HiAce with some umph

People have been using vans for more than hauling since, forevers.  Some people use it as a fashion statement and an extension of themselves.  Some people use it as a rolling workspace.  Some people use it to lure in kids with the promise of a puppy and candy.  Chris Hansen uses one to find those vans I just talked about.  There are many, many uses for the almighty van.

One use that has been around since I can recall is people using vans as a mobile concert.  Here in Jersey, most of those vans are Astrovans and Econolines.  They usually sound like a loud screech rather than music.  People just want to be heard, they don’t want you to hear music.  In Japan, they use vans like the HiAce to convey their need to bring the funk.

I has the bump

Lexus badging on Toyota vehicles is nothing new in Japan.  They have been doing this since the Lexus brand was started.  I have seen Scion badging on more than just bB’s, ist’s, and Rumions.  They put them on everything now too.

Can you feel the funk?!

Wall of sound, interesting.  Wonder if this can hit the Brown Note…


2 Responses to “HiAce with some umph”

  1. 06/18/2009 at 11:17 AM

    Last Saturday, I seen a tuned Astro van. Haha it was crazy it looked pretty nice. I was gonna snap a picture but the owner was inside. I snapped a celica-supra instead in a decent condition with all original parts.

  2. 2 peter
    06/23/2009 at 2:59 AM


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