Nation of Go

Some of you may remember my post a little while ago on the Drifting Element from Nation of Go.  If you don’t recall or have not seen it, check out my previous post to refresh your memory: Dorifto Element. Well, that sick ass Element is back.  I found some more pictures of the Element in action on Nation of Go’s Flickr.  See, I told you I would update once I found more pics and info!

Remember this monster?

Well I have found through my research that this beast is powered by an Acura V-6 that is cranking out 550hp.  No, I am not high.  I said this thing is pushing 550hp.  Never thought you’d hear that about an Element did you?  I know I sure as hell didn’t.

Now you know why it needs those two cone filters out front.

Dat ass!

Also recall that this Element has been converted to RWD and is supposed to be competing in Formula D this coming season.  I still cannot get over how awesome that is.  Apparently (from my readings) this monster handles extremely well and is thought to be a serious contender.

That Civic was the chase/video car.

The test facility’s garage.

Follow the links posted below to read more about their trip to see this Element.

I leave you with the Nation of Go’s van.  Why?  Because it is so freaking cool.  How many off road vans do you see?  Exactly, so shut yo’ face and enjoy.

My previous Element post.

Pics and info: Nation of Go, Flickr


1 Response to “Nation of Go”

  1. 1 petros
    01/20/2010 at 2:23 AM

    This blog is the SHIT….and that element is bananasss!!!!
    videos of it in action?

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