Okay, well I really have nothing planned for today.  I usually write some stuff early on so I can have contingency posts when I draw a blank, but I got nothing for today.  I was in NYC and have been doing homework and schoolwork so I really haven’t had much time to get things to post about.  That and I have been trying to spend as much time with friends and family before I go back to school in July.  So yeah, I guess today will be a random post, just filled with random shit.

Random dog is Random

So, I was in the City Yesterday and the day before, visiting my eldest sister.  Fun times.  Went out and took some pics around downtown of random shit.  I got a new/used tripod so I wanted to try it out.  Turns out to be all there, which is surprising since it was going to be thrown out (New York people, wtf).  I left her place and just started walking.  First I went to South Street Seaport and took pics of the Bridges and water taxis.  While I was there I peered over the railing and saw some Asian kid passed out on the stairs below me.  I couldn’t help but snap a pic.  If he sees this, my bad dude, it was priceless.

Asian is down!

Went down to Wall Street, grabbed some grub at the World’s Fanciest McDonald’s.  I was going to ask them about sponsorship for my box, but when I asked if Ronald was in they looked at me like I had three heads and baby walrus in my pocket.  So I calmly and normally ate my chicken nuggets and left.  Walked a ways down Broadway past the Bull.  Kept walking and snapping random shit as I went.  Made my way to Battery Park.  When I got there I set up the tripod in this clearing and started snapping pics to try and create a panoramic shot later.  I moved over to where these two Jamaican dudes were playing bongos.  One guy got mad at me taking pics.  Tried to get me to stop (in a heavy Jamaican accent), f-that noise.  I just walked away, I had just had a big Dr.Pepper, I had energy to burn.  I should have kicked his bongo and ran.  Later I stopped by some bench by the Hudson and just sat for a good while.  I’m sure people thought I was in deep thought, but I was really thinking about how the Hudson was making me want to tinkle.  I got a few more shots on my walk back or should I say my, trying to retrace my steps because I had no idea where I was, trip and this is my favorite from the day.

It's so pretty

Not bad for my little Sony DSC-S85.  I am still saving up to get better equipment, but that’s tough when you’re a broke college kid with expensive hobbies.  

I watched some weird ass TV yesterday too.  Saw the UEFA Champions League Finals yesterday.  That’s soccer, I never watch freaking soccer.  But for some reason I watched it.  I think it was because I had been watching like three hours of Sportscenter and I just didn’t want to change the channel, whatever.  Then I saw Time Warp and Mythbusters, always enjoyable.  But then we started watching some shit called “Housewives of New Jersey” or something like that.  At first I thought it was called, “Retards that shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce” but I was wrong, they were allowed to procreate.  My brain hurt because of that show.  One chick sounded like Rodney Dangerfield (awesome man), another chick sounded like a broken Barbie, this other chick sounded like Tony Soprano, and the others I couldn’t put my finger on it but they all sounded retarded.  I didn’t know Jersey was like that, okay I did.  That’s the rich part, I live in the not so rich part so I don’t know those people, but I still want to stab them with a dull fork.  Anyway…

Listened to music while doing homework.  A Day To Remember’s new album is freaking awesome.  Go pick it up, asap.  Went to bed at like 3am, woke up at 6am so I could catch the train back to Jersey.  Went to D&D to get a sammich, accidentally stole a guy’s muffin.  Yeah, awkward…

Got my windshield replaced today.  Took me almost a year, but I got it done.  Mainly because I have to go back for inspection like, yesterday.  Before the guy got there I took the opportunity to punch the crap out of it, for shits.  It was fun, but that shit is harder after you get a few shots in.  It’s like it got mad at me after a bit and then got stronger, like a fat kid when you taunt his cake.  Now I have a nice new windshield, only cost me $301 (FML).  At least I can see better now.  My old windshield was riddled with chips and small divets, looked like it got sandblasted.  

It's broke

Yeah, try driving with that…

Whelp, that was the past couple days for me.  Told you, random shit.  Want more random?

taco meng

Seems pretty random to me!


6 Responses to “Pfffft”

  1. 1 Rachel
    05/28/2009 at 4:21 PM

    This one made me laugh out loud, literally.

  2. 2 peter
    06/05/2009 at 6:00 AM

    next oil change at 63k?
    remove that sticka and reset your odo….PLS…
    that spider crack would piss me offf so0o0 muchhh
    got a quote on that?

  3. 3 bighindu
    06/10/2009 at 2:13 PM

    Did the oil change, switched to synthetic. Glass cost me $301 to replace and I am so unhappy with it. has a big gap between the dash and windshield.

  4. 4 grant williams
    08/07/2009 at 2:55 PM

    tacos r awesome

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