SEMA ’09: EVEN MOAR Awes….you get the idea…

This week is kicking my ass.  Four test, two huge papers, and a presentation need to get done.  I am so excited! /sarcasm.

More from SEMA that I have been finding around the web when I am not shooting myself in the foot because my brain hurts from studying.  I also want to toss up some stuff from the HFIII this past weekend, but that will be later this week.  For right now I am listening to some Thievery Corporation and writing the night away.

Let us start this last post off with a bang:

I sure do love WD-40…

Scion did its usual build-off this year and some of the entries were pretty stellar:

My favourite was Fiveaxis’ xB2 that has a Boso/DJ/Full House thing going on.  It’s a Japanese DJ booth?  I dunno, but I think it looks pretty damn sexy.

Featuring some Fiveaxis wheels that remind me of some old Works (the name of the wheel escapes me) and Airrunner suspension, yum!

Oh, hello again!

This one sure is……blue.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s turbo’d.  Don’t know, something is giving me that feeling.

Not my style, but I guess whatever floats your boat.  Considering I don’t own a boat, you guys have fun.

I dig this one, fo’ shizzle.

Looks very well put together.

My favourite ride Scion brought out was the 0-60/Sparco rally xD:

This little guy just oozes badassness to me.

Would love to see this in WRC.

First-gen xB wrapped up in a digital camo-esque livery.  I dig it.

Apparently, that brushed aluminum vinyl on the hood there actually feels like brushed aluminum.  Pretty damn cool.

Oh Hai Jeri Lee!

Holy shnoggerbogger, I love this Previa!

There are some rides that you always see.  Some because they are straight up sexy and others because they look like ass and people love to laugh at them.  This Previa is one of those rides I love to see and I just cannot get tired of it.  So glad this Previa is around.


Okay, okay, I’ll stop.

What’s cooking Jenny Chu? Apparently two of something…

Gotta say that I am not a fan.  This reminds me of those trucks and SUV’s I would see a couple of years ago with giant rims, ugly kits, and no drop.  They wouldn’t even raise the damn things.  This just does not flow for me.  Totally out of place.  I’m sure some of you dig it but I don’t, sorry.

Can’t say I have any idea what this is or what it’s at SEMA.  My guess is that since it has Vans on it, it probably has a skate ramp or something of the sort inside.  Anyone can help me out?

Mercedes Terrell and friend: Hi.

Ken Block’s rally car: sex.

Well hello there classy lady.  Shall we drink our tea with our pinkies out?

Wild xA.  The paintwork looks amazing.

Technically this is a hatchback and I know I don’t feature these here, but holy shit this is sexy.  You cannot deny it’s supreme hotness!

Fujita xD

You’re selling what?  What are tires?

Nice take on the Kia Soul.

Supa clean xB!

Dammit, it’s so clean!

Meh Cube, just meh.

Our friend’s over at Bean Garage brought out the Cube they were working on and it definitely shat on the rest of the Cubes in attendance.  That’s right, I said shat.

Damn fly!

And just because the Cube was in collaboration with Falken…

Well, I hope you enjoyed my version of SEMA 2009 coverage.  It was quite the bitch to find all these photos and I know there was stuff I did not get to see because people didn’t take pics of it.  Not to mention it was hard to find quality pictures.  Hopefully I can get in next year **wink-wink** (if anyone wants to help, I’d greatly appreciate it).  If I missed anything that should have been included hit me up and let me know!

I gotta hit the books and finish all my schoolwork.

Pics: JDM Chicago, Flickr, Speedhunters, The Chronicles, Subcompact Culture, Bean Garage, Auto123.com, Autoblog


4 Responses to “SEMA ’09: EVEN MOAR Awes….you get the idea…”

  1. 1 el_jorge
    11/17/2009 at 3:21 PM

    Goddamn i luv that Boso xB2. Its so cleanly built. And that Cube near the bottom is on point

  2. 11/17/2009 at 6:38 PM

    Thank you for the Cube love!

    Falken umbrella girls aren’t too bad either….

  3. 3 rae rae
    12/24/2010 at 7:13 AM

    That “Van’s van” was in an old commercial from the eighty’s. Vans had it sitting around since. Recently they had West Coast Customs rebuild the whole thing. Maybe if you looked closer you would have noticed the description in the window. It actually has a mini ramp in it. And why shouldn’t it be at SEMA?

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