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Okay, late post today because I am swamped this week.  I just took one exam today, have one tomorrow, a paper Thursday and another exam Friday.  FML right now.  I wanted to get up some of the stuff I saw in Utah.  Most of the  content won’t fit OMGP criteria, but whatever.

And away we go…

My trip started out on Monday night at 11:30pm where we drove to Baltimore.  That was a 3.5 hour drive.  Had a flight to Newark, NJ, then to Denver, CO and then into Salt Lake City, UT.  Long ass flights and I felt sick after it all.  But, I had fun, some of the time.


This is me waiting for the first flight at around 4 or 5 am.  Yeah, I was sort of out of it.

The first flight was really tiny.  Like, really tiny.  There were two rows; a single row and a double row.  I could not properly fit in the seat.  My legs were too long and I was too tall.  Bleh.  tiny plane

Shitty cellphone pic, but you sort of get the idea.

On the second flight, I did get to sit next to some old guy that I called a child after he cut me boarding, for five hours.  It was awesome, especially because he felt the need to narrate everything he did.  I kid you not.  If I had not fallen asleep for three of the five hours, I would have stabbed him.  Not to mention that for some reason he felt the need to get big and take over into my seat.  The guy sitting to my right was definitely a crack head.  He was super spastic and annoying.  At one point he got up and walked around the plane looking for his bag for a good 20-30 minutes.  Once he had found it, he took out a magazine.  Dude was super annoying.

second plane

Shit was packed and hella retarded.  This was my worst flight, by far.

The third flight out of Denver, we had to Home Alone that bitch up so we could catch it on time.  We had to run, well I walked and let everyone else run, but we had to run.

Our hotel was really odd.  It was more than likely built in the 50’s or 60’s and had definitely been through four of five owners, but it was huge.  Pretty huge and awkward (that’s what she said – ZING!!!).  It had a bar at the top that the shuttle driver described as, “for every ten ugly chicks, there is one okay looking one.”  Needless to say, we did not go there.  Our first room, and I say first not because we switched hotels but because we had to switch rooms.  More on that later though.  We did not really hang anything up in the really small closets.  My friends and I just sort of claimed corners of the room, we roll hard.


This is how we roll.  Only thing I hung up was my suit jacket.  I got mad packing and ironing skills homey (not really).


The view from our really small balcony.  It was literally a foot long and about ten feet wide.  You can fit two people on there as long as they do not want to look at each other.


Beautiful mountains.  I only had my 18-55mm lens with me, so I could not zoom anymore.  If you are wondering what that white establishment is down there.  It is a place called Brewvies…


It is a Cinema and a pub.  YEAH!!!  We wanted to go really badly, but we just did not have the time.  Want to learn more? I know I did! Go here.

The convention itself was pretty cool, but not what I expected.  I did not get what I went there for, an internship.  But I did get to ride a Segway for the first time, actually I rode them three times.  We got to know the Segway guys pretty well over the three days we were there.  They were good people.  They were even cool when I went into the turn too hot and took out the barrier.  Yeah, I’m hardcore what of it?

While walking to the convention center the first night there I saw this pretty sweet Chevy van that was lifted and had ski racks: awesomesauce.


Thing is beastly.  Wish I could have one of these.


Just up the road from this van, there was a Porsche 911 or something, one of the newer ones, that had a roof rack on it.  I tried to get pics of it, but my phone took a crap on me.  It was the first time I had ever seen that.  Probably not cool to a lot of you, but I thought it was pretty awesome.

The first night there we were dead tired.  We went and had food and drinks at a bar called Murphy’s, nice place, and then crashed.  I had been up for something around 36 hours or so aside from the little sleep on the plane.

The second night I went out to the nearest liquor store and bought six different beers.  I had no idea we could mix and match beers so I decided that I must do this while I was there.


I put them on ice and we went out to a bar.

My friends were pretty much drunk before we went to the bar, while I had nothing to drink.  I don’t get drunk personally.  I tend to have one or two beers and then call it a night.  The bar we went to was called “Tavernacle” and it was an awesome place.  I just had a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and it was pretty damn good.  The bar itself had two piano players playing against each other and they were damn good.  I ended up paying $8 to hear “I Will Survive” and I stole the microphone away from the guy, he was happy about that.  It was a fun night.  I ended up not actually drinking my beers that night, but I did the next night and some were good and some were not.  The Labatt was there for fun and I ended up not even drinking it, it was a gift later on.

My friends got trashed a few times, while I never went past two beers.  I just chill man.

The third day we decided to walk around the city some and see what we could find before we headed into the convention.  I walked around the Temple and went to the top of the Conference Center, but a lot of those pics looked like ass when I went through them so here are just a couple.


I have a few pics of a couple getting married, but they were a funky looking couple and the way the bride was posing, I was kind of afraid for the groom’s manhood.  She looked mean and that she wore the pants.  If you read this man, good luck with that.



Like I said, these look like doo-doo but I wanted to post something.

Oh yeah, about that bed.  Well in a shockingly hilarious event, the bed frame broke, more like blew up.  That is all I am saying because it was a freak accident and I plead the fifth from here on.  (we go hard)

The day we left, we had two old Bud Lights and the Labatt left.  We left those as a tip for the cleaning people.  We are such nice guys.


We are awesome.

The trip back was not as arduous and insanely boring as the trip there.  I did happen to manage to get the middle seat in four of my five flights.  That’s because the first flight had no middle seat.  I did yell at the guy next to me for taking up half my seat on the long flight from Houston to Baltimore.  He was quite receptive after I yelled at him.  I actually said, “look at this Hercules looking motherfucker over here, taking up the whole damn seat.”  He moved after that.  Did you know the Houston airport has a Bass Pro Shops in the damn airport?!  Who the hell puts a Bass Pro Shop in an airport?!  Crazy kids.  I was freaking surprised at the fact that the airport itself looked waaaaay smaller when I was on the plane.  I had to run across the damn airport to catch my other flight, so I know.  I had to Home Alone that bitch up too so I could find out the flight was delayed.


The final flight from Houston to Baltimore.  It was a fun one.

We did not get in until 4:30am Saturday morning and then I slept and went to the football game where PSU whooped Minnesota 20-0, bitches!

I am going to sleep and then taking a 10am exam that I feel totally unprepared for, woot!  Long week guys, long week.


2 Responses to “Utah travels”

  1. 1 James (yellow_sub)
    10/21/2009 at 2:57 AM

    hahaha i wont even ask about the bed! rofl. glad ur back and had a safe trip

  2. 2 Rachel
    10/21/2009 at 8:43 AM

    Your suitcase looks organized. I was born in UT.

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