HIN Englishtown

I have decided to do a post up today about my first time showing at an Hot Import Nights event (HIN).  


Flyer for the show.

Well it took me about a week to get ready for the show.  The box was filthy from all the drives to PA and back and because she had pretty much been sitting since January.  So I spent the better part of a day cleaning her up.  I did a wash/clay/wax session.  I’m no pro detailer, but the box came out looking like a gorgeous stick of butter, soooooo smoooooth!  Then I cleaned out the interior, which is something I haven’t done in a good two years or so.  Needless to say the carpet was dirty as hell, but after a thorough vacuuming, looked almost new.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Friday night though, the pollen had left doo-doo brown stains on the paint again, grrr.  So I had to wash her again Saturday morning.  

For those that don’t know, HIN wants people to put their cars in the night before the event.  I did not do this.  At an outdoor event, I am quite skeptical of the security.  So I rolled in early Saturday morning, got there at eleven in the AM.  I accidentally drove past a lot of dudes that were waiting in these two giant lines, whoops my bad.  I got in faster though.  I was with Scion VIP, so I parked in their area, which was good.  I felt like the layout of the show as kind of like a clusterfuck.  The indoor HIN’s seemed to have a semblance of organization and cars and vendors were put into a grid type format.  Here it just seemed they left enough room to get through but everything was just placed wherever there was space.  Anyway, I got there and started cleaning her up.  Took me around two hours to get her shined up again.  I know I’m not going to win anything, but I don’t want my box to look like dookie.  There was pollen flying everywhere and kept coating the cars.  After the first time, I said “f-it” and just let it sit there, too much work.    

HIN E-town (87)

As it usually is the case with NJ/NY, there is a poor van and wagon scene.  This was one of the two or three good wagons there.  I forgot to snap pic of the others.

I walked around a little after cleaning and saw some of the cars before the gates opened.  There were some high caliber cars there, but there was a lot of shit and rice too.  I thought HIN was better than this.  I remember reading that primered cars, poor body work, and total rice would be turned away at the door and shot on site.  But this was not the case.  There were some really shitty cars there.  I did not take pics of them because I felt my camera would reject me for it.  But there was also drifting, FMX, BMX, and sexy ladies, so I was okay for later.  

HIN E-town (65)

The Scion area was right near the FMX (Freestyle Motocross) guys, which was pretty cool.

HIN E-town (66)

You can see the looming weather above us.

It was hot as hell even though it looked as if a monsoon was looming over us.  I got a headache because of the hotness and I was also hungry as hell.  Fat kids need their nourishment.  Paid $9.50 for chicken fingers and fries, yeah I got raped a little.  The fries were crispy so that helped soften the blow a little.  

HIN E-town (5)m

HIN E-town (6)

This the purpletastic piece I was working on this past week.  Sexy no?

I received a lot of good feedback about the engine cover at the show.  A lot of people really seemed to like it.  Saw a few people snap pics of it as well as the back window.

HIN E-town (78)m

I got to see a lot of people that I had only known from forums, so that was cool to finally meet them.  Saw some people’s cars that I had only seen online too.  But I also missed a few people because I was dancing around the show (literally) and I hadn’t given my number out so they couldn’t reach me.  That sucked, but I got to see a couple of them later on.  

I didn’t take too many pics of the cars because I had seen a lot of them from past shows.  I did however take quite a few pics of the ladies on stage, woot.  I got the message that there were bewbies and I went to the stage.  I used the “excuse me” technique to get closer.  Just make it look like you have a friend somehwere up there and people move for you.  My buddy Sid has a pretty legit camera so he did that, but showed the cam and people moved for him.  They thought he was a pro photographer or something.  

HIN E-town (102)

Jenny Chu and Jeri Lee, cannot go wrong, not at all…

HIN E-town (129)k

HIN E-town (122)

HIN E-town (133)k

I was mad impressed with the DJ’s there.  Usually i think a DJ sucks, but these guys were good.  Had me moving my fatass around.  They have the BigHindu Stamp of approval.

After the first go-go show, I pretty much chilled by the box and was messing around with friends and talking to people I had not seen in a long while.  People thought I had dropped out of the scene because I had not gone to a show or anything in a long while, but I’m here and alive.  

HIN E-town (72)m

My buddy Los and Lou sexing the box.  He is not going to want this pic up here, too bad Los!

When the judge came around I tried explaining to him what the box had, but the dude really didn’t seem too interested.  I was explaining the engine to him and dude was like, “what’s on the inside?”  I’m like, “wtf dude, chill.  At least humor me here.”  I hate that.  I know I’m not going to win shit, but at least humor me dude.  Don’t make me feel like ass because i don’t have ten grand to drop into my ride.  He didn’t seem to know much about suspension.  Dude shut down once I said I have a stock audio set-up.  I personally love my stock audio.  I don’t want to change it or give thieves even more of a reason to hit the box.  

There was one funny part, a model was modeling with my box.  WTF?!?!  No one ever models with my box.  I ran up to her and asked her to stay so I could snap a pic or two.  She was cute and nice.

HIN E-town (57)m


Went around to the drift competition a little later on.  Was pretty good, but dudes driving were definitely Pro Am and not Pro.  They were okay, I appreciated their effort.  I got mad annoyed at people yelling for the dudes to wreck.  Only in Jersey will you get that low class shit.  Why do you want a dude to destroy his ride?  He is driving for you guys and you want to wreck?  Messed up shit man.

HIN E-town (185)

Chris Forsberg made an appearance and totally blew those dudes out of the water.  He is freaking insane.

HIN E-town (194)

After doriftooooo, I went and chilled again.  I was chilling until i got the “bewbies” message again and we went back up to the stage.  It was the model competiton.  I didn’t take any pics because Jeri Lee and Jenny Chu had taken up all my memory card.  

The final show was for like the top model or something.  It was a dance off and I was thoroughly enjoying it.  

HIN E-town (207)

HIN E-town (208)

Jeri Lee and Jenny Chu can freaking dance, that’s all I have to say there.

HIN E-town (210)

The winners of the competition were actually in the order of this picture.  Jeri Lee (1), Jenny Chu (2), and the girl in the green (3).  

All-in-all it was a good show.  I had mad fun even though I was dead tired afterwards.  I was surprised that the rain held off.  For like two hours we could see serious lightning off in the distance and kept getting word of severe rain, but nothing.  The drive back, I didn’t even use my wipers, lol.  I was driving fast enough that I didn’t need too (70 mph, I can’t afford tickets).  Got in at three in the AM and was stupid tired.  I crashed as soon as I got my shoes off.  

Hot cars, hot girls, and good friends: what more could you want?

I will be returning you to your regularly scheduled vantastic programing tomorrow.


2 Responses to “HIN Englishtown”

  1. 05/24/2009 at 7:14 PM

    Crazy. I was going to go to this HIN. But some projects came up :(. I seen that scooby wagon rolling in person in Long Island here in NY. Seeing it on the road. I was just amazed. Keep up the info on wagons, and ecoboxes. Glad to see someone likes them here also.

  2. 2 bighindu
    05/26/2009 at 10:55 PM

    You should have come out man, it was def a fun time.

    Thanks for the props. I do what I can.

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