekotora Trucks

Do I really have to explain why this post was so awesome?  I mean, come on!  Look at that truck!

Pulsating Beast

Mete’s Pulsar was probably the coolest post I got to do.  When I met Mete for the shoot it was the first time I had ever seen one of these up close and not on a computer screen.  I met up with Mete in the morning to shoot the car.  I actually had to attend my friend’s wedding that afternoon so that day was pretty bonkers.  I was walking around talking pics in a full formal getup.  Needless to say, I had to be very careful as to where I stepped.  Didn’t want to get all dirty before the wedding.  On our way to one of the locations a freaking dump truck kicked up a baseball size piece of rubber that dented my roof.  Yeah, I was super stoked when that happened.  But the whole day was a success and Mete’s Pulsar and this post are both truly awesome to me.

SEMA, SEMA, and more SEMA

I really had a blast going through countless pictures and websites to find the right stuff for OMGP.  It definitely got tedious at times, especially when I had to split time between work and searching, but I think it was a smashing success!

She was some motivation, a lot of motivation.

Dorifto Estima…sort of…

Loved this drift enabled Estima, just wish I could have actually seen shots of it in action.

Scion iQ

It was mad fun going into NYC to get pics and info of the iQ.  I got to talk to the mildly retarded Scion spokespeople.  The same people that are there every year and make me want to smack them for being so damn stupid.  I almost had to choke a bitch trying to get these pics, but it was worth it.  Next time I will get better shots since I got a better camera now.

Kei Drifting

Once again, one of the coolest posts I got to do.  These things are so damn awesome.

Racing Egg

You just cannot, not love this thing!


So damn fine!  This Stepwagon and this picture are probably one of my most favourite of all time, of all time!

My Box

What can I say, I love my toaster and I loved writing about it.  This was one of my very first posts when I started the blog.  It was kind of cool writing about myself.

Open Deck Duo

Two super sexified Open Decks that I can never get enough of.  They are so damn fine.

Throwback xB

Taking it back to my early days in the Scion scene.

I think those are all the ones I could think of.  If I think of any more, I’ll just do another post, because I can.  HA!


Very Very Interesting

I am somewhat torn on this Starlet.  One one hand I like the direction the owner was going but on the other hand I think he flopped on the execution. The tires look a little to small too.  But that could just be the lighting.  Maybe this is a race vehicle because it appears to be gutted.  I don’t know here, kind of torn.

Either way, those racing stripes are puketastic.

Center exhaust, hmm.


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